Drum Roll Please

We got the call.

Mom asked the Boy to put our phone on speaker.  Our phone decided to die instead.

We called back to get the news.  Dr. Law had just called. He had good news. Pathology news.

Drum roll…..

They took 56 lymph nodes, that’s basically all of them from the immediate area.  Of those 56, just 3 showed positive with Cancer.  Of course we wanted 0 – but 3 of 56, that’s a pretty nice ratio. Plus – they’re gone. And since that ratio is so low, combined with the fact they took pretty much everything anywhere close – that means (in my mind anyway) they got them all.

The tumour was contained to the stomach (you know other than those few lymph nodes) it had not spread to the abdominal cavity. That’s great news.

It’s a Stage 3 cancer – that’s because it spread to the lymph nodes. The staging was no surprise, while typically we’re a Stage 1 kind of family – based on what we knew going in, this was basically what we were hoping for.

But overall, the Boy was right.

They got it. She’s Cancer Free. And its all healing and prevention from here out.

The recovery is going slower than she’d like.  We are really appreciative of your continued notes, calls and positive thoughts. If you’re visiting, please keep in mind that Mom is very much recovering and needs a lot of rest. Doctor’s orders. Right now, it’s best to call first to make sure it’s a good day and a good time.

Mom is tired and getting used to eating without a stomach is definitely taking some getting used to. Each day seems to be a little bit better than the one before. And something tells me that this news is going to offer that extra bit of encouragement.

More chemo is on its way – they will definitely want to address those pesky 3 lymph nodes. Those 3 are gone, but they’ll want to make sure there isn’t any stragglers that missed the memo – the party’s over, get out. We’re not sure when that will start, but it should be sometime in December.

For now, a giant exhale and teeny tiny meals are both on the menu.

Message from Mom: “Thanks for all the prayers, positive thoughts, love and friendship – they obviously work!”

Or… the 22nd

When Mom went to the Surgeon a couple of weeks ago, he told her a couple of things.

1. Absolutely STRICT liquid diet for at least one week before the surgery.

2. The surgery will definitely be either the 23rd or the 25th.

After the pre-op appointment on Friday she learned a few more things

1. The surgery will be at least 3 hours long.

2. Since it will be so long – she will most likely be first – which means starting at 7:45.

3. After the surgery she will be in ICU for at least the first day.

4. The post-op pain management plan is an epidural.

5. The surgery will be on the 22nd… so not the 23rd or 25th.

And the Boy says –  “So on Tuesday, your mom will be cancer free!” 

Yes she will. 

To keep everyone in the loop, I’ll post a post-op update here just as soon as we have something to tell.  Since so many people have subscribed to this little blog – I think this is the fastest and easiest way – you know, short of live-tweeting the play-by-play.

Message from Mom – An epidural? For the first 3, 5 or 7 days? Am I fine with that as a pain management plan? Yes, I’ll take 7 days please. 



Let’s Talk Shrinkage

Friday is a day Mom has been waiting for 9 fast and slow weeks. Paula is leaving us for a while – that’s right, we’re through the first leg of the relay. The first block of chemo rounds is finished, and we’re waiting for a surgery date.

What else is new? Shrinkage.

That’s right.  It shrinks. Mom had another CT Scan to update the surgeon in a couple weeks.

Drumroll please….

We’re down 2cm.  4.8 to 2.8!!! That’s practically half!

Liver – clear! Lungs – clear! Kidneys – clear! Every major organ you can think of (besides the stomach of course) CLEAR!!

Can I get some big ups!?!

There’s just one small but.

One rogue but actually.

One rogue lymph node.

Was 7mm now 10mm.

BUT since it’s best to bookend bad news with good news – that uncooperative little bastard of a node is right near the shrinking tumour, and will be taken out with the surgery.

So it’s practically ike it’s not there at all… that’s the way I’m looking at it anyway. 🙂

Message from Mom: “It’s the best I could hope for. Now all I have to do is behave myself for the next 4 weeks.”

“Oh Paula I’ll miss you” – said no one ever

Guess what my milkshake brings?

1 package of Sun Warrior Vegan Protein

Three Dollars

1 Large Kawartha Dairy Vanilla Milkshake

Six Dollars

Getting off the TPN and drinking guiltless 20g of Protein ideally 4 times a day


All the boys to the yard - obviously

Good luck with your first chemo treatment today Mom – we’re cheering for you!!!!!

Message from Mom – “This is Delicious!”

