Guess what my milkshake brings?

1 package of Sun Warrior Vegan Protein

Three Dollars

1 Large Kawartha Dairy Vanilla Milkshake

Six Dollars

Getting off the TPN and drinking guiltless 20g of Protein ideally 4 times a day


All the boys to the yard - obviously

Good luck with your first chemo treatment today Mom – we’re cheering for you!!!!!

Message from Mom – “This is Delicious!”

Touring the County of Prince Edward

Almost a couple of weeks ago The Boy and I packed up our car, our fancy clothes and our dancing shoes and headed East to Prince Edward County. Two lovely and wonderful friends of ours were getting married and we could not and would not have missed it.

One of the sweet perks of my new job is I have the option for a compressed work week – which just means that I get a free Friday every 3 weeks and I worked it out with my boss that I could take my freebie the day before the w-day.  The Boy and I spent a much needed day together touring wine country and tasting lots of new wines.  It was delightful but we learned a couple of things worth passing on.

  1. When you go wine touring on a Friday expect to be the only people in the winery.
  2. When you find you are the only people in the winery – expect to learn an awful lot about wine, since the lovely winemakers have your undivided attention.
  3. Wine tasting typically costs $1/person or per glass – depending on the place.
  4. Wine tasting is typically free if you buy a bottle
  5. If you are the type of people that feel really awkward occupying the winemakers at a small winery and only giving them $1 for their time… do not go wine tasting on a Friday.
  6. If #5 applies to you and you choose to ignore the recommendation to pick a busier day – it is likely you will find you suddenly have a trunk full of wine.

Good thing the wine rack was pretty much empty before we left – we came home with 8 bottles of wine, representing the 7 wineries we visited.

No matter, they were all delightful and we had way more fun than we would have in the liquor store.

But seriously folks, Prince Edward County (or “The County” as it is referred to in the area) was super fun – we give it 4 thumbs up!

More on the actual wedding tomorrow – but for now I’ll leave you with my PicMonkey skills of our pre-wedding golf game.

This was not the game I shot 109 on – yes, I’m still reveling in the 109ness of it all.

No, this was a different game – it did not go as well for me, but it was a beauty course and a lot of fun.

The highlights belonged to The Boy (above) and our friend Josh (below).All in all a great weekend get-away.

But really, we’ve only just begun…


The Cat Came Back – Clean Eating 2.0

From yesterday’s post you’ll recall I love my Naturopath Dr. Bizios.  I saw her for about a year or so but then I started working full-time and thought since I was doing so well, I should stop seeing her.  Things were stressful but I was doing okay.  Then I moved in with the Boy – a carnivore at heart.

The Boy is usually willing to try anything I make but is adamant on one thing – “I don’t like beans.”  Bah! It’s not terribly easy to make vegetarian meals that are filling and not full of cheese without beans. Thanks Boy. Nonetheless we compromised and I would make about one vegetarian meal a week – Meatless Monday if you will.

The pain started to come back.  I never returned to dairy full out – I probably haven’t had a glass of milk in about 5 years. But there is always ice cream in our house.  And usually there’s cheese. Yogurt was always on the good food list with The Bizios – so there is always yogurt around too.  But basically – I got lazy.  I was stubborn to cook two meals for two people.  And the Boy is a big guy – so even when I made vegetarian meals that he would eat – he would be into a bag of chips straight afterward, which meant dinner wasn’t enough… and also he has a chip problem.

What sent me back to Dr. Bizios was the UTIs coming back.  I tracked them for a year and sure enough every 3 months I was back at the doctor or in the emergency room getting another prescription.  Like clockwork.

So in December I went back.  I called The Bizios and said I needed to come back. She has worked her magic and I am getting back on track and most importantly I have been UTI free for the last 5 months.  Hooray!

There’s just one problem with The Biz.  She has this little habit of being preggo every time I start seeing her.  And sure enough at the end of June she’ll be going off on maternity leave – “for as long as it takes to no longer feel sleep deprived.” Since this is her third little one – I’m guessing it’s going to take longer than 6 weeks.

At my appointment last week we discussed my stress levels and my progress. By and large things are going really well,  but when I stuck out my tongue she called me on it (I told you she’s psychic).  “Meaghan – how’s your eating?”  Crap.

It’s okay.  But I know I could be doing better.  She asked that I really be conscious of my eating for the next 6 weeks until my next appointment.  She wants to leave me in good health when she goes off for her baby vaycay.

So, I thought about it.  And I’m going to give it a whirl – living allergen free is on my 101 list after all.  I know what I need to do and I’m a HUGE advocate of the benefits of whole food eating.  I don’t eat a lot of processed food but how I’m combining those foods could be better.

It’s not going to be easy.  The Boy is I’m sure reading this and having a heart attack that we’re only going to eat granola for the next 6 weeks.  But I think it’s necessary.  My energy will be so much better – and last time I was diligent about it I lost nearly 25 pounds. While I didn’t put all of that back on – I’m just saying the timing is okay with me.

