There once was a girl who decided on a whim to stop procrastinating and just do it already – she joined a gym, found a buddy and started working out anywhere from 3-5 days per week. Probably 4 on average plus walks with a giant and a small dog.

That girl is me.

My gym buddy told me to look forward to significant results in about 6 months.  I persevered.

I have increased my weights and I haven’t given up, but results… minimal.  Stronger yes. Weight change – no.  Inches change – barely.

I’ve struggled a bit with it. Strong positive self-image or not, come on – it’s frustrating.  But I’ve basically come to terms that I am a healthier person and even if I can’t see physical changes, they’re happening in there somewhere.

Then it happened.  I discovered a change.  A tangible and significant change. 


The Boy and I have been golfing 3 times this year so far (The Boy has been many more times – but I’m a fair weather golfer).  I haven’t taken any further lessons or maintained any kind of skill level over the winter and yet, I’m now shooting about 10 strokes less than last year.

10 strokes. 

That’s muscles baby.

That’s changes.


And that’s worth it.

Touring the County of Prince Edward

Almost a couple of weeks ago The Boy and I packed up our car, our fancy clothes and our dancing shoes and headed East to Prince Edward County. Two lovely and wonderful friends of ours were getting married and we could not and would not have missed it.

One of the sweet perks of my new job is I have the option for a compressed work week – which just means that I get a free Friday every 3 weeks and I worked it out with my boss that I could take my freebie the day before the w-day.  The Boy and I spent a much needed day together touring wine country and tasting lots of new wines.  It was delightful but we learned a couple of things worth passing on.

  1. When you go wine touring on a Friday expect to be the only people in the winery.
  2. When you find you are the only people in the winery – expect to learn an awful lot about wine, since the lovely winemakers have your undivided attention.
  3. Wine tasting typically costs $1/person or per glass – depending on the place.
  4. Wine tasting is typically free if you buy a bottle
  5. If you are the type of people that feel really awkward occupying the winemakers at a small winery and only giving them $1 for their time… do not go wine tasting on a Friday.
  6. If #5 applies to you and you choose to ignore the recommendation to pick a busier day – it is likely you will find you suddenly have a trunk full of wine.

Good thing the wine rack was pretty much empty before we left – we came home with 8 bottles of wine, representing the 7 wineries we visited.

No matter, they were all delightful and we had way more fun than we would have in the liquor store.

But seriously folks, Prince Edward County (or “The County” as it is referred to in the area) was super fun – we give it 4 thumbs up!

More on the actual wedding tomorrow – but for now I’ll leave you with my PicMonkey skills of our pre-wedding golf game.

This was not the game I shot 109 on – yes, I’m still reveling in the 109ness of it all.

No, this was a different game – it did not go as well for me, but it was a beauty course and a lot of fun.

The highlights belonged to The Boy (above) and our friend Josh (below).All in all a great weekend get-away.

But really, we’ve only just begun…


A Little Update

I’ve got three weeks worth of posts all in my little head (including an update on how the fructose challenge is going in our house), and tonight there will be much writing and scheduling when I get home, but for now I’ll give you a couple of highlights.

This weekend we had 2 amazing, monumental, life-changing experiences.

1. We went and looked at a house on Friday night. It’s not the one. But it was the first house we’ve been to look at. It had some features that we absolutely loved – and a few things that were deal breakers. True to form The Boy and I freaked out on opposite schedules about our readiness for such a big purchase. Luckily, since it’s not the one we’ve got more time to get used to the idea.

2. (And truly more significant) I shot 109 golfing on Saturday. BOO-YA! That not only knocks another thing off my 101 list (beat my legit score by 10 strokes) it goes above and beyond taking care of one more (above and beyond on 5 things on the list) my previous legit score – 124. That’s 15 strokes baby!! The Boy shot 75. He was disappointed. I promptly punched him in the head.