The Big C – again

As most of if not all my in real life peeps know – my mom has cancer… again.

This is not my family’s first time with this – and here are my two cents – COME ON! Unfortunately no amount of hating the diagnosis is going to make her better – yes it sucks, but we’ve just got to pick up, stick together and get her through it, because personally, I’m not having it any other way.

For those that don’t know, this is my little family’s 4th visit from the big C.  We have had a lot of success, we know the system, we know the questions to ask but in this case knowledge doesn’t necessarily make things easier. However, we do know that it’s the little things that count.  Positive energy, prayers you don’t know are happening, chocolate, visits and hugs – all little things that go a long way.

Unexpectedly, this little blog might just be one of those little things that make it a little easier this time around – that’s right for the first time we’ve got social media on our side and since every little bit helps, I’m going to use it. 

If you’re new to this blog because my mom just sent it out to you – welcome.  Feel free to look around and get comfortable.  You can either make a point to check back in regularly or you can subscribe in the box on the right side and all posts will come directly to your inbox.  (If you subscribe you will get an email to confirm your subscription, check your junk mail if it doesn’t come to your inbox – you must do this step to complete the subscription). If you choose to subscribe, you might find yourself with the odd knitting project, or something ridiculous the Boy said, but you’ll also get the latest in updates about my mom.

But Meaghan, won’t this make your blog sad? Why blog about not nice things? Well, this blog is supposed to be an online journal of my life – and quite frankly – life is clearly not always rainbows and sunshine.  So it’s logical the blog would follow. More than that though, my hope is we get 2 perks from blogging: 1. Consistent information told straight from the source.  2. Easing the number of phone calls that both mom and our wonderful key family members and friends get asking for new details – not to say that phone calls are not welcome, just this way we don’t have to have the same conversation 55 times.

So strap in – for those readers that have commented I’ve been slacking off for the last little while year or so – I’m back.  And when I’m stressy I do 2 things, I knit and I write.  The five sweaters that I’ve sewn together in the last two weeks can attest to the first part, and this little blog will inevitably get more attention too.

To start – the details. Next post – the updates.

The short version – My mom fainted about 6 weeks ago in a grocery store.  She thought it was because she hadn’t had much to eat that day and it was 30 degrees outside.  EMS came but she refused to go to the emergency room, instead she called me and I brought her home for a chocolate milk and a lie down. She fainted again that night and when my dad said “can we go to the hospital now?” her response was “well, probably – but first get the blood pressure cuff.”  When her blood pressure was in the tank she allowed a 911 call, and by the time they got there she was vomiting blood. 

FYI – that’s not good. 

To the hospital they went, where they treated her for an ulcer.  Everything looked good.  Until it wasn’t.  Yada Yada Yada, she bled out, yada yada, it was a very good thing she was already in the hospital, yada, they sent her home 5 days later and her biopsy to the lab.

We waited.

And waited.

And kind of forgot.

Until they didn’t have results. Then mom booked an appointment with our family doctor.

Then we got first results. Stomach cancer.

Then we said some not nice words.

For anyone that hasn’t done this before, let me tell you – so far in all our times with this – this is the WORST part.  Knowing, but not knowing how bad, or where, or what, or how fast, or where else. When all you’re left with is a whole bunch of questions and your mind is left to wander into the terrible world of ‘what if’ – it’s awful.

Last weekend she had her CT Scan, and on Monday she saw the surgeon at Sunnybrook.  Stomach cancer, and that’s it. It doesn’t appear to be anywhere else, there aren’t any glowing node areas (although lymph-nodes can’t be truly known until dissection after surgery).  The plan, 3 rounds of chemo, surgery (leaving her with 40-60% of her stomach), followed by 3 more rounds of chemo. Followed by all better.  Forever.

The not so good news, the cancer is at the base of the stomach and the exit point is very narrow.  She is at high risk for obstruction and is on a liquid diet starting immediately. Since the chemo will first expand the cells before destroying them – it’s possible that she will not be able to get through the full 3 rounds before running into trouble. If she is obstructed, they will stop the chemo and do emergency surgery followed by more chemo. Followed by all better.  Forever.

So that’s where we are – for one post anyway.  I’ll do my best to keep it as up to date as possible. And I’ll also really try to inject this little blog with some happy along the way.

How you can help today – Positive healing thoughts are always welcome. 

Message from Mom – Thank you everyone for all of your  love and support – we really appreciate it.


The Buddy System

I joined a gym.  Again.

