Catching up part 2 – 365 Photos

As promised we’re getting caught up with the photo challenge!

January 26 – Cheeks

January 27 – Preparation

January 28 – Tradition

January 29 – Terror

January 30 – Memory (okay you got me this one was taken on the 28th)

January 31 – Temptation

February 1 – Shiny

February 2 – Old Fashioned

February 3 – Rough

February 4 – Sport

Still Taking Photos – 365 Photo Update

I know you thought I didn’t get past two weeks of taking a photo a day.  You’re incorrect – I just picked a poor day for photo day since Sunday is laundry day and that means I’m never home to go through my photos and title them on Sundays.  Then the week starts and then… it’s February.

So without further adieu I give you January’s photos.

January 16 – Felted

January 17 – Signs

January 18 – Warmth

January 19– Quality

January 20 – Puzzle (Or – Why is there corn on my windshield?)

January 21 – Extreme Close-up

January 22 – Big and Small

January 23 – Custom

January 24 – Crooked (intentional of course!)

January 25 – Resourceful

Tomorrow January 26 – February 3 + Wedding Wednesday!

365 Photo Challenge

So this was on my 101 in 1001 list.  And I tried it when we got engaged – I thought, I’ll have so many things to take pictures of this will be so easy. Lies.  Not easy.  Not easy at all.

Here is why this photo challenge is just that – challenging.

1. Some days I don’t do anything.
2. I don’t always remember to bust out my camera
3. iPhone photos while pretty good are not always all that great – especially daily.
4. Using strictly my iPhone doesn’t teach me anything about our real camera.

But it’s on the list for a reason, so I’m determined to make it work.  I found a theme list, that is a list of 365 photo themes that I can try to capture over the year.  I think what got me frustrated the first time I tried was I was looking for some way to capture the whole day in a single photo… and some days I just don’t do much that’s photo worthy in my humble opinion.  Get up, shower, make breakfast, go to work, come home, make dinner, knit, blog, talk to The Boy, read, go to sleep.  Sorry, call me boring but that’s just life some days.

This is why I like the theme idea. It takes the pressure off capturing my whole day in one photo. But of course I need to put my own spin on it so this is my plan.

See the new tab – 365 photos.  I’ve listed the themes there, and I will hyperlink them as I cross them off to my weekly photo challenge update, which will happen on Mondays.  I’m not holding myself to those themes specifically and you might find that I add a new theme if one that is there really doesn’t capture the picture I’ve taken.  Some will be on my iPhone but I’m really going to try and take as many as possible with our Nikon. What’s more – I’m hoping this forces me to take the plunge and switch the camera off automatic – prepare for some terrible pictures.

I started January 1.  And if all goes well, by December 31, 2012 I should have a decent handle on how our camera works.  I’m going to try and get the Boy to participate too – I know he won’t take one everyday, but I’ll let you know which ones are his.  I’m totally fine with the 365 being a somewhat joint effort.

So without further adieu – here is week one

January 1 – Glass

January 2 – Determination

January 3 – Anticipation

January 4 – Kitchen – (or the day I wished we had a dishwasher!)

January 5 – Purge

January 6 – Heat

January 7 – Skating

January 8 – Jealous

A-Z of Long Weekend Whirlwind

The Boy and I went to my cousin’s wedding. I was thinking of how to sum up a whirlwind trip jam-packed with family fun… I’m going to attempt to do it alphabetically:

Aeroplan – How we were able to make the trip.  My parents seem to have accumulated excessive points so they generously donated some to our cause and we just paid the tax.  Sweet!

Banff – The Boy and I escaped the family clutches for a quick trip to Banff to meet BFF Kate and her new manfriend.  I wish we had mountains in Ontario… and Kates and manfriends too.

Calgary – where we were for most of the weekend. Duh.

Dancing – The Boy did dance with me, but only once he was good and ready. The parents danced up a storm.

Eleven – Number of kids under the age of 7 that were at my uncle’s house on Sunday – organized chaos!

Family – I’ve got a big one.

Grandchildren – We were able to take a picture with my Grandmother and all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren that were at the wedding… there were 14 grandchildren and one great-baby.  Does that seem like a lot? Did I mention that there were 16 grandchildren missing and 9 greats?  That’s 40 kids for those that have trouble with the math.