That’s it! We’ve had a crazy busy summer filled with weddings and partys and touring around Ontario. Our garden is bananas, and I haven’t had a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte in 3 weeks. It’s been a lot of fun – and so exhausting at the same time. Every Sunday The Boy looks at me and says “I’m really glad I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.” I proceed to look at him darkly.

What big events are happening in your life?

The Night Before – The Groom

(*Author’s note – I know, this was supposed to be posted last week.  I waited trying to remember to take the pictures from The Boy’s phone into the post.  But now it’s Wedding Wednesday again and The Boy is out on the town so wait no more… I guess what happens in Alliston, stays in Alliston.)

The night before for the Boy was slightly different than mine.  He was a little stressed when I left him in the morning, but headed north for a round of golf with my dad, his dad, a groomsman, my brother, all of my uncles and a few of their wives.  I think there were about 12 of them or so. He insists he was having a terrible round until about the 4th hole (coincidentally that is the hole my parent’s live on) when he chugged a beer and things got much better from there.

The biggest inconvenience for the Boy around the whole wedding deal was its effect on his golf game.  It went in the crapper for about 2 weeks before and he was not happy about it.  Much beer was enjoyed by all, as I understand it – apparently my brother was incoherent by the time they were off the course and the Boy was not far behind him.

Dad planned a delicious Man Feast of steak, potatoes and Caesar Salad, and then they broke out into games of poker.  Most of the groomsmen were able to join in the festivities by dinner time, which the Boy really appreciated – he was getting pretty nervous and they all ensured that with the help of some Steamwhistle they would take his mind right off his nervousness… I believe they succeeded.

It’s difficult to tell who won the poker games since there seems to be prize presentation pictures with everyone that was there, but in the end, the Boy walked away with most if not all the money and both $50 gift cards to Golf Town – score!

By 1am my Dad took on the role of responsible adult and sent the boys to bed. I think a few heads were hurting in the morning.

The Boy wants everyone to know that he had an awesome day and night before.  He was so appreciative to everyone that came to hang out with him. While he was excited to get married, he hates being in the spotlight especially in a church and he was really couldn’t wait for the whole thing to be over!  His number one fear was that he was going to pass out at the front of the church (he didn’t).

1 more sleep for The Boy!

Going Legit

I know I’ve referred to W-day as the day the Boy and I go legit. But that’s not what I’m bloggin’ about today.

The Boy and I spent our long weekend golfing and I went legit.

As per my 101 in 1001 list – I counted every stroke.

124 BABY!

Now all I need to do is beat it by 10 strokes.
Success doesn’t come without sacrifice.  I seem to be locking my fingers too tightly

That’s a bruised pinky if you can’t tell.

Totally worth it.

The Boy really didn’t want me to post my score card – because he wasn’t happy with his score (and because I can’t find it today). So instead here’s a picture of the Boy – the serious golfer.

I’m loving Instagram right now – it makes my iPhone pics so much more fun!

114 here I come!

F is for…

Fantastic Florida!

We left this…

We spent 9 full days here…

And it was Fantastic!

I thought about blogging while I was away.  And it’s not that I didn’t have the time.  We had a pretty relaxed holiday filled with golf, the beach and shopping (of course). But I decided it would be better to just do a photo blog recap to remind myself of my wonderful vacation when I went back to work.  So here we go in reverse order (just for fun)…

Day 10:

It was the 20th annual Fort Myers Beach Sand Sculpting competition.  We made it down on both Friday and Saturday but the competition wasn’t over until Sunday… when we were back home.  So they weren’t finished yet but still really cool.  What these people can do with sand is no less than mind-blowing. I may have forgotten to put sunscreen on, luckily the Boy gave me his t-shirt but I did leave Ft. Myers with some serious burn chills.