Here’s my challenge in general with exercise.  Laziness.

I know it’s necessary and I have aspirations of being a fit and truly healthy person, not just a healthy eater. This mindset has brought me to the gym in the past.  In theory it’s all one would need, a place to exercise, classes or machines, pair it with a financial commitment and anyone should be good to go, especially someone with aspirations of fit and healthy.

Of course it hasn’t worked in the past, of course it hasn’t since that’s how gyms make money!

An additional motivator, a few months ago I read a birth story over at Healthy Tipping Point. Caitlin wrote about how she didn’t know how she could have gotten through a natural birth without staying physically active throughout her pregnancy. Well, since that’s my goal (although not anytime soon) – I’m pretty sure becoming a physically active person in your first months of pregnancy is a. not ideal and b. not bloody likely.

I’ve also decided, I’m really at a now or never point.  If I don’t put a regular exercise routine into my life now – it’s not going to happen after life get’s busier. But it isn’t any of these rational reasons that are getting me to the gym this time. This membership has been successful for one reason and one reason only.

My buddy.

No. Not the Boy.

It’s my friend from work.  She’s a gym guru and knows what she’s doing, plus I sit right beside her, so if she doesn’t see me in the morning – you bet I’m going to hear about it when I get into work.

My Buddy told me the other day – “A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

I like it.

So I’ve been going at 6:40am for the last 2 weeks.

Here are the pros and cons.

Pro – I can feel myself getting stronger.

Con – I’m sore.

Pro – I have someone who knows what to do and is teaching me how to do things properly.

Con – It hurts me.

Pro – I’ve always thought that the best workout time for me would be first thing in the morning – but couldn’t really motivate myself to get my butt out of bed first thing in the morning – but when I know my buddy is waiting for me it’s no problem. So I’m actually going at my ideal time.

Con – my new wake up time is apparently 6:00am regardless of the day of the week.  This resulted in my getting up and staying up at 6:30 last Saturday morning. This makes me feel older than when I go to bed at 10pm… on a Friday.

What goals are you planning right now?

Do you need a buddy? Or is exercise your alone time?


Predicting the Future

First things First.  A little housekeeping.

  1. I have renamed my blog. I won’t reveal until Monday – D-day if you will. But the blog has a name. Thank goodness. Creativity on a deadline is truly a bitch!  Luckily I will never have to go through that again.  That is your clue.  This new blog name is permanent.
  2. I’m hoping that sometime between now and Monday I will be able to figure out a way to transfer from The Twenties Roar to – New Blog Title without messing up your subscriptions, Google Reader settings etc. etc.  I’m not feeling terribly confident that I’m going to be able to do it – so if I can’t, please accept my 1000 apologies and follow the link to the new blog where you can subscribe again.  That is the worst case scenario – I’m really hoping I can figure it out on my own and it won’t inconvenience anyone. Fingers Crossed.
  3. I have made another 2 recipes from Vegan Cooking for Carnivores – this is my review, Ellen and Portia are seriously lucky that Roberto Martin is their chef.  Seriously this book is so yummy!

Alright. Now that that’s out of the way and we looked back on the Twenties –  let’s look forward shall we?

Now, life goals or bucket list type things – I’m not so much about those yet.  I don’t really have the ability to think that far ahead. And also planning things to do before I die = creepy.

So instead I’m going to go with things I’m looking forward to about my thirties. In general.  No specific time frames. (Read – Mom and Mom-in-Law don’t get too excited about some of these things)