Holiday – Even though it was a quick trip, this time of year is a great time for a holiday… even if you go somewhere cold.

iPhone – All of my pictures were from my iPhone since Sista has my camera.  I’m impressed.

Jim – Father of the Bride and my Uncle who just got an iPhone.  Cousins be warned no one is safe…. Jim’s taking video and uploading to YouTube!

Kids – Being one of the older kids in the family here’s a question, when did all of these little ones become legally drinking big kids?  I know it’s not a huge age difference between some of us, but if I’ve changed your diaper you are forever age 6 in my head… seeing you otherwise disturbs me.

Love – Lots of love for the Bride and Groom – why else would we make the trek… especially in March!

Marriage – What we went to celebrate, and celebrate we did! I loved that their ceremony and reception was reflective of them, and the reception super fun.  From Buddha place-card holders, to named tables – simple and beautiful!

Neeel-Lawn – How the Westerner’s say Mom’s maiden name (their last name).  When the Justice of the Peace said my cousin’s name the Boy leaned over and said – “As if they said her name wrong!” I explained that’s how these Calgarians say it.  We talked about it the next day and cousin says she heard recently that they all say it weird.  News to her.

Over-yarned – I was worried about the dreaded under-yarn.  But instead I went to the other extreme.  Forgetting that I would be exhausted on the flight there, busy the entire 4 days, and only able to really knit on the way home  – I packed about 4 different projects and only worked on one. That said, I’d rather over-yarn than under-yarn any day.

Paul – The newest member of the family! Just when he was thinking he knew everyon ein the family – a whole new group came from Ontario… and that STILL wasn’t everyone.  Paul – every family is a little weird… there’s just A LOT more of us than in most.

Quartz – Rose quartz that is.  One of my fave parts of the ceremony.  All the guests were asked to hold a piece of rose quartz in their hand and put a wish or intention for the couple into the stone. They collected all of the stones and they will be kept in their home as a reminder of all the love on their wedding day!  Beautiful!

Readers – I found out where all those stats are coming from! Thanks family for reading my blog!

Stacey – The reason for the season.  This little lady was one beautiful bride!

The Boy – The family all gave me shit for not calling the Boy by name on my blog.  You can imagine what they had to say when I told them that’s his name on my phone too! They were happy to re-meet him and remind themselves of his for real name.

Uncles – My mom is the oldest of 10 kids.  5 girls and 5 boys.  4 of the boys are in Calgary and this weekend we got to see all the uncles.  Love them!

Venison – Didn’t get to eat any, but was reminded everyday where that delicious treat comes from…. a baby Bambi Head right above our bed. Single tear.

Weather – We saw it all. Sun, rain and a lot of SNOW.  W-day for Cousin was an absolute Blizzard.  30 cm/12 inches – ish.  The next day? Beautiful and melting.  That’s Calgary!

eXcited – Going to a wedding certainly got us excited for our own!

Yikes – What I said when I got to work this morning and opened 57 emails + the 20 I received today + our work website broke when I was away.  That’ll teach me for leaving for a few days!

Zzzzz – I had high hopes of going to the gym today and tricking the jet-lag into thinking it wasn’t going to get me and move on.  It didn’t work.  By 4:30 today I was exhausted.  My friend Milena told me today your soul takes 3 days to catch up to you when you travel… so by that theory my soul just figured out I was in Calgary… and I left again.

Sometimes a Girl’s got to Apologize

The Boy and I got new iPhones last week.  I’m truly in love. We’ve been having lots of fun texting each other on the couch, having Facetime conversations while sitting right beside each other, and setting special ring tones for each other. When the Boy texts me I’ve chosen Choo Choo – I was thinking of the cartoons when Pepe la Pew is in love with the cat and a whistle appears above his head… the Boy said “Oh like Steamwhistle” (his favourite beer).   To each their own I guess.

The Boy has never had a cell phone – he’s slightly addicted.  He loves the full keyboard so his texting skills have VASTLY improved.  And I loved that this weekend when he was away I was able to send him a simple goodnight message and I got an “I love you” in return.  Sweet.