Day 9

One last trip to Coconut Point.  The Boy and my Dad really enjoyed  it as Mom and I shopped for shoes and purses.  I really love malls in Florida, not just for the shopping and the choices but they are all outside. So even though you are spending some time inside stores – you still get to enjoy the nice outside.  Heading to Fort Myers Beach? Hit up Coconut Point!

Day 8

My only golf game was at beautiful Beachview Golf Club on Sanibel Island. Love this course because there are always lots of Alligators to see, as well as birds, turtles and lizards.  Last year we saw a couple of BIG iguanas but they weren’t out to play this year.  I had a few beautiful shots – one par hole, and a hole lot of terrible shots.  But as they say, a bad day of golf is still a pretty great day!

Day 7

The Boy and I spent some time on the beach… well he spent time on the beach, I was more in the beach. I miss the ocean already!

Day 6

Even including the price of the flight and the hotel room to stay overnight in Tampa, seeing the Leafs lose in Tampa was probably more affordable than seeing them lose in Toronto.  The game was brutal, way to not even show up Toronto!  But fun was still had by all.  We met BFFs Kristyn and John at the game and went bowling afterward.  A lot of beer was consumed by all – pretty much the crowning glory to the Boy and my brother’s week of bonding through beer.

Day 5

Enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Parrot Key with these lovely ladies.  The girls dinners came served on a Frisbee and they showed us how easy an iPhone is to use (if a 4 1/2 year old can do it – the Boy should be able to figure it out).  This dinner has become something of a tradition for all of my parents friends to catch up with us and see how big these girls are getting.  Love them!

Day 4

Mini golf! We won free passes for filling out a scavenger hunt (for children 12 and under) last year and getting a hole in one.  So we did what any sensible 20-something couple would do.  We put those wooden tokens that don’t expire with our passports and took advantage of our free game this year! This is a lovely picture of the first hole.  It’s funny on its own, but even more so with the sign that is posted just beside it. ‘Nuff said I think. Oh except for a reminder that there’s a anatomically correct lion at this Jungle golf as well. And that I won another free round for another hole-in-one.  Mini golf rocks!

Day 3

Boys went golfing.  Girls went shopping.  We went to Knitting with Nancy, even though after the knitting fair in September both mom and I SWORE we wouldn’t buy any more yarn until we had finished with what we had…. who were we kidding. I didn’t come home with anything… but there may be some on order for me.  We may have made our way to a book store.  And maybe to the magazine section.

Day 2

On day 2 we visited Fleamasters Fleamarket – it was huge and full of mad deals on things like socks, and sunglasses. We did a little shopping at the outlet mall. When we got back to the condo, the Boy and I went for our first beach walk of the season. We saw a happy crab – I realize he doesn’t look happy in the picture (actually he looks a little evil) but he did look like he was smiling – for realsies.

We thought the sunset was going to be glorious.  But after this the sun quickly disappeared behind too many clouds.

We talked a little and then practiced our self-portrait skills.

Wait… what’s that on my hand? Oh right… F is for FIANCE! The Boy and I got engaged on our first beach walk at sunset in Florida! We are going to officially become a Mr. and Mrs. I’m impressed with the lack of mascara running down my face – there were definitely tears!

SO HAPPY and SO EXCITED! (You can tell by the bold underline AND italics!)


I had a feeling it was going to be great.  As I told the Boy on

Day 1

Every great vacation starts with a Chai Tea Latte (with soy, extra hot, no water, no foam)

And that was our vacation loyal followers! Hands down best vacation ever. I don’t know how this will change things here. But since it’s a blog about me, and this news is definitely going to dictate my time for the next year or so, it’s probably going to make it’s way in here. I’ll start this week with some additional details – like a fuller Proposal Story tomorrow. And a bit of background on the Boy and I. But life does still go on… so I’m hoping I don’t become too consumed.  Time will tell I guess.

For now, back to work today.  Boo.


Tweet Tweet – B is for Birdie!

HAVRE DE GRACE, MD - JUNE 06: Lorena Ochoa (ME...