  1. Feeling like I’ve got a PL.  What’s a PL? It’s the first half of PLAN. The twenties are “exciting” or “filled with anxiety” depending on your outlook and for me the most stressful part of what is supposed to be exciting is not having even a P. Never mind putting ducks in a row, for most of my twenties I didn’t have ducks. Or a pond. Or anything.  I went to school for the majority of the decade, and with post-graduation came a lot of feelings that I was behind the 8-ball in general.  I looked at people I went to High School with who had big kid jobs, were getting married and buying houses and I felt like I was falling behind… fast.  Of course the rational part of me would say I did more school than most – but sometimes the rational brain doesn’t really kick in full blast. Anyway, I don’t really feel like that anymore.  Sure now I have friends who have husbands, and houses, and babies – maybe it’s because I can see those things on the horizon, or maybe I’m just feeling oddly calm and positive today – but I don’t really feel like I’m behind.  I’ve got a PL, and that’s good enough.
  2. Working in an organization that has opportunity for movement. I know I can’t rule the world right away, but I’ve found myself on the receiving end of some very nice comments in my first 6 months at the new job. “People” (I don’t know who) are “noticing my ability to write.” I don’t know what this means or what opportunities these “people” have in mind. But the fact that I know opportunities exist is pretty great.  I think it’s probably helping with the calm feelings about the PL.
  3. Being healthy.  I’ve been sick and on antibiotics for most of my Twenties.  Nothing super serious – I’m not dying or anything, but it’s definitely taken a toll on my system.  I’ve spent the last 4 years fighting to get things under control, and it’s going well – but I’m looking forward to having it go well and then some.  The Boy is probably reading this and thinking – “Oh God, we’re going to cut out meat even more!” and planning his speech about how he’s not becoming a vegetarian.  Calm down Boy.  No one asked you to be a vegetarian.  I think every person’s food “journey” is a personal one, and all I’m saying is I’m looking forward to continuing on that path of wellness.
  4. Travel.  The Boy and I have been nowhere.  That’s not true. As a kid I have seen most of Canada – it’s a pretty awesome country, and various cities in the US.  The Boy has been to Florida, Calgary and Mt. Tremblant.  That’s about it. While I’m hoping we can cross an ocean sooner rather than later, I’ll be happy with the ability to discover new places with The Boy. Canada, United States, Sunny Island in the middle of winter or top of the Eiffel Tower – I’ll take any of it.
  5. Family.  When I was thinking back on my Twenties I was reminded of how many times a member of my immediate family tried to check out early.  I don’t like that. While we were all extremely close to start with, I’m looking forward to that continuing without the various health crises.  Do you hear that family? I’m predicting everyone is going to stay healthy and we will continue to be ridiculously close. Please do your part.  Thank you.
  6. Family 2.0. Yes, it’s true.  At some point The Boy and I will expand our little family.  Not now.  Not even soon. But sometime.  I’m looking forward to that. That is all.

Six things. Should we take bets on how many things pan out? I’m obviously hopeful that they all do – because honestly, I don’t think they’re a whole lot to ask. But I’m pretty certain they won’t all go smoothly, or maybe they will go smoothly but not in the particular smooth way I think they should. That’s life right?!


What do you think? Do big birthdays make you revisit your PLAN (or PL if that’s all you’ve got so far)?

Also – has anyone out there transitioned a blog? If you can help me out – I’d love you forever.  I don’t have much, but I do have knit-wear. Anyone?!


It hurts so good?

A couple of weeks ago the Boy came with me to my Naturopath appointment.  It was his first time.  He didn’t come in, instead he played Angry Birds in the empty waiting room.  After a lovely conversation and check up I came out and proceeded to get loaded up with supplements (she’s preggo again and is trying to get me ship-shape before she ships out) and I got the bill.  I always cringe a little – there’s no getting around it, it’s expensive. But I’m making my health a priority, and the naturo is part of that.  She saves me from regular infections, off of antibiotics and I just all around feel better when I see her regularly.  I’ve committed to drinking the Kool-Aid. And I thought the Boy had as well.

You see, I told him when I started back with her a few months ago – “she’s expensive, but I’ve been sick way too much lately and I need to see her.”  He agreed.  He can’t really argue against it – he’s seen the results before.  She’s a miracle worker and I love her.  But apparently he didn’t really completely understand what I meant by expensive.

He may have freaked a little.  The Boy is a boy and doesn’t fully and completely get the Naturopath. He has not enjoyed the Kool-Aid.  He firmly believes that since I eat pretty well already if I only added more exercise/any exercise at all to my regimen I would be fine and wouldn’t need her at all.  I disagree.  Sort of.

I agree blah blah blah exercise is good for you.  Blah blah blah if I don’t get into a routine now I never will because soon enough there will be kids and then I won’t make the time to start.  Blah blah blah I’ll feel better.  But the problem has typically been finding something I like to do, at times that are convenient, and that doesn’t cost a fortune.  Hot yoga? Love it, but definitely not an affordable option.  I don’t play sports.  And while I kept asking the Boy to make me a routine I could do at home – our apartment is small and unless he was going to do this routine with me (which he refused) then I would feel horribly awkward while he watched me workout.  Not happening. Yes, increasing my physical activity would have positive effects.  No, it will not replace the Naturopath.

He on the other hand feels he’s in decent shape since he plays sports.  I disagree.  He was definitely busier than me this winter with coaching but coaching is not playing.  He only played volleyball once a week. Baseball and golf season are starting soon but there are lots of out of shape baseball players and golfers out there – have you seen John Daly?