And then there’s the funny conversations. Like on Monday when we discussed grocery shopping, and the Boy decided he didn’t want to come but did have some requests:

  • Pop
  • Chips
  • Popcorn
  • Vachon cakes
  • Anything else good
  • Hamburger buns
  • Bok Choy

My response – Hamburger buns?

His – Yes

Me – Why?

His – For Hamburgers

Me – You’re going to BBQ? (he hasn’t done so in months since it’s so cold… you can understand my confusion)

Him – no response.

I laughed to myself at the odd combination of garbage food, hamburger buns and bok choy, and went about my merry way. As I was scouring the aisles for everything we needed I got a series of late requests.  Veggie dip and sour cream. And we mutually decided on what to have for dinner. Fajitas!

Then I got home.  I sent him a message when I was close – “Nearly there – need help” and when I was in the driveway, “Finally home help please.” and I made the first trek upstairs to find him lying on the couch. Anger reared its head. I went back downstairs and got the rest, stomped upstairs and thanked him for all the great help.  (There may have been a hint of sarcasm).

When he asked what was wrong I said – “You can send me messages all night long when you’ve got requests but when I ask you to help me suddenly you’re not answering your phone?” His response “I’m sorry I fell asleep!”  BAH.

We argued a little more – I’ll spare the details, I got over it and we made dinner.  He sent me a text message appology.  I laughed to myself at his iPhone addiction.

But then all night long he bothered me.  We talked about a trip we’re planning, and money, and the wedding. And while he was annoying me, and that’s okay it happens, I was completely over-reacting.  So I gave myself a time out and went to bed to read at 9:15.  Unfortunately, I think this came across as me being even more bitchy and mad. And I was mad… but mostly with myself for being such a crazy person.

I finished my book last night One Day by David Nicholls and the ending without spoiling it is just heartbreaking.  It talks about how we can’t fathom the rest of our lives because they are made up of so many individual days.  We can’t live like we’re dying everyday – there’s far too much to do and if I was dying tomorrow I would not have spent an hour and a half in a grocery store today… but sometimes you’ve just got to do that stuff.  But it did make me think I can take the live like you’re dying concept about being my best self – especially with the most important people in my life.

So I’m apologizing to the Boy AGAIN for being such a crazy person.  I’m really sorry. You are awesome and deserve my best.  I can’t promise it won’t happen again – it probably will… maybe even tomorrow – but I’m going to try and take off my grumpy pants whenever I walk in the door. And if I’m tipping the scale toward crazy, feel free to send me for another time out.

Maybe we should work that into our vows somehow?

How do you know when you need to apologize?

YouTube Friday

In keeping with the rest of the week I thought I’d end off with a great Boy story for you, followed by a YouTube video that saved me at LEAST $100 I’m sure.

On Wednesday the Boy called me at work and asked if I would meet him at our local Starbucks to switch cars.  I agreed – no problem. He asked what my plans were for the evening since I would be on my own.  I said I was going to go see a guy about a phone… an iPhone that is!

With the Boy’s new job he needs a cell phone. The Boy has never had a cell phone.  But to accept supply teaching jobs he needs to be at the ready and at a phone – which means quit being stubborn and get with the 21st Century and get his very first cell phone.

The Boy asked why I was looking into phones now – he doesn’t need one for another 3 weeks! I said that my phone is crap. Not only is it crap but I pay $90 a month for it.  Can you believe that? So ridiculous! So I figured if the Boy needs a phone in 3 weeks and we can get a family plan for $100/month for BOTH of us – let’s just get on that as soon as possible.

He somewhat agreed and said I could “look into it.”  Meanwhile, we needed to meet at 4:30.

4:30 came.  I went to my car.  I turned the key and I heard clickclickclickclickclick and nothing.


My car won’t start. But since the lights worked I didn’t think it was the battery.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Boy had a cell phone so I could call him and let him know I was having car trouble?

No such luck.

So instead I used a human cell phone and sent my lovely friend from ahandmadestory over to our meeting place to send the Boy and his mechanical skills over to me.  Love that girl.  She graciously agreed.  Thanks again lady!

The Boy arrived and this is what happened:

Boy: What’s wrong?

Me: The car won’t start.  It just clicks, but the lights come on.

Boy: Keys?

