30 While I’m 30 – or 31

First things first – I didn’t finish my list.  Is anyone surprised really?  I doubt it.

I did okay. Probably better than I thought I would truth be told.

  1. Take Gordon for 30 walks – little Gordon and I didn’t make it to 30.  We both blame Mother Nature.  Snow in late April?! Come on! What we did do is get back to a daily walk schedule.  Puppy is happy and so am I.
  2. 1 week moratorium on Starbucks I made it more than 1 week, 10 days in fact… but then I had training.  And turning 1 week into 3 all went to hell.
  3. 2 week moratorium on Starbucks – HA! The Boy and I agreed that this really isn’t the worst vice.  I had one yesterday for my free birthday drink… it wasn’t very good.  Whenever that happens I think I should just cut it out for good… but then the 2 o’clock sleepies kick in and I’m screwed.  Meh.
  4. Finish the ottoman
  5. Make a jewelry solution – I have the solution AND I have actually purchased part of the materials…  I still have not made it.
  6. Unpack my backpack (the last “real” box from our move) – the backpack is full of jewelry… see #5.
  7. Organize purses/purge for easier rotation
  8. Build a desk – HA! It might be changing to build a sewing table… we’ll see!
  9. Clean/organize office – Everyone needs a disaster room right?
  10. Take wedding dress to be cleaned
  11. Update resume – there are some jobs that have been posted, so this actually is going to happen this weekend.
  12. Take a long walk on the Tom Taylor Trail with my camera – Didn’t take the camera but we did go on a birthday walk.  It’s a lovely trail and we’ll definitely be back.
  13. Organize photos on new computer
  14. Frame canvases from Sista I’m picking them up from the framer today – I’ll post a picture when we hang them this weekend. They definitely deserve their own post.
  15. Decorate bathroom
  16. Go to a spin class – still thinking about it.
  17. Set up a regular RRSP contribution plan – I’m pretty sure this makes me an adult.
  18. Have Kristyn, John and Logan for dinner – or bring dinner to them – We split dinner and had it at Kristyn and John’s so that little Logan could go to bed.  Turns out he’s not interested in missing the party no matter where he is – so everyone had a great night! :)
  19. Organize knitting patterns
  20. Finish Tanis sweater
  21. Finish cowl
  22. Finish baby girl sweater
  23. Stencil bedroom
  24. Clean hall closet
  25. Surprise The Boy with a present
  26. Clean and shelf paper linen closet
  27. Vacuum and clean both cars – What is it that they say about good intentions?
  28. Plan a front garden
  29. Get kitchen table and chairs
  30. Make cupcakes – just because.

13/30… that’s not great but not bad.  I’m thinking about the year ahead and contemplating another list.  I like lists.  They ground me.  I never get through them, mostly because I move on to a new list before the first one is done.  Alas earwax.

As for the knitting on the list – I haven’t finished what I wanted to… because in my head those things are done so I have moved on to other things (are you seeing the theme).  But I did finish a pair of converse boots for a baby shower I went to recently.  They might have been shown up by a GORGEOUS stuffed hand knit elephant that was opened shortly afterward – but I still think they’re cute.

If you’re a knitter and looking for an easy baby gift I highly recommend them.  If you’re not a knitter you should either become one or befriend one and sweet talk them into making them for you.  I suggest flowers or chocolate…. or yarn, yarn would definitely work.

Yes I did take this picture while wrapping the gift in the car 2 minutes before going into the party.  What's your point

And finally, the Boy restrained himself from eating 1/4 of an ice cream cake that was left over in one sitting and instead had a normal size piece on Monday night and saved a piece for each of us for my birthday.  He gave it to me and said “This is better than any birthday gift I could ever give you.  I saved you some cake. That’s love because it was REALLY hard not to eat it.” So thanks buddy.  You’re right… that is true love.

30 While I’m 30

My 101 in 1001 list deadline is nearly here and I can safely say – I’m not going to make it.


I saw this image on Pinterest the other day,  I liked it so much I sent it to the Boy because it reminded me of us and how we’ll often reflect back and think – WOW – look how different everything is now.

That is funny

And I think it applies to the 1001 part of the list.  Sure some of those things I really wanted to do, and some of them were silly nothing things – is my life really any different because I haven’t completed a colouring book?  And of course there are other things on that list that I knew I wouldn’t get to – learning French, learning French enough to actually converse in it. 

But there’s another aspect to it that I didn’t really consider when I set out on my list – my priorities are completely different.  I don’t want to spend my time learning French right now.  It’s not that I don’t have time, or couldn’t do it.  I can – I just don’t want to.  I’d rather cuddle with my puppy or knit.  When my 1001 days are up, and I look back to 1001 days ago, everything will have changed and I’ll have done LOTS of things that I never even thought of putting on a list.  I got married, I bought a house, I got a new job, I increased my income, I joined a gym and actually stuck with it, I learned all kinds of new things, I maintained friendships and created new ones. Yes, some of those things were on my list – but I generally didn’t do them because they were on my list.  I did them because I wanted to, or because the timing was right.