Regardless, I agreed I would look into finding something I could do.

I found Function Studios in Newmarket.  I had looked at them last year but their membership fee had an additional fee if you wanted yoga. Boo. I learned this year that they’ve nixed that extra fee (hooray!) and that because my work is a member of our local Chamber of Commerce I could get the corporate rate of $35/month.

$35 gets me a full gym, lots of bikes, treadmills, ellipticals etc, spinning classes, yoga (both hot and regular) and unlimited access to about 75 classes each month.  Yowzer! That’s a lot of stuff.  Oh wait, and it’s women only.  That’s a pretty big part since it makes me feel way more comfortable.

I joined on Monday.

I forgot to bring a hair-tie so I did my first day on Tuesday.

On Tuesday I went on the treadmill for 20 minutes at a brisk walking pace.  Then I wandered around and did some arm stuff on the machines.  I quickly realized – I don’t actually know what to do at a gym. I watched the current class – Pump.  I thought I could do that.  It looks manageable.  I checked the schedule and went back on Wednesday for my first class.  Pump.

The Pump instructor wasn’t there for whatever reason so the girl filling in did Circuit Training instead.  I knew right from the start I was going to die.  I was right.

From burpees to push-ups, wall squats, sprints, lunging and 5 other workouts I pushed and pulled and carried my body through an hour of fantastic fitness fun. It’s now nearly 24 hours later and my legs still feel like jello.  Angry, angry jello.

The good news? I didn’t quit. I didn’t cry. And I didn’t pass out. I did ask the instructor what else she would recommend for a beginner since this nearly killed me – informing her this was literally day 2 of “let’s be more active,” she assured me that I did “REALLY REALLY well for Day 2″ to modify anything that I was doing and that actually Pump is a really good place to start.  I refrained from screaming “That’s what I was TRYING TO DO!!” Argh.   She also recommended beginner spin classes, which scare me, but I’m trying to be open everything for now.

Even though it’s only Day 2.  And even though every muscle in my body is SCREAMING at me today, I think I might have found something that I can commit to.

New goal? To be able to go to Circuit Training on purpose – and die only a little instead of a whole lot.  The Boy says it should take about 2 months.

I’m fine with giving myself 163 days (I trust I’ll still need a week to recover) – and I need to be ready for dancing on day 170!

We’re not alone

Canada AM

Image via Wikipedia

That’s what I learned on Canada AM yesterday.  Emerging adults (ie. 20-somethings) are stressed, and apparently we have good reason to be.

Let’s stats it up shall we?

  • One-third of us move once a year – check
  • 40% move back home with dear ol’ mom and dad at least once – check
  • Average of 7 jobs in the decade – 6 for real, but technically 7 (and I still have 2 more years)… so CHECK!
  • Two-thirds live with a romantic partner without being married – Check and CHECK!

This category of Emerging Adult is a pretty new phenomenon.  We’re the first group to really emerge in this transition to adulthood stage.  50 years ago we went from adolescence to married with babies and no room in between.  With more choices in education and career for women comes more stress for everyone. What’s more, since we’re one of the first groups, our parents have no idea what’s taking us so long – or at least they can’t assure us that “they were the same when they were our age” – quite frankly they weren’t.

The lovely psychology professor on Canada AM said the greatest help for the 20-somethings… knowing that they’re not alone in their stress.  Knowing that even though it may seem like some of their peers have it together – they likely don’t.  We’re all in it together.

Truth be told, I do find that comforting.  That’s one of the reasons I blog after all!

The other thing that helps?  Vacation.  A vacation into retirement is, I can only assume, even better! So that’s just what I’m going to do.

I’m off for a little vaycay with the Boy and my parents in Del Boca Vista. Don’t worry though my pets I’m leaving you in good hands!

Last year I thought I would blog my adventures each day… it didn’t work.  So this year, as I’m more established in the blog world (read: I read a lot more blogs… not I have a lot of traffic) I’ve arranged for some great guest posts while I’m away. If I have time – or something really worth mentioning (like the Boy tries to kill me again, by throwing me off another Seadoo) I’ll check in.  But otherwise – I’m on vacation, and I’m comforted to know that I’ve left you in good hands.

See you when I get back – tanned burned and relaxed.

‘Till then, try not to stress out 20-somethings… we’re all in this together!

Let me know… what stresses you out?