I handed them over and the Boy tried his magic touch.  But no such luck.  Still only clicking. Boy popped the hood and tightened some things.

Boy: Try it again.


Me: Do you want to boost it? I have cables.

Boy: Nope. I think it’s the starter.  I’ve gotta go.  You need to take the bus. Okay? Gotta go. Bye!

And he left. He LEFT! Can you believe it?

Luckily my boss likes me and drove me home in the -20C weather.

Thursday the Boy calls me from work and says he asked the mechanic at work, he says to try and boost it. (Hmm… isn’t that what I said?)

I called Toyota.  Conveniently my work is a block away from the Toyota dealership.  Inconveniently that particular Toyota doesn’t have any kind of roadside help, and my car was too old for that to still be covered under warranty. Blast. They suggested trying to boost it.  If it worked, bring it right over.  If it didn’t I would need to call a tow-truck.

When Laura gave me her extra jumper cables the night before she said “I have an extra set, but I have no idea how to use them.  Try and find a man to help me is my strategy.”  Well, I called a man and he said “it’s broken and I’ve got to go.” I was done relying on men.

So I relied on YouTube! I taught myself. And because this is such an important skill, and because 3 men watched me do it myself with the assistance and moral support of two of my female coworkers – I’m passing it on!

This isn’t the one I found – but turns out YouTube is GREAT for this kind of thing.

The best part is at the end when your car starts (and mine did – turns out it was just the battery and not the starter) you can celebrate and yell


And you’ll be safer for it.

And after that… you can go and find yourself and your Boy iPhones! And stop paying so much for your cell phone bill. Hurray!

YouTube Fridays

Oh I think I just might be on the cutting edge this week.  Alright.  Not cutting edge. But aware of a new viral video within the first week I think that’s pretty good.  One more reason I love Steve Jobs and all things Apple.  Four more reasons I need an iPhone (if only one could be found in this country – ARGH)!

Happy Friday!

Hoes Sold Here

I feel like I’ve been dropping the ball in my blogging world so just wanted to let you know that I’m still here. There is good reason that I’ve been slightly MIA – but if I tell you I might spoil a surprise… so you’ll just have to wait.

The Boy and I had wedding number 1 this weekend, that’s 1 of 3 in the next 3 weeks.  It was a lot of fun, and beautiful and deserves its own post so stay tuned.  Also BFF K8 was in town last week which also deserves its own post, sneak preview I want her to move back here NOW!

So what can I delight you with quickly on a Monday morning? My employer, Women’s Centre of York Region is still selling Hoedown tickets.  We’ve moved into full sales mode, and Magna has provided a large sign outside our office that says Hoedown tickets sold here, or at  I came to work this morning and someone had changed the sign to read “Hoes sold here”  I thought it was hilarious especially because they weren’t complete jerks and left the extra letters on the ground so we can fix it.  Others at the ol’ feminist non-profit… not so much.

Wish I had my camera on me this morning, (one more reason I need an iPhone I guess). C’mon Women’s Centre of York Region – Hoes Sold Here.  That’s funny.   

Happy Monday!

Don’t judge me Rogers

So my sister calls me yesterday to let me know her cell phone completely died on her.  She was forced to buy an iPhone.  She talked to Bell, Telus and then back to Rogers.  If you’re in Canada and you are thinking about an iPhone, I’ll save you some research – they’re all the same.  All three of them will charge you the same amount.  All the contracts are the same.

My sister and I used to live together and so we are a family according to Rogers.  We are on a family contract – locked in together.  Forever.  Or at least until October – or so we thought.  I’m still not quite sure what she was told about our family plan – but I do know that she got  a new phone last night, and my phone plan changed… apparently for the better – although we’ll see.  In the process of updating my phone plan my sister had to explain to Mr. Rogers that I don’t use my cell phone.  What a foreign concept this seemed to be – and for it I was judged. 

I use my cell phone as a cell phone.  It is for people to reach me when I am not at home.  Or for me to use when I am driving and end up dead in a ditch.  Or for me to use when the Boy and I travel to London where we live as nomads, visiting around to different friends’ houses – call my cell phone and you can find us.  A year ago I was using my cell phone as my long distance plan.   I had Rogers my5 and I registered 5 people including my friend that lives in Edmonton and the Boy who was living in London.  With my5 I could talk to them all I wanted for free.  And since I talked to the Boy nightly – it was worth the money.

