Honey, I’m home!

That’s right.  The milkshake did the trick, and mom got to cash in her get out of jail hospital card on Friday.  She spent the weekend with her animals, both human and canine and the best part – sleeping in her own bed of course!

So, Mom is at home on full liquids and so far – still feeling pretty great.  Her chemo is two-fold, the first part is the traditional IV – once every three weeks treatment.  The second, is a handy little pump – that she lives with for the next 9 weeks – it’s pink… we’ll call it Paula the Pink Pump.

The pump and her picc line get changed weekly, and other than that we’re hoping she’ll be hospital free until her surgery date sometime in September.

She’s been a busy bee with lots of visitors and keeping up with all of the things on her to do list,

Like manicures

Mother-Daughter Manicures!

And deck building.


Okay, maybe not so much deck building, as supervising and congratulating when all was said and done.  And maybe the deck really has nothing to do with the Mom update, but seriously – so pretty!

Some really good news, a new C-Word from one of her doctors…


That’s explicitly the goal.

A Message from Mom – “Well, that’s what I thought. But it’s sure nice to hear!!”