Nothin’ Like a Theme Party

Mom is the oldest of 10 kids.  5 girls. 5 boys. Good Catholics. Four of the boys live in Calgary.  One girl in Sault Ste. Marie and  four girls and one boy are spread across the GTA from Horseshoe to Whitby.

Each year the boys plan a golf trip.  They all fly south, Pheonix usually – I don’t really know… *Ahem* the girls aren’t invited.  This year, the boys decided to fly east instead of south – they came home, to make sure their big sister was behaving herself.

Short two... one sicko and one who still lives too far

Short two… one sicko and one who still lives too far.  Also – way to look at the camera Uncle Jim!

And golf.

We had the festivities at Mom and Dad’s – golf and dinner in one location that is also conveniently home to Mom’s bed – the lady does need to nap occasionally.  The weather tried to thwart our plans, but the Boy was there to make sure we stayed positive and golfed in the rain “that was sure to pass.”

It didn’t.

Happy Mom.

Happy Mom.

When most got back from 9 holes – (there’s only so much bonding in the rain we were willing to do) –  we were able to start the festivities, and since nothing says Party like cupcakes and a theme, I took that part on with every last Martha Stewart bone in my body.

The O and M on top were for the littles... we try and maintain some sense of appropriateness

The O and M on top were for the littles… we try and maintain some sense of appropriateness

And that formed the theme for our party.

There were a few other options, but “Nothing gets the family together like Fuckin’ Cancer” was too many cupcakes. And the other options were a bit morbid.

Now you’ll notice in the picture of the 8 that these siblings look pretty related.  And yet knowing that they all look pretty similar we were still found ourselves surprised when mom shaved her head.  As Sista tells it – it was like an out of body experience.  Before her very eyes, Mom turned into her brother.  Sista found herself saying “Stacey? Is that you? We know you’ve been channeling energy our way, but are you somehow sending Uncle Jim in more than just spirit?” There are pictures of the two of them together, of course – but I know what the people really want to see.

Is the reverse was true.  Does Uncle Jim channel his inner Carol?

Surprisingly the reverse - not quite the same

Surprisingly the reverse – not quite the same

I was reading Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls the other day and came across this surprisingly perfect quote on family from David Sedaris:

“Cut off your family, and how would you know who you are? Cut them off in order to gain success, and how could that success be measured? What would it possibly mean?”

A big family may mean a little more crazy in the mix, but I honestly wouldn’t change it.  How could I? If nothing else, when Cancer tries to take one of us for a ride – you’ve got that many more people telling it where to go.

Everybody on 3 - 1, 2, 3 - Fuck Cancer!

Everybody on 3 – 1, 2, 3 – Fuck Cancer!

And to think… that’s less than half of them.

*Update from Mom – She made it! Surgery is booked for the week of October 21. Back to a strict liquid diet for at least a week before which means… I better make really good pie for Thanksgiving.