Now I live with the Boy, and I have a land line, with a long-distance plan included.  So I cancelled the my5 and started using my cell phone sparingly. Rogers apparently does not understand this concept.  So when my sister and Mr. Rogers were trying to set up “extras” for me – they had a hard time.  “Maybe we could give her free unlimited texting?  Oh.  Wait.  She only sent 5 text messages last month.  She probably doesn’t need that.” Hmm… tricky. “Maybe we could give her free early calling.  Oh. Wait.  She really doesn’t use this phone – it doesn’t seem to matter what time it is.” Hmm… they landed on giving me my5 again.  “Maybe she can find 5 people to call regularly.”  Since I’m pretty sure it’s Local my5 – and Newmarket is long distance to the rest of civilization – I think this is unlikely.

So here’s the predicament.  I have a cell phone.  I have a plan.  I pay the bill.  I don’t use the phone.  But I won’t give it up.  What if I am dead in a ditch? Someone should know.  What if I’m going to be late (a frequent occurence)? Someone should know.  What if the Boy wants me to pick something up on the way home? I should know – (even though he refuses to get a cell phone and when I use this as a reason why he should have a cell phone – he doesn’t see it as necessary).  What if we want to order sushi for take out on our way home from the golf course? I should be able to do that.

Rogers has locked me into the convenience of a cell phone – it feels necessary that I have one, even if I don’t use it.  Very sneaky.

As per yesterday’s post – I would like an iPhone.  But I really don’t need an iPhone.  As much as Steve Jobs and the late Ted Rogers want me to have one… so far – I really don’t need an iPhone.  Where things get complicated – if I had an iPhone I think I would use the features of an iPhone… but now that I don’t have an iPhone – I don’t need an iPhone.  Seems complicated but it’s really just like in the days before I had a cell phone – I didn’t need a cell phone, so I didn’t have a cell phone.  I eventually needed a cell phone – because I was living alone, and then without a landline, so I got a cell phone.  Now I don’t need a cell phone – but I can’t get rid of my cell phone.

So here I sit.  Waiting for the weekend to start.  A weekend we’re going to London – so I’ll definitely use my cell phone… and when I do I’ll probably be thinking – “I really do need an iPhone.”

Happy weekend.

This is why we need a puppy… and an iPhone

"Is that a light on that camera?"

The Boy and I were at our weekly trip to my parents on Sunday for laundry, dinner and to plant our roof-top garden.  It was a beautiful day – 31C and nothing but sun.

As we were planting away, Denver was very keen on helping.  That was until the light had changed in the backyard and he could start his daily exercise… chasing the light’s reflection off the back door across the yard.  My dad opens and closes the door slowly and Denver chases the reflection as it travels back and forth, forth and back across the backyard.  Have I mentioned how smart he is?  We’re never really sure who has more fun at this game  – the dog, or the dad.

One of these days he might just catch it

I know what you’re thinking – “Aww, what a cute puppy thing to do… they’re so funny when they’re young and they chase things.”  Denver is 9.  That is 63 in dog years.  He is no longer a puppy.  He will not grow out of this.

12 inches of dog… 9 inches of tongue… where does he store it?

They played this game for about 10-15 minutes in the 30+ weather.  Denver then gave us a new image to relate to dog tired.  “What’s that in his mouth” you ask?  It’s his tongue.  I’ve never seen it that big before.

You would think he’d go straight for the water dish… or just pass out in the shade.  Neither.  He sat and waited for the light to come back.

That is until my Dad started to fill the water dish.  This is his second favourite outdoor activity.  He likes to bite the water.  What can I say?  He has aggression issues.

First he starts by digging in the water

Now if we had a puppy we could be entertained by such antics on a daily instead of weekly basis. And if I had an iPhone – you would be able to fully appreciate the hilarity of this animal.  I’d post it on YouTube, it would be showcased on Ellen, fame would follow shortly.  Alas, these still shots will have to do, although they hard;y do him justice.  If the hose is higher he’ll jump up and bite at it.

Then he gets his face right in there to bite the water.

He better get this out of his system now… no backyard in the new house!