A new little person and a head cold

Do you remember BFF Kristyn?

Do you remember how she was nearly 7 months preggo on w-day?

She was a bit nervous that the dress would be too short but no dice.  She looked beautiful.

See.. (she’s the one on the right… with two flowers in her hair – one for each of them)

Well that little baby is here. I’ve seen the pictures.  It’s a beautiful baby. But there was never any doubt.

There’s just two small problems.

1. It’s a boy.  (Okay, fine. This is not actually a problem.  It’s quite the opposite in fact. It’s wonderful! It’s what all of the family members thought it would be.  They were on team boy through and through. It’s just not the team that I was on. I have no problem with boys.  Love them! They are so funny and cute and adorable. I love that he’s a boy. It’s truly wonderful. Love love love it.)

I knit for a girl. I was really really sure it was a girl. Which is annoying because I said it was a boy at first. But then… I changed my mind. I threw my gut instincts aside and switched teams (haha). I based my knitting decision on two factors:

a. BFF Kristyn was really sick when she first found herself responsible for growing a human. I based my mind change on the theory that there was too much estrogen in her system. Clearly, I was wrong.  I accept that.

b. There are so many cute things to knit for girls.  Teeny tiny dresses. Teeny tiny sweaters. Adorable.  One thing that I knit I kept gender neutral – or I think so anyway, we’ll see what the new little boy’s dad has to say I guess.  I finished sewing in the ends the night before the new little boy’s birthday. I have yet to talk to BFF Kristyn but I’m going to go ahead and assume that she started feeling contractions around 8pm on Friday night.  The knitting was ready. It’s an unspoken  The other little knitterly thing…. it’s girly.  Really girly.  And that is the only reason why this new beautiful little person being a boy is a problem. Not that the world will come to an end if a stranger on the street mistakes the new little boy for a little girl, but c’mon, who gives the new little boy a little girly sweater?

I told you – problem 1 is not a real problem – it just means I knit more. Good thing I like to do that.

2.  Problem 2 is the real problem.  I’m sick. 

BFF Kristyn’s unborn baby and I had a deal. I would go to Florida and he would either be born before I left, or camp out for another week until I got back. I figured it was only fair, he wasn’t due for another 10 days after we arrived back home AND I live spitting distance from the hospital. He kept his end of the bargain. He hung out as an inside baby for another full week after we got back.

He’s a good baby.

I on the other hand got sick.  Not gross sick. Just cold sick.  I sound like a man and that’s sick enough that it’s not cool to go and see a new baby and even less cool to go see that new baby’s new mom and dad. (Let’s face it the new baby’s got an immune system like gangbusters but his new sleep-deprived parents do not.)

So here I sit. Longing to squeeze and love the new baby. But I can’t. I am homebound… with the exception of work…  and a Shred Kelly show tonight. Okay, so not homebound – just in no baby zones.


I’m left to do the only thing I can think of which is send a big congratulations to BFF Kristyn and her hubs John and a big Blogosphere WELCOME to their new little baby boy. I am doing all I can to get well so the Boy and I can come and meet you super soon.



Man-Cold and Procrastination

I sick.

I’ve got the dreaded man-cold.  I know it’s just a cold – but I sound disgusting.  And no one wants to listen to that.  Especially the Boy who I’m pretty sure got about as much sleep as I did last night while I tossed and turned, hot and cold, snotting everywhere. Am I painting a lovely picture?  Oh good.  I’m so glad.

It’s not a true man-cold since I am still functioning.  While I am planning a lazy day, and did sleep until 11:30 yesterday I still got up and did things.  I made hummus, and soup, and dinner.   I even left the house and went grocery shopping.  When the Boy has a man-cold he does none of these things.

Not only did I do things that needed to be done yesterday like grocery shopping (we had 2 lemons, 1 lime and 1 red onion in our fridge before I left), I did something I’ve been putting off for months, YEARS even.  The Boy has been asking me to do it for a long time, and I’ve thought about it but never really got around to it.  But now we’re getting married, which means there’s a fancy dress and it’s when I’m all dressed up that I typically think  – “I should really get around to that.”

I give you my ears.

Excuse the messy hair, horrible angle and terrible cropping job… I have a man-cold.