Catching Up Alphabet Styles

I was randomly thinking of a friend the other day, that I hadn’t spoken with her since shortly after the holidays and now it’s the end of March, so I sent her a little email.  I started off with just a few things to tell her, but my bloggyness came out  and I ended up updating her alphabet styles.  She responded in turn, which made me laugh at my desk, and the result is a slightly modified blog post.

A. Gordon is huge
B. It’s mostly fur
C. She’s actually only about 9 lbs. (editors note: she gets groomed on Wednesday, get ready for some dramatic before and after shots!)
D. Our house is painted
E. With the exception of the upstairs bathroom and the two spare bedrooms (we painted the bathroom and our closet this weekend, LOVE the painted closet – what a difference, so now we have the two bedrooms and 4 closets)
F. And trim upstairs… a lot of trim
G. I’ll be very happy when it’s all done, but the difference already is awesome.
H. Work is Crazy-pants
I. As in really busy
J. I’ve continued to go the gym 4-5 times/week.
K. I’ve seen very few changes. (this is still true, although the Boy did call me skinny the other day… that was nice.)
L. Some changes I guess… but come on! Not impressed. (As a result of the skinny comment I weighed myself at the gym this morning… no change.  I stand by the not impressed)
M. I should go back to sleeping in and sitting on the couch.
N. I took my first sewing class yesterday, last Monday (second one is tonight)
O.  I’m not a natural.
P. All of my classmates (with the exception of Sista) want to be able to sew their own clothes.
Q.  The instructor encouraged this.
R.  I said I just wanted to know how to sew a pillow and some curtains because COME ON why are these things so expensive.
S. She laughed and said, wait until you see how much work goes into those – then you’ll understand.
T.  This was not encouraging
U.  I took this to mean that I should give up now and resign to paying $40/pillow.
V. But sewing your own clothes is reasonable?!
W. Give me a break.
X. I haven’t heard from you in a while – So I thought I’d say hi and see what’s new with you. (this now applies to all of you)
Y. Can you believe I made it to the entire alphabet?!
Z. Blog post?! I think so.
What’s new in your world this week?


Before and After

The Boy and I just enjoyed a full 2 weeks off of work for the holidays.  It was much needed and completely glorious.  We spent time with family and friends, between Christmas and New Years, but the bulk of our second week was spent turning our house into a beautiful after from a very blank, very white before.

We had some help, my mom’s interior designer came over and helped us pick colours.  Some people might love working from a completely blank slate, but I found it really overwhelming and was very grateful for the help – and the ability to choose from bigger swatches than just the 2×2 inches you get at the paint store.

When we bought our house, all the walls were builders white. Personally, I don’t know how the people we bought from lived with builders white for a 5 years.  It was driving me crazy! It might be because it was the crappiest paint job I have ever seen. I might have been able to live with a decent looking builders white for a while, but really – for me the starting point is paint on the walls.  I’ve lived with white walls before, many of my apartments were white walls, but for some reason, likely because it’s our house (and did I mention the crappy quality and dinginess?), I couldn’t do it. It didn’t feel like we should bother hanging many pictures or find a rug, or even organize our small book shelf before we put a some colour on the walls.

Before CollageSo over the last week we did just that.

Day 1 – ceilings.

Day 2 – living room – October Mist

Day 3 – kitchen – Windham Cream; small bathroom – Wheat Penny

Day 4 – entrance and up the stairs – Raintree Green; upstairs ceiling.

Day 5 – trim

Day 6 – new IKEA wall unit –  installation and filling/decorating

Day 7 – just as God did when creating the world – we rested.

In between we had a small break for New Years Eve and we (and by we I obviously mean the Boy – I showed up for unpacking) moved the Brother.

My God, we are tired.

In Progress CollageBut it was totally worth it.

Now we’re decorating, choosing a rug, looking for pictures and it generally just feels so much warmer and more homey.

Seriously love it.

A sneak peek at the after - some better ones to come.

A sneak peek at the after – some better ones to come.

What was your first project in your house?

