A Video For BFF Kristyn

BFF Kristyn and I have been yogi-ing it up for 6 weeks. I don’t know about her but I’m starting to see a difference – I can upward dog now!

But one thing neither of us can get the hang of is Chaturanga.  I’ll admit it.  I belly flop.

So last night after a TRES HOT hot yoga flow I came home and I turned to Google. Yes, I know that watching a video is not going to give me the arm and core strength I need – but to be honest I feel better now knowing what I’m aiming for in the modified pose.

How many weeks do you think we need to put in before we can do this?

Week 12? 13 maybe? Totally realistic goal!



Here comes – me!

I mentioned there was a lot of sitting around and waiting.  Well, that’s true. But when it started it was on like Donkey Kong.

Here were my last 10 thoughts as a single girl:

  1. It is really hot in this car.
  2. My stomach hurts.
  3. I hope I don’t throw up.
  4. I wonder if the Boy is okay.
  5. This dress doesn’t fit.
  6. Hey look there’s Sista – I’m so glad she’s here.
  7. Where did my mom go?
  8. What are we WAITING for!
  9. I thought we were late.
  10. I hope I don’t trip.

Okay, so some of those might not be my last 10 thoughts, but I did feel rushed rushed rushed and then stopped.  Turns out the waiting was for my mom and possibly Kristyn who both needed one last bathroom break – but at the time I was thinking WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!!!!!  But mostly, I was super excited to see the Boy.

And the Boy? What was he up to at this time? Well, talking to his boys, and likely making fun of me for being late as always.

Things I wished we had done in those last moments?  Maybe a picture of the girls – although I think our photographer was getting set up in the church, which was better in the end.  Mostly I wished I had gone to the bathroom and looked at myself, asked someone to fix my dress and maybe breathed a little more.

But then the music started and none of it mattered.

More later today to make up for lost time – by the end of the day, we’ll have said “I do.”

Things I missed – and Revisting 101 in 1001

I was thinking about 2011 for a few minutes the other day and checked in with my 101 in 1001 list (probably because of this post from Fumbling Toward Normalcy).  And realized that I was missing some things on my 101 list that I have indeed done, but not checked off and decided I needed to change some things on my list.

I know. Editing a 101 list is not in the rules of the game. But to that I have 4 arguments:

  1. It was my first 101 list and I can see the error in my amateur list making ways
  2. I’m not changing that many things
  3. Rules are made to be broken
  4. It’s my list and you’re not the boss of me.

Some of the things I have been doing in an ongoing way but because they are SO ongoing for the whole list – they’re no longer really a goal, and I’m missing the satisfaction of crossing things off the list. I like lists. But I like them purely for the ability to cross things off.

So I’m updating, and generally making my list a little more SMART – focusing on the Specific, Measurable and Timely portions. I’m just over halfway as far as the 1001 goes, but it’s really not specific enough.  I plead newbie, and rather than wait a year + to make a better list, I’m making it better starting now.

New recipes – this one was just silly of me, 1 new recipe a month? I use new recipes all the time! So I’m taking out the time frame of 1/month and upping the quota – 50 new recipes by the end of my list. That’s about 3/month which is totally doable, but I think basing the goal on a number instead of regularity I’ll get the best of both worlds and feel more accomplished.  Aside from the goal on the list I’m thinking posting about one of these recipes each month would be a good addition.

Purge – My brother packed up his house in December and moved and it made me come home and look at all the stuff in our apartment that we don’t use and what I would not want to pack when the time comes.  Also the Boy made a comment the other day about the number of cookbooks I have and I thought “You’re right.” I don’t use all of these… let’s get rid of some.  So I’m making it my goal to ruthlessly purge each room in our apartment.

Dates and phone calls with BFFs Kate and Kristyn.  To be honest, I think the 101 list helped with this initially it made me more aware of how long it has been since I spoke to or met up with each of these lovelies, but now I’m just better at it and don’t check it off a list every time I do it.  This is why I do not like these items any more and am replacing them with Be a Good Friend to Kate and Be a Good Friend to Kristyn goals.  That means, increasing my random acts of kindness not to random people (although that would probably be a good idea too) but to the people that are important to me. I haven’t quite decided what this means for each of them… but I think it’s going to be good.

Dates and phone calls with my Sista – again… I don’t need a list to talk to my Sista and calling her each week – she is crazy busy during the week and often exhausted by the time she gets home.  Sometimes, when you call the Sista and she’s just tired – she’s not so much with the talkative.  So I’m exing this one and adding a Be a Good Friend cluase, AND Plan a Sista date, we are both pretty indecisive but when we get together we have so much fun.  With boys and husbands I just want to make sure we still spend some time together.  So I’m putting it on the list.

Blog 3 times a week – so I’ve obviously fallen off the wagon with this bad boy. But I don’t like that because I’ve fallen off track I lose out completely on ever checking it off.  So I’m updating to reach 500 blog posts.

Tomorrow – an full update.  (I wrote the whole thing but OH MAN it’s too long!)

What do you think? Is this totally cheating?