Image via Wikipedia

The Boy and I were in Thamesford/London this weekend for family bonding and a little golf. The Boy golfed all weekend, I used my brain and decided golfing in the pouring rain is for fools – and went home.

On Sunday, the weather cooperated and we went out to play in the 5th(ish?) Boy’s family golf invitational. We split into teams 2 girls and 2 gentlemen on each team.  This year I told the Boy I was going to win it for my team.  He made some sort of snarky comment – no faith in my talent.

What did I do to show him?  First hole = BIRDIE, all on my own! That was my first Birdie ever! HURRAY!!! Better yet, in our best-ball 9-hole tournament where we use each person’s drive at least twice, we used mine 3 times!  That’s right carrying the team.  Turns out I should golf slightly hungover all the time (more on that another day).

How did you spend your 10 million dollar weekend?

Home Sweet Home

The parents are back from there adventures in Alaska, and that means the Boy and I have returned to our apartment. Back to a smaller television, no more dog, but air conditioning that works – so that’s cool (Haha punny).

We spent the weekend in St. Mary’s this weekend, golfing (of course) and starting our friends off on the right foot by FULLY participating in their Buck and Doe.  I paid for my enthusiasm with a nasty headache and a sad tummy on Sunday, but it was totally worth it. Good times had by all.

Best news of the weekend – we got the Boy’s car back.  Hurray! Better than that, it didn’t cost us several months rent! HUZZAH!  Friendly Frank fixed the problem – caused not by a bad oil change, or a missed oil change but by a crack in the intake gasket.  Basically, anti-freeze was getting into the oil and the ticking was caused by a lack of initial start-up lubrication…. or something.  What I know for sure is that Frank was ready to only charge the Boy for parts – super generous but not a fair value of his time or the money he saved us.  So the Boy was sure to give him a bonus, and a BIG thank you.  In the end even though the money went to and from different accounts – the car was paid for mostly out of change we saved in the last 8 months! Score!! He also took a look at the brake line and now the Red Rocket is not only riding without ticking – it STOPS with ease!

In other news we are invited to another wedding for this summer.  These friends of ours are getting hitched left, right and centre!  Conveniently, this unexpected invite lands on the one weekend of the summer that the Boy has off and we don’t have anything scheduled.  Our summer is officially booked.  But two weddings in two weeks – I think I may need to find a new dress.

Keeping friendships alive

June is friendship month in my life.  Unfortunately, I’ve lost too many friends in my twenty-something years, and it seems to be that June is the month for remembering those that I’ve lost.   They’re sad events no doubt, and I’d rather that we didn’t have to have them of course, but they bring a silver lining – it keeps my friendships alive with those that may have drifted away.  Even if I only see friends once a year – we are forever bonded by the person we all loved and lost.  As I was thinking about how to blog about the weekend I started to think, these events are really a celebration of friendship, on all fronts.

So with that in mind, this weekend the Boy and I headed off to Kitchener to golf and remember our friend B-Rad Harries.  Brad played volleyball for Western with the boy for one year.  He was in a car accident June 6, 2006 caused by a reckless driver going way too fast, passing far too many people, and inevitably crossing the median and crashing into Brad’s car that was innocently driving along in the opposite direction.  Alcohol wasn’t a factor.  It was mid-day.  Miraculously, Brad survived the crash.  Friends that were living in London were able to visit him.  His parents were able to tell him how much they loved him.  For that I’m sure they will always be grateful.  Brad was making a really strong recovery, but injuries run deep and complications are complicated.  He passed away as a result of his injuries two weeks later. 

How can I encapsulate the spirit of Brad? I can’t.  But I’ll give it a shot. 