A Familiar Feeling

*Warning – if you don’t have a burning desire (no pun intended) to learn all about my bladder, perhaps skip today’s post.  If however, you would like to read a review of our lovely health care system – read away… but don’t say I didn’t warn you.*

Alright ladies, raise your hands if you’ve ever had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  Good.  Now raise them if you only get them at convenient hours of the day.  A time when you can easily call your family doctor, or stroll into a walk-in clinic.  Hmm…. you, with your hand up – you’re a punk and we’re in a fight.

I have a long and sorted history with UTIs and in order to save any squeamish boys from the deets  – let’s just say it’s like a vice grip on your bladder and it hurts. A lot. And I had the pleasure of getting one last night.  At approximately 12:30am.  Conveniently shortly after all walk-in clinics close.  And a good 9 hours before I would have any hope of seeing my doctor.  Awesome.

Here’s where the health care system comes in. My family doctor – awesome.  I love her.  She is super sweet, and has even been so kind as to take on the Boy as a new patient.  While we were in his first appointment with her months ago she explained the benefits of a multi-practitioner office.  Someone is always on call, and they are part of the Health Advisory Network.  It’s an effort to keep people that have family doctors out of Emergency Rooms and Walk-in Clinics, you can call a number tell them what you need and they can call the doctor on call, and get a prescription phoned in to your closest pharmacy.  Really?!  I had never heard this information (the downside of having been with the same practice since birth – they forget to share these little tidbits with you as you get older).  I had to ask, if I were to get a UTI (my most common ailment) could I get a prescription phoned in, especially since I have such a history with them (I KNOW when I have one)?  “Absolutely, they’ll probably just ask that you come in the next day for an appointment, but for immediate relief they can do it over the phone.”  AWESOME!

Last night, I got my first opportunity to try out this new fancy system.  Disaster.

First I called the wrong number (Telehealth Ontario is apparently not the same thing).  Then when I got the right number, described my symptoms I got this answer, “I’m recommending you go to Emergency.” WHAT?!  You want me to wait it out for several hours in an Emergency Room?  This isn’t an emergency it’s a @#&*in’ UTI!  I politely asked why that was her recommendation – why I couldn’t just get a prescription phoned in.  Her answer (with attitude I might add) “Because of your symptoms.”  Thanks lady.  My symptoms are UTI symptoms.  I could spot a UTI from here to Kalamazoo.  I’ve been to the Doctor for a UTI before it has even showed up on the test.  I know when I have one and all I need is a prescription so I can get out of my bathroom and go back to sleep!


So I called the Emergency Room. I explained the situation.  I got more attitude.  “If it’s bad enough, then you come in.” For the record, I firmly believe that I’m not a baby.  Whenever they ask is the pain mild, moderate or severe – I always say moderate.  I always figure – things could be worse. I’m not crippled with pain, I haven’t been shot and I’m not having a baby – these things are severe pain.  I have a UTI it’s @#&*in’ uncomfortable, and it hurts a lot, I have chills and tears running down my face – but it’s not an EMERGENCY.  I’m not going to die of the pain. It is bad enough that I don’t want to sit here for another 8 hours waiting for my Doctor’s office to open.  But Emergency?  That seems a little extreme.

I asked about the wait time.  Figuring, if I’m going to wait it out in Emergency for 6 hours I might as well wait here for the office to openwhere I’m more comfortable and not in a hospital.  The answer, “well it’s pretty slow right now – but we can’t guarantee anything.  It’s an Emergency room.”  Thanks Tips.

So I went.  I figured we live 3 minutes from the Hospital. I am exhausted, and if there’s any chance of getting relief before 9am then I should take it.

Turns out living in Northern Ontario has it’s benefits.  I have seen a completely empty Emergency Room in St. Mary’s (tiny town where the Boy is from), but in the GTA?  This is unheard of.  There were other patients once I got to the Yellow Zone, but I was triaged, and registered within minutes and by the time I was looking for a bathroom again I was seen by a nurse, and shortly afterward a doctor, followed by my first dose of antibiotic relief.  In and out within an hour. Unbelievable.

So even though my Doctor’s quick relief plan didn’t work.  And even though I cost our Universal Health Care System way more money than necessary.  I was in bed and asleep again by 4:30.  Pretty darn good.

Shout out thanks to Southlake Regional Health Centre – you guys were awesome.

Apology to the Boy for disrupting his sleep – although I’m pretty sure he slept through most of it.

Today – sick day.  I’m off to fill a prescription and talk to a man about a kettle.