Hurry Up and Wait

We left off with hair complete and heading back to the hotel, with a quick detour to pick up lunch for the girls and the boys from Edward Street Bistro. It was delish – or so I was told… though I tried, food was not my friend on w-morning/afternoon.

Once we all rendezvoused back at the hotel it was time to get this party started.

We put on my wedding mix, Sista hit up the local Starbucks seeking out a Chai Tea IV drip, and then we sat around and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

As beautiful Anita took each and every lovely lady, including both moms and the Nanny and turned us from naturally beautiful to simply stunning.

But beautifying 8 women makes for a slow morning for those not in the chair.  I didn’t really think about this part in the planning process.  I was ready to go – let’s GO GO GO! My stomach is in knots let’s just get this party started!  But no.  We had to wait. And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

So, what did we do?  Well, we talked babies with BFF Kristyn.  BFF Kate’s man-friend ran some errands for us.  I checked in with some family members arriving from out-of-town.  Kristyn and I did some yoga breathing.  Sista wrote her speech.  Erin had a beer.

And I told each girl at some point that I loved them and thanked them for being there.  And that they looked beautiful.  All true.

I checked in with the Boy and tried to calm his nerves by reminding him that I would be at the front of the church too and he wasn’t alone in his nervous stomach.  I also told him to drink some water and eat something (words I should have listened to myself). I sent messages to the Boy’s boys since I didn’t actually print off the schedules and jobs I typed out for them – yes I really did that.  I put one in charge of making sure he ate something and another in charge of keeping him calm and hydrated.  (I had tried to put another in charge of making sure he didn’t drink too much the night before… it didn’t work but he did make it to the church on time and was long past feeling hung over and that’s all I ask really).

So what would I suggest for the morning/hours before the big moment?

Get an order down for photos. We went with the “whoever sits in the chair next gets their makeup done next” method.  What we should have done?  Made a logical order and stuck to it. Specifically I probably should have been done earlier and Sista probably should have been done earlier.  Our lovely photographer had to hurry up and wait a bit himself, which I felt bad about – if I was ready to go a bit earlier all of those bridal photos might not have felt so rushed.

In the end we all got to the church on time and we all looked stunning.  Win/win!

*I know I missed last week – so next week 2 posts! Both with LOTS of pictures!!! You’re welcome.

All photos are the wonderful work of West Photo – enjoy, but don’t take what’s not yours.

The Night Before – For the Bride

Like I said, the day before was nutso. Not only was I spotted like a celebrity, but I ran around like a fool.

I found the picture - look how tired I look!

I dropped bags at the hotel, had a manicure, set up the entire venue décor (okay, that really wasn’t that bad – flowers were all delivered Saturday and it’s not like we were setting tables), and cleaned the apartment (I really was wishing I didn’t have to add that to the list, but the boys were getting ready there – which meant pictures and friends of ours were crashing there instead of the hotel, it needed to be clean). By the time my mom called in a panic that there weren’t enough rooms at the hotel (there were it was just complicated because I booked them all under one credit card but they were being paid for with another) I was done.  DONE.

I settled myself into my room and started delegating. I sent family in from out of town to pick up my Grandmother, I asked BFF Kate to try and pick up chocolate for the day after party chocolate fountain. I laid in the lovely king size bed by myself and tried to close my eyes for a quick nap.

It didn’t happen.

Instead of sleeping the night away as I may have preferred I went out for dinner with some family that was in from out of town including this lovely lady, my Great Aunt Doreen.  I love her. She’s a redhead too and whenever I see her she says “Helloooo Red!”  Two of her daughters brought her from Detroit to be part of our day and I was so happy to have this dinner to actually spend a little time with them.

Also included in the pre-wedding festivities, Sista and all bridesmaids with the exception of BFF Kristyn who was very sad to miss it, but had a very legitimate reason for missing out. Mom, of course and Almost MIL, and Nanny.  We went to Aqua Grill in Aurora which as always was delicious but super busy, and the service was REALLY slow.  I think the problem was two fold: 1. they were trying to give us lots of time to chat and socialize and not make us feel rushed at all (normally appreciated) and 2. we were starving.  Once again eating was not really my priority that day and everyone was really hungry which meant that while they were being polite we were cursing their politeness.

Nonetheless it was delicious.  We chatted and had a really relaxing evening, and after returning to the hotel enjoyed a pre-wedding night cap.

I mentioned this before but my American out-of-towners are super-d-duper Catholic and LOVE LOVE LOVE Mother Mary.  So while everyone was enjoying a little Harvey’s Bristol Cream, and I was putting wedding dinner music on a USB stick and crossing other rediculous things off my list, one of my mom’s cousins took her drink downstairs poured a little bit on the ground and said a Hail Mary.  This was all to ensure not that we would have a blessed life (that apparently is a given) but that I would enjoy sunny skies and good hair on my wedding day.

I’m not quite sure where that is written in the Bible but it totally worked so whatever!

I headed back to my hotel room settled in and wrote my last blog post as a single girl.

1 more sleep!