Quick Before I forget – Fast Five Friday

Last night I marched myself down to Henry’s and took D90 101 through their School of Imaging.

Without the cryptic Canadian code – I took a camera class.

It was good.  I feel like I learned A LOT – but what I will retain? Time will tell. To help with that retaining piece here’s five fast things I learned in my camera class – warning I knew nothing, so this is pretty basic.

  1. Shutter speed stops action (yours and your subjects movement) – higher shutter speed, clearer capture of movement.
  2. Shutter speed brings in light. On a bright day with lots of sun, think red head – get out of the sun quick! Quick shutter speed = fast! Dim day, low light – think Olive complexion, they can handle staying out in the sun for longer. Long shutter speed = slow!
  3. If you’re at a party use the “Close Up” Scene selector – it will focus on one subject but will lack depth, blurring out the drunkards to the sides and focusing on the one drunkard you’re interested in.
  4. Shooting a hockey game? High ISO, and maybe think about shooting it on a 3D auto focus – it will follow a colour and blur everything else – so if Timmy is wearing red and skates behind the goal – it will keep the red in focus and blur out what’s in front.
  5. AF-S – Single Slow Static moment. – Aim Lock Move Shoot. Want to take a picture of the dog? Aim the focus on her eyes, then move the camera to set up your shot, then shoot your picture.  Magic.

And now you know as much as I do.  Something tells me I’m going to be referencing this post the most of anyone!

Do you think this qualifes me for a fancy camera bag/purse? As in an Epiphanie?