Happy V-Day

Not Veteren’s Day fools. Valentines Day.

I was recently asked if the Boy and I were planning anything for the big day.  My response? I don’t know.  We haven’t really ever celebrated Valentines Day, (sometimes to the Boy’s peril depending on my mood) but now we’re married so maybe things will be different this year.

Have I mentioned married life rocks?! That’s right, I came home to these.

And a sushi date.  And Harry Potter (we’ve just got the last year at Hogwarts to go)

Yes, the Boy definitely definitely used his listening skills this year, despite kicking my wine over and making a Valentine’s mess

And in return?  I went to my neighbourhood Service Ontario office.

And officially became Meaghan M.  It took a motivating pep-talk to myself. But I had decided I wanted to do it. So I did it. Quick and dirty like a band-aid. I thought it would feel weird, and it does if I think about it out loud.  But what can I say – I love my Valentine*.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!






How do you know when it’s over?

Relationships are tough.  They ebb.  They flow.  Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.  But when do you know that now is the time. Time to move on.

Relax dear followers – I am not talking about the Boy.  We’re still young and in love.  I’m speaking of a much more complex relationship.  A relationship with a book.

As you are all aware I am a book nerd.  I love books. I hate libraries.  I love bookstores.  Did I mention I love books.  If I could figure out a way to knit and read and drink a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte all at once I will have encountered true nirvana.  But for now I must struggle between choosing one over the other. Bah!

I choose my books mostly based on recommendation, or by authors I already know and love.  Or maybe I’ve seen something in the news, or a book finds its way into my favourite section of the bookstore.  Or Heather Reisman tells me it’s good, and since we’re BFF – I guess that counts as recommendation.  But for the last month I’ve been reading a book that just can’t capture me, but at the same time I’m having a hard time giving up on it.  So I ask you, do I cut my losses and move on?  Or do I power through and finish what I started?

The real dilemma is I think it might be my attitude.  You see, I’m kind of a book snob.  I don’t do books that are super crazy popular (Harry Potter might be the exception here but I stand by the fact that I read it before the movies came out).  The Da Vinci Code – no dice.  Everyone and their brother read that book – not me. Self-admitted snob. Eat Pray Love – forced to read it for book club, couldn’t get through it and hated it.   I also don’t generally do series  (Again HP and Hunger Games are exceptions).  The Babysitters Club ruined me for all future series – they were just the same book over and over again! Twilight Saga? Nada. Nope. No way. Not doing it.

But when my boss gave me The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – I buckled.  I didn’t want to publicly admit I’m a book snob, and we’ve developed somewhat of a book exchange, so I took it.  It sat on my bedside table for a couple months, as I devoured other enjoyable, less cultish books.  But then she asked me about it – and so I started reading.  In the back of my mind I kept Kate in mind – my book loving BFF, who recommended this book to me long before it was a cult classic.  I’d give it a shot.

It’s now been 1 month.  I’m 300 pages into this 800 page monster, I feel like the stage is STILL being set at a painfully slow rate – and I want to scream GET ON WITH IT everytime I pick it up.  But I continue to pick it up.  Night after night.  While other books cry out to be read, I’ve been plugging away at this one.

Why? Is it my desire not to have to admit that I’m a book snob? Is the book really good and I’m just missing it because I’ve gone in with a baditude? Am I missing out on books I’ll really enjoy with all the time I’m putting into this one (I mean we all only have a finite amount of reading time in our lifespan right?)

I’ve gone round and round with these questions in my head.  I’m at a loss. So I’m turning to you:

How do you know when to cut your losses and give up on a book, and when to power through.


If you’ve read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – let me know what you thought, when does something HAPPEN in this book?

PS. I love WordPress’ new feature – I’m off to check out other articles on people who hate this book.

Check it out:

It’s HERE!!!

Start the countdown… Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1!

I can’t even explain how excited I am.  I need to get reading.

Happy Friday!