A Special Post for Some Special Moms

You know you must be special ifni post on theweekend for you.  But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wish two very lovely moms a very Happy First Mother’s Day.  You are both doing an amazing job with you little ones and both have started blogging! I couldn’t be prouder.  Looking for an awesome new blog to follow?  Well, BFF Kristyn’s is private so I can’t help you there. But you can find Ms. Suzanne and beautiful baby C (oh and papa Pete too of course) at their new home Bike, Banjo & Baby!

As for a gift for this very momentous day I give you the artistic narration of Mr. Samuel L. Jackson.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mommies out there. I wish you a joyful day with your families and sleeping children tonight!!

When the Cat’s Away

The Boy has been out-of-town most of the week, and of course that means I miss him blah blah blah, but it also means I’ve had a few nights to do all the things that I want to do without answering to anyone.  Just sayin’ it’s pretty fun (for the short-term only – obviously!)

So to get your weekend started a list of things the mouse has been up to while the Cat’s away:

  1. Catching up on my shows. Do you know how exciting it is not to share the remote? It’s awesome! Parenthood. Glee. How I Met Your Mother. Whitney.  All in a row. No sports. Beauty.
  2. Cleaning. When the cat’s away – the mouse cleans. Cluttered spots. Fridge. Freezer. Pantry. Clean. Clean. Clean. It’s not that I need the Boy to go away to clean the clutter it’s just that it’s way more fun to do other things when there’s someone to hang out with.  Leave me in our apartment for the week – and I apparently go crazy, cleaning crazy.
  3. Vegetarian. 1 full week of completely vegetarian living. Apparently all I needed to get that bad boy crossed off my 101 list is for the meat-etarian to check out for half the week.
  4. I’m on my own schedule. Eat when I’m hungry. Go out after work without checking in. Work at my own pace.  As I type this the kitchen is a disaster because I’m in the middle of cleaning the pantry.  This would drive the Boy CRAZY. I can hear him now, “Are you done in there OOOORRRR what???” I’ll get there, but I was bored with cleaning up so I took a break. And that’s okay, because I’m by myself.  This leads me to reason 5.
  5. Being messy. Things aren’t put away to OCD standards.  Some might call it rebellion.  The Boy might use the word disaster (he’s so dramatic). I call it refreshing. There’s a pile of clothes that need to go in a bag to Goodwill that have been sitting on my living room floor for 2 days. Just because they can.

Now just to be clear,  (and so the Boy doesn’t read this and think I’m celebrating his absence, or go into a state of depression because he thinks I don’t miss him) I do miss him. Here’s how I can tell:

  1. I sleep with a pillow perpendicular to the head of the bed – substitute Boy.
  2. I’ve texted him SUPER random questions and facts – just because.
  3. I am of course looking forward to him coming home.
  4. I’ve been cleaning and organizing with him in mind – things are being put in spots. I flip between, he’ll be so impressed and he’s not even going to notice because things are neat and in spots and he only tends to notice if things are NOT neat and out of their spots.
  5. All the cleaning is being done now so I can spend Sunday with the Boy!

Good Luck Durham College Volleyball boys – Enjoy your time with the Boy.

And Boy – Can’t wait for you to get home, Love you!

Eat This Martha Stewart

Happy Pancake Tuesday Everyone! And happy day after Family Day fellow Ontarians!

This weekend we had many a fun-family-filled adventure in the great white North that is Mom and Dads.  Mom is officially retired (woot! woot!), and we celebrated in style with another sumptuous meal at Bistro 77.  Seriously folks it’s totally worth the drive to Alliston if you are anywhere in the GAA (Greater Alliston Area).  Try as I might not to have too much to eat, it’s virtually impossible since it’s all. so. good.

The Boy and I had a small disagreement on who was ditching whom on Saturday when he went to volleyball in Oshawa and I went back to Alliston, choosing to spend the day and night with the W-family instead of the M-family. He toughed it out. And I didn’t have to make dinner for myself – Score! We topped the weekend off with a family walk in the snow – all 10 of us.

Sunday was the real family day and Sista and I spent it making cupcakes with two of our favourite littles. Do you remember being 4 and 7 and having older aunts/cousins that you thought were awesome? Well, we do so we wanted to do a little something with them that would make their Family Day 2012 that much more memorable.

One word. Cupcakes.

