A Story about Whitney

Cover of "The Bodyguard (Special Edition)...

Cover of The Bodyguard (Special Edition)

So, we’ve all heard by now that Whitney Houston passed away this weekend. It’s sad – and I’m sure there will be all kinds of blog posts this week about how unfortunate it is and what a loss to the music industry.  I agree, it is sad for her family and friends, but I’m pretty sure the loss to the music industry was about 20 years ago.  That’s what addiction does.  The tribute at the Grammy’s could have been 15 years ago, that’s when the music industry lost her.

But enough about that. I’m sure people much wiser than me in these matters will post their hearts out about this topic today. No.  Instead I give you what I will always think of when someone says Whitney Houston.  And that is The Boy.

Early in our relationship when The Boy and I were still learning the basics about each other, I asked the Boy a series of questions:

Me – Furthest vacation?

Boy – Kingston Ontario

Me – Favourite food?

Boy – Chips

Me – Least favourite food?

Boy – Beans

Me – Favourite movie?

Boy – The Bodyguard

Me – WHAT?

Boy – The Bodyguard. You know with Whitney Houston.

Me – Really?! The Bodyguard is your favourite movie?

Boy – Yeah, it’s a good movie.

Me – I don’t disagree. It’s a great movie, it’s just not really a 21 year-old boy favourite movie.

The Boy couldn’t really tell me why he liked it. Much later when I gave him The Boydyguard DVD for Christmas one year he told me it probably wasn’t his favourite movie – it was just the first one that he thought of at the time.  But he did remember thinking Whitney Houston was hot in that movie – so that was probably why he thought of it as his favourite.

Sure, sure I say. Who wants to bet he was crying at the end?

So, I thought I’d take this moment to send The Boy a little message.  I’m sorry that you lost your first love this weekend.  Together we’ll get through it. Just know, that I too will always love you.  (Too soon?!) 🙂

365 Photos tomorrow.