Every year that the Boy played volleyball for Western I chose a new team favourite.  From the rookies each year I’d pick the one that I loved the most.  In the Boy’s second year I picked Brad.  He was awesome.  Adorable. Talented.  Musically talented that is – just awesome.  Not so much with volleyball – I mean he was better than most.  Certainly better than you or me,  but he didn’t play regularly.  He was usually in charge of the video camera.  But the great part about him – he always had a smile on his face when he did it.  He was genuinely happy to be part of the team.  It didn’t matter that he didn’t play.  He was just happy to be there.

A bigger testament to his awesomeness, even more so than being my favourite.  Brad passed away after his first year.  He only had 8 months to make friends with the Western volleyball boys.  This year was the fourth annual B-Rad Invitational.  These boys come from all over Ontario, one came all the way from Saskatchewan this year, to remember their friend.  You must be a totally awesome person for people you’ve known for only a short time to not let their friendship with you fade over time.

The weekend recap involved best ball golf.  I am happy to say that Team Meaghan won (in our hearts) and that I made actual contributions to our team (hence the name).  We ended up at 6 under – my best golf score ever!  Turns out I love best ball – it’s so much fun, and far less frustrating.

We “camped” it wasn’t real camping because we didn’t use our tent.  Turns out twenty-something single boys do not seem to know how to prepare for camping – and brought nothing.  So we all crammed into a Yurt (a permanent tent-like contraption, pitched on a deck, with bunk beds).  The boy and I used our air mattress and confirmed it does have a slow leak in it somewhere.  By the morning my hips were on the floor and my head and neck were contorted in awkward angles.  It’s now Wednesday and I’m still sore.

Finally we were reunited with friends that have spent the last 9 months in Australia.  They got home the day before but cried “Jet lag be damned – we wouldn’t miss it!”  They weren’t able to golf, but they did join us at another friend’s Buck and Doe (that’s country talk for wedding shower).  We’re growing up, but keeping the memory and friendship alive of the great guy we lost along the way.

All in all an exhausting but really wonderful weekend.  Blogging a shout out to B-Rad – you were my favourite rookie of all time, hands down.

Pictures to follow – but still staying at Mom and Dad’s… the camera cord is there, but the battery is dead.  FOILED!

Things I learned this weekend

Happy Monday everyone – stay tuned this week for pictures of my growing (and slightly drowning) rooftop garden.  The boy and I are going to be self-sustaining in no time! Lettuce for everyone!

For now, a few things I learned this weekend.

  1. Golfing with girls is so much more relaxing.  This is not to say that I don’t enjoy golfing with the Boy – I do, please see It’s All Hypothetical to find the many reasons why.  But golfing with girls is way less frustrating.  I felt like a much better golfer when I’d shoot a 7 an a par 4 and my sister would say “just give me 105.”   It’s not even that I was a better golfer than the either of the ladies – I shot the worst in fact.  But comparing my 117 to a 110 or a 113 feels much better than comparing it to the Boy’s 82!
  2. Soccer is crazy expensive and time-consuming.  I thought that soccer was the organized sport of choice for parents who didn’t want the time and financial committment of hockey.  Apparently no more.  The Boy and I decided – no organized sports… only reading for our 2025 children.
  3. 14 year-old boys stink.  This was wonderful news shared with me by my aunt.  She can’t figure out why, but apparently they do.  This led the Boy and I to revamp our decision of point #2 – our 2025 children must be girls… reading girls.
  4. If you’ve had a wound for almost 2 weeks and it’s still not looking terribly healed, and is still really sore… call the Doctor that gave you said wound.
  5. Dairy is the devil.  Had too much ice cream yesterday… woke up this morning with the same stomach ache I went to bed with and a splotchy splotchy face.  I curse you dairy for tasting so delicious.
  6. If you are preggo and coming up with a short list of baby names – you might want to Google that name.  Friends of ours did and quickly discovered that the first hit on their name of choice belongs to a stripper.  They wouldn’t tell us what it is but I can only assume it’s Ialeen Sugar Maple.
  7. No matter what you’re intentions were – you will never get done everything you wanted to on the weekend.

Happy Monday!