Now. Let’s back up just a second. You know I have a cookbook issue according to The Boy? Well I come by it honestly.  Mom has all the cookbooks.  Ever. You think I’m exaggerating but if you saw it you’d agree – it’s only a slight one.  Which is why we were all so confused when we went to check the shelves to find – no cupcake book.  To the BOOK STORE! We scoured the shelves, and decided we would go classic. Classic Martha.

I may have mentioned this before – I don’t know it’s been nearly 350 posts, but I love Martha Stewart.  And I love her baking books.  Do you know why? Martha has MAD standards and that means a crazy strict test kitchen, which is to say, if you follow the recipe you will have perfection.  Every. single. time.  LOVES it!

While we marveled at the beautiful pictures of flowers of buttercream, themes like monsters and babies and weddings oh my we made big plans of beautiful vanilla cupcakes with swiss meringue buttercream, and two little girls eager to bring their creative talents to the kitchen.

Well, we may not have ended up with cupcakes worthy of a MS photo shoot.

But if you ask the taste testers they were way better.

And the bonus?

Calorie free since they were made with love.

Things I missed – and Revisting 101 in 1001

I was thinking about 2011 for a few minutes the other day and checked in with my 101 in 1001 list (probably because of this post from Fumbling Toward Normalcy).  And realized that I was missing some things on my 101 list that I have indeed done, but not checked off and decided I needed to change some things on my list.

I know. Editing a 101 list is not in the rules of the game. But to that I have 4 arguments:

  1. It was my first 101 list and I can see the error in my amateur list making ways
  2. I’m not changing that many things
  3. Rules are made to be broken
  4. It’s my list and you’re not the boss of me.

Some of the things I have been doing in an ongoing way but because they are SO ongoing for the whole list – they’re no longer really a goal, and I’m missing the satisfaction of crossing things off the list. I like lists. But I like them purely for the ability to cross things off.

So I’m updating, and generally making my list a little more SMART – focusing on the Specific, Measurable and Timely portions. I’m just over halfway as far as the 1001 goes, but it’s really not specific enough.  I plead newbie, and rather than wait a year + to make a better list, I’m making it better starting now.

New recipes – this one was just silly of me, 1 new recipe a month? I use new recipes all the time! So I’m taking out the time frame of 1/month and upping the quota – 50 new recipes by the end of my list. That’s about 3/month which is totally doable, but I think basing the goal on a number instead of regularity I’ll get the best of both worlds and feel more accomplished.  Aside from the goal on the list I’m thinking posting about one of these recipes each month would be a good addition.

Purge – My brother packed up his house in December and moved and it made me come home and look at all the stuff in our apartment that we don’t use and what I would not want to pack when the time comes.  Also the Boy made a comment the other day about the number of cookbooks I have and I thought “You’re right.” I don’t use all of these… let’s get rid of some.  So I’m making it my goal to ruthlessly purge each room in our apartment.

Dates and phone calls with BFFs Kate and Kristyn.  To be honest, I think the 101 list helped with this initially it made me more aware of how long it has been since I spoke to or met up with each of these lovelies, but now I’m just better at it and don’t check it off a list every time I do it.  This is why I do not like these items any more and am replacing them with Be a Good Friend to Kate and Be a Good Friend to Kristyn goals.  That means, increasing my random acts of kindness not to random people (although that would probably be a good idea too) but to the people that are important to me. I haven’t quite decided what this means for each of them… but I think it’s going to be good.

Dates and phone calls with my Sista – again… I don’t need a list to talk to my Sista and calling her each week – she is crazy busy during the week and often exhausted by the time she gets home.  Sometimes, when you call the Sista and she’s just tired – she’s not so much with the talkative.  So I’m exing this one and adding a Be a Good Friend cluase, AND Plan a Sista date, we are both pretty indecisive but when we get together we have so much fun.  With boys and husbands I just want to make sure we still spend some time together.  So I’m putting it on the list.

Blog 3 times a week – so I’ve obviously fallen off the wagon with this bad boy. But I don’t like that because I’ve fallen off track I lose out completely on ever checking it off.  So I’m updating to reach 500 blog posts.

Tomorrow – an full update.  (I wrote the whole thing but OH MAN it’s too long!)

What do you think? Is this totally cheating?