Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired

March 4th. That’s 8 days left. EIGHT DAYS!!! And you know what? It’s been a long fucking haul.  No one in our family has had a cold or flu this winter (*Knock on wood*) and do you know why? Because we don’t have time for that shit! (pardon the language but we’re all getting a little punchy!)

But the body and mind can really only take so much and Mom is currently feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  The end is near, but like the last mile of a marathon – that short distance is starting to feel the longest (or so the runners in my life have told me).
So the Sista put on her thinking cap and together we have come up with a way to bring a little sunshine into Mom’s life in the next 8 days, and to do it we need everyone’s help from near and far to cheer her on to a photo finish.
Our brilliant idea combines three things we love, social media, mom and a good hashtag.
We’re calling all photographers for photos of things that inspire you, things you’re grateful for, things that make this crappy fight all worth while. Sista signed Mom up for Instagram, (because apparently she needs another platform to try and understand it’s awesome and mom loves all things awesome) so you can Instagram your pictures and tag her @60onth4th or me @gingerandgiant and use the hashtag #lovefor60onthe4th.
Our thought was looking at pictures of all the things that you’re grateful for is a low-energy pastime that should bring more than a few smiles to not just Mom, but everyone who is counting down with her.
Not on Instagram? (well you should be – because it’s awesome) You can still participate by emailing me your pictures to meaghanweldon @ gmail dot com I’ll post some pictures each day on this little blog and maybe we’ll kill two birds and I’ll get back into the habbit of daily blogging (HA! We can only hope)
I’ll kick it off to get this party started.
Showing our patriotism at 7 am really takes a lot of us.
The Boy, Gordon and I were happy to show our patriotism at 7 am on Sunday. But we were truly grateful for a 3 hour family nap in the afternoon!
So post your pictures – be they profound, cute, inspiring or silly, and together let’s cheer this awesome lady to the finish line!!!

You Tube Fridays

It seems only fitting to have a wedding themed You Tube Friday this week… and maybe every week for the next year.  No, I wouldn’t do that to you – although I’m sure I could…. maybe it’ll be my default when I haven’t found anything else fun.

So here’s to getting married – and to our TV-like love

A couple of my faves:

It starts with a kiss – but the best one is when you realize you’ve found your lobster

Then there’s the proposal – I agree, there’s a reason that girls don’t do that part

And in 11 months or so – we should be dancing down the aisle!

Start getting excited!!

Who are your favourite TV couples?

Turns out I’m Inspiring!

Oh hello there blog world.  What’s that?  You’ve stopped by my blog and you left inspired? You’ve poked around, made yourself comfortable and checked all of the extra pages? Cool.  What did you find there?  What’s that?  A little louder?  My 101 in 1001 page, you say.  Hmm… interesting.  You’ve written yourself a 101 in 1001 list?  Well that’s great for you, AND great for me!

I’ve officially inspired Shana over at Fumbling Towards Normalcy to write her own 101 in 1001 list, which means I’ve met another of my goals to do just that – inspire someone to write a list.  I’m feeling REALLY excited about this one – since I was convinced if I was able to cross that one off it would be someone I know… like my sister… or the Boy… or the Boy’s mom.

Shana’s list is super awesome.  While I’m happy to have inspired her, I’m a little disappointed I wasn’t able to see her list before I wrote mine.  Give a micro-loan through  I TOTALLY want to do that – and didn’t think of it when writing my list. Celebrate champagne Friday?  Who doesn’t want to do that!?

Anyway, thanks Shana for writing your list and letting me know I can cross something off mine.  I’m still itching to go over the requirement for some of my 101 things and I think this would be a great one.  So start writing and let me know when you’ve got your list!