Honey, I’m home!

That’s right.  The milkshake did the trick, and mom got to cash in her get out of jail hospital card on Friday.  She spent the weekend with her animals, both human and canine and the best part – sleeping in her own bed of course!

So, Mom is at home on full liquids and so far – still feeling pretty great.  Her chemo is two-fold, the first part is the traditional IV – once every three weeks treatment.  The second, is a handy little pump – that she lives with for the next 9 weeks – it’s pink… we’ll call it Paula the Pink Pump.

The pump and her picc line get changed weekly, and other than that we’re hoping she’ll be hospital free until her surgery date sometime in September.

She’s been a busy bee with lots of visitors and keeping up with all of the things on her to do list,

Like manicures

Mother-Daughter Manicures!

And deck building.


Okay, maybe not so much deck building, as supervising and congratulating when all was said and done.  And maybe the deck really has nothing to do with the Mom update, but seriously – so pretty!

Some really good news, a new C-Word from one of her doctors…


That’s explicitly the goal.

A Message from Mom – “Well, that’s what I thought. But it’s sure nice to hear!!”


Before and After

The Boy and I just enjoyed a full 2 weeks off of work for the holidays.  It was much needed and completely glorious.  We spent time with family and friends, between Christmas and New Years, but the bulk of our second week was spent turning our house into a beautiful after from a very blank, very white before.

We had some help, my mom’s interior designer came over and helped us pick colours.  Some people might love working from a completely blank slate, but I found it really overwhelming and was very grateful for the help – and the ability to choose from bigger swatches than just the 2×2 inches you get at the paint store.

When we bought our house, all the walls were builders white. Personally, I don’t know how the people we bought from lived with builders white for a 5 years.  It was driving me crazy! It might be because it was the crappiest paint job I have ever seen. I might have been able to live with a decent looking builders white for a while, but really – for me the starting point is paint on the walls.  I’ve lived with white walls before, many of my apartments were white walls, but for some reason, likely because it’s our house (and did I mention the crappy quality and dinginess?), I couldn’t do it. It didn’t feel like we should bother hanging many pictures or find a rug, or even organize our small book shelf before we put a some colour on the walls.

Before CollageSo over the last week we did just that.

Day 1 – ceilings.

Day 2 – living room – October Mist

Day 3 – kitchen – Windham Cream; small bathroom – Wheat Penny

Day 4 – entrance and up the stairs – Raintree Green; upstairs ceiling.

Day 5 – trim

Day 6 – new IKEA wall unit –  installation and filling/decorating

Day 7 – just as God did when creating the world – we rested.

In between we had a small break for New Years Eve and we (and by we I obviously mean the Boy – I showed up for unpacking) moved the Brother.

My God, we are tired.

In Progress CollageBut it was totally worth it.

Now we’re decorating, choosing a rug, looking for pictures and it generally just feels so much warmer and more homey.

Seriously love it.

A sneak peek at the after - some better ones to come.

A sneak peek at the after – some better ones to come.

What was your first project in your house?