The Twenties Roar is not a food blog.  It’s a little bit of everything blog – and it’s definitely a “me making sense of the world and of myself” blog. So to keep true to both of those platforms I’m going to blog about my foodieness on a new page within The Twenties Roar – you can find it at the top – The Challenge.

The Challenge is to eat cleanly as much as possible (I’m just sayin’ it’s the Boy’s birthday next week – there will be cake and I will be eating some)  To experiment with new recipes.  To meal plan.  And to do it all while continuing to feed a 6’8” Boy – without making 2 separate meals as much as possible.

I’ve kind of started this week. But the posts will start in earnest next week.  Complete with recipes I’ve tried and where the hurdles are and how I’m managing them.  After my next appointment we’ll let Dr. Bizios and my tongue be the judge.  Fingers crossed we both get a passing grade.

Worst Blogger Ever – Or, The TASTING!

I’m sorry. Let’s just get it out of the way right now.  I got carried away and COMPLETELY forgot about you. I’m sorry.  The Boy is sorry too because he didn’t remind me.  We went to our tasting on Friday night – and forgot to take pictures.


What I’m not sorry about? Our choices for dinner! OMG it’s going to be fabulous!

I started typing out what we are getting – but you know what? Without pictures it’s just not the same. I’ll put someone in charge of taking pictures of dinner on the day – then you’ll see how delish! For now all I’ll say is O’Malley’s Catering in Newmarket = AWESOME! The food was SO good and it was such a relief to have that over and done with.  I know I’ve read on the blogosphere of people that have done several tastings with different caterers, and I don’t think I could handle it.  How would you possibly choose between one delicious caterer and another?

The other great thing? O’Malley’s seems to have it together – easy to work with and on top of everything.  We got all of our questions answered about the bar, the food, the h’ordeurves and late night eats.

We had a lovely dinner with both of our parents, and the best part? This is one more thing I can cross off my list.

Caterer? Check!


The Boy is happy about the food too!

Tomorrow – more exciting stuff, Promise!

Tell me – What’s your favourite meal?

I’m hungry

I need help.  Food on the go. Must be: Healthy.  Filling.  The Boy must like it.  It could be heated up before he leaves, but it has to be quick and hot food is generally a little slower.  If it could be consumed in the car while driving (I know not safe – but necessary) all the better.  He doesn’t like sandwiches unless they are gourmet (ie. have lots of stuff in them) and have been made just before consumption.

The Boy is a travelling mad man these days.  He’s working his regular 7-3:30 and then he ships himself off an hour east to Oshawa and assistant coaches a college men’s volleyball team.  He’s tired.  He’s hungry.  And I’d prefer that he not eat McDonalds three times a week, because it’s gross and expensive.

I need help.  I need something or somethings that can either feed him for a week, or be frozen in smaller portions to be taken out as needed with some variety.

Your mission – tell me, what should I feed the boy?

Pass the chickpeas please…

First season of Friends, George Clooney guest stars, Monica and Rachael have him and Noah Wyle over for dinner, shenanigans ensue, and in an effort to ease the tension George says, “God bless the chickpea!” I couldn’t agree more, it’s so delicious and filling, one of the great wonders of the world in my opinion.

For the last few years I have been less of a fan of meat, and more of a fan of the chickpea. I never went completely vegetarian, but am largely a “Clean Food” or “Real Food” eater… not a big fan of bacon that can be kept in a box in your cupboard, or yogurt in a tube, or food that comes in buckets. But since moving in with the boy, I have found myself spending more time in the middle of the grocery store than I am used to.

Now, the boy thinks I have been a little hard on him in the past, so I must say this is all said with love. But since I established that the boy can eat, I thought I’d focus on what he’s eating, and what I am used to eating, and how the chickpea all plays into this.

On our first “officially living together” gorcery shop, I followed alongside the cart in absolute shock, as he stocked it full of chocolate bars, frozen pizza, crackers, chips, granola bars and cookies. I had gone grocery shopping days earlier and heeding to the advice of Michael Pollan, I stuck to the outside of the store. I came home with tons of veggies, fruit, meat, grains and some dairy, and the response I heard was “You didn’t buy any food!” I became blissfully aware of the frustration my mom used to feel when she would drop $200 at the grocery store, and her beautiful children would say “There’s nothing to eat in this house!”

I feel the phrase “Pay back’s a bitch” is appropriate here…

So I gave some thought into how I can influence healthier eating, cost savings, and keep the growing boy from becoming enraged at my healthy goals. Last week I spent two evenings baking in an effort to divert from the middle of the grocery store.
I made Rebar’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, my FAVOURITE chocolate chip cookie, secret ingredient… chopped apricots! Sounds questionable but REALLY good. The next night, I made granola bars, with mixed reviews, they were a little cinnaminny but they seem to be a suitable replacement to the over-sugared over-processed, good until the end of days CRAP that is available in the middle of the grocery store. Next time I’ll add more oats, probably some seeds, and use either raisins OR dried cherries, but not both as I did this time (in an effort to replicate the Kashi chocolate cherry bars that I like, but are completely unaffordable).

In an effort to save money, time and stop the boy from eating 60 cookies, and 30 granola bars in one sitting, as I am learning he is quite capable of doing, I only cooked 13 cookies, dropped out the rest of the dough and froze it. Now if he wants cookies he has to take them out and cook them – something he says he’ll do but we both know is not likely to happen. I also wrapped the cut granola bars individually and put them in a bag in the freezer, he takes one each day and puts it in his lunch bag the night before – rather than taking the box of 8 in his lunch bag and acting surprised when it’s gone in two days.

The last thing I did this week was make chickpea fajitas. They are a quick an easy dinner that is filling and delicious providing you like chickpeas. I have told the boy that I would like at least one meatless day per week, this week it was Meatless Tuesday. The problem is the boy claims to hate beans (a texture thing apparently and yet he loves Hummus(?)). However, he still eats whatever I put in front of him like a Hoover vacuum so I’m not too concerned about it. Right now we’re at one meatless day per week… the goal one meatless week per month. He’ll say “Not going to happen” but I’m the cook and I agree with George, “God bless the chickpea!”

1 Month Down…

The boy and I have officially been living together for one month. It’s been a little messy, quite stressful but overall a good decision. I have learned quite a bit in the last month though, so I thought I’d share it here and give all of you other 20-somethings and new live-ins a heads up on living with a boy.

The coles notes version – it appears we need to compromise…

The TV:

Did you know that October and November are the best months for television? I can hear your doubts… “but the premeires are over?” Turns out for sports fanatic boys, October and November are the best months because baseball playoffs are on, the hockey season is starting and both NFL and CFL are in the thick of things. While this might present a scheduling nightmare, for the sportsfan it’s a challenge worth facing, because the result is sports nirvana.
The problem: I’m not even a little bit sporty. I don’t play, I don’t follow, I only watch when forced, and I can’t even pretend to know what’s going on… I find it all a bit silly to be honest.
The compromise: A girl could be overrun by sports if she’s not careful, so we have created “compromise shows” – these are shows we both like (or I like and I am making him like too) they are gender neutral, mostly sitcoms and we have at least one each night. This way, even if it is the bottom of the 9th the compromise show is what we watch, and sports gets put on commercial status. For the first month, this seems to be working – but the World Series isn’t on yet… so month 2 could be more challenging.
The Food:
Did you know that boys must eat a full size meal every 2 hours, or it is quite possible they will die? It’s true. I don’t know where they keep it, but every 2 hours, like clockwork my boy seems to be positively FAMISHED! Currently he does not eat breakfast… a habbit I am determined to break, perhaps in month 3. But once he starts eating, it seems he can’t stop. I enjoy cooking, but it seems whenever I think I have made enough for both of us for dinner, and leftovers for lunch the next day… he tells me he’s starving 2 hours later!
The Problem: I’m a little worried we are going to be eaten out of house and home! And I am quickly learning why it is that women, mom’s in particular often say they go with less to feed their families – I refuse… I need to eat too!
The Compromise: For this one it seems it’s every girl for herself. We eat together, but I pack my lunch with leftovers before him. I tried being accommodating and letting him take what he wanted first, but that plan left me with very minimal Thanksgiving pie leftovers, and that’s just not cool. When what I thought was at least 2 days of pie for lunch leftovers had vanished the next day, I had to put my foot down.

The Mess:

Now the boy is going to say “you’ve made it sound like a chore to live with me, like all I do is steal your pie!” So I’ll end off with the mess. For this I’ll admit, I am the problem. The thing is I try really hard to be an organized person, but I’m not. I’m late for everything, usually because I start late, leave late and hit traffic. And while my life and my stuff may be organized to me… I’ll admit to an outsider I’m a disaster.

The Problem: I share my room with someone now. I’ve always been a disaster, but for the most part I’ve been pretty contained to my room… turns out he wants to live there too! He has a place for EVERYTHING – it drives me crazy and it drives him crazy that I do not.

The Compromise: I’m trying. I’m reading all about how to be on time for things, and more organized. MSN Today has helped me to this end with yesterday’s article Never Be Late Again.

And as for the stuff and it’s place… well I keep things clean, pick up his socks in the morning, make the bed and I’m limiting myself to compromise television shows, so I think he could do a lot worse!

So one month down, a lifetime to go. There have been other compromises along the way, and I’m sure many to come… I’m thinking specifically of when American Idol comes on in January! But that’s a whole other post… maybe even a whole other blog!

But that’s all part of the fun! The past month has been a big reason why I started my blog, I want to remember all of the compromises. I’m already looking back at the last month and loving every minute of it!