And I’m okay with that.

So what I took from the 101 in 1001 challenge is this – A. it’s really hard.  B. the long timeline is helpful in some ways but in others it doesn’t keep your list top-of-mind or particularly relevant. C. Items on the list really should be measurable and one-offs are best.

I’m still going to see what I can check off in the next few weeks, but I’ve also moved on to a list that I think will work better for me.

30 While I’m 30.

Thirty things that are on my weekly to-do list that generally get pushed to next week, but are actually things I want to do, and are things that I can do.

I’ll be 31 in 2 months – and 30 has generally been pretty kick ass. I thought I would use my birthday as a tangible and realistic deadline to cross a few things off the list.  Nothing major.  No grand ridiculous plans, just a nice succinct list of things that I want to do/finish.

Here we go:
  1. Take Gordon for 30 walks
  2. 1 week moratorium on Starbucks
  3. 2 week moratorium on Starbucks
  4. Finish the ottoman
  5. Make a jewelry solution
  6. Unpack my backpack (the last “real” box from our move)
  7. Organize purses/purge for easier rotation
  8. Build a desk
  9. Clean/organize office
  10. Take wedding dress to be cleaned
  11. Update resume
  12. Take a long walk on the Tom Taylor Trail with my camera
  13. Organize photos on new computer
  14. Frame canvases from Lisa
  15. Decorate bathroom
  16. Go to a spin class
  17. Set up a regular RRSP contribution plan
  18. Have Kristyn, John and Logan for dinner – or bring dinner to them
  19. Organize knitting patterns
  20. Finish Tanis sweater
  21. Finish cowl
  22. Finish baby girl sweater
  23. Stencil bedroom
  24. Clean hall closet
  25. Surprise Dan with a present
  26. Clean and shelf paper linen closet
  27. Vacuum and clean both cars
  28. Plan a front garden
  29. Get kitchen table and chairs
  30. Make cupcakes – just because.

Will I do another 101 in 1001? I don’t know – maybe.  I guess I’ll see how 30 While I’m 30 goes and decide from there.

Let me know – What’s on your endless “to do” list??


When the Cat’s Away

The Boy has been out-of-town most of the week, and of course that means I miss him blah blah blah, but it also means I’ve had a few nights to do all the things that I want to do without answering to anyone.  Just sayin’ it’s pretty fun (for the short-term only – obviously!)

So to get your weekend started a list of things the mouse has been up to while the Cat’s away:

  1. Catching up on my shows. Do you know how exciting it is not to share the remote? It’s awesome! Parenthood. Glee. How I Met Your Mother. Whitney.  All in a row. No sports. Beauty.
  2. Cleaning. When the cat’s away – the mouse cleans. Cluttered spots. Fridge. Freezer. Pantry. Clean. Clean. Clean. It’s not that I need the Boy to go away to clean the clutter it’s just that it’s way more fun to do other things when there’s someone to hang out with.  Leave me in our apartment for the week – and I apparently go crazy, cleaning crazy.
  3. Vegetarian. 1 full week of completely vegetarian living. Apparently all I needed to get that bad boy crossed off my 101 list is for the meat-etarian to check out for half the week.
  4. I’m on my own schedule. Eat when I’m hungry. Go out after work without checking in. Work at my own pace.  As I type this the kitchen is a disaster because I’m in the middle of cleaning the pantry.  This would drive the Boy CRAZY. I can hear him now, “Are you done in there OOOORRRR what???” I’ll get there, but I was bored with cleaning up so I took a break. And that’s okay, because I’m by myself.  This leads me to reason 5.
  5. Being messy. Things aren’t put away to OCD standards.  Some might call it rebellion.  The Boy might use the word disaster (he’s so dramatic). I call it refreshing. There’s a pile of clothes that need to go in a bag to Goodwill that have been sitting on my living room floor for 2 days. Just because they can.

Now just to be clear,  (and so the Boy doesn’t read this and think I’m celebrating his absence, or go into a state of depression because he thinks I don’t miss him) I do miss him. Here’s how I can tell:

  1. I sleep with a pillow perpendicular to the head of the bed – substitute Boy.
  2. I’ve texted him SUPER random questions and facts – just because.
  3. I am of course looking forward to him coming home.
  4. I’ve been cleaning and organizing with him in mind – things are being put in spots. I flip between, he’ll be so impressed and he’s not even going to notice because things are neat and in spots and he only tends to notice if things are NOT neat and out of their spots.
  5. All the cleaning is being done now so I can spend Sunday with the Boy!

Good Luck Durham College Volleyball boys – Enjoy your time with the Boy.

And Boy – Can’t wait for you to get home, Love you!

Hot Wheels and High Heels – 2.0


I held out as long as possible.  I didn’t want to do it.  But now that I have, I must admit… it’s awesome!

Any guesses? Anyone? Anyone?

A Car.  I’m driving a car to work.  We are now a two car household.  I was determined to hold out as long as possible – but the Boy’s car has been making some concerning noises lately, and Mom and Dad recently purchased a lovely 2010 GMC Terrain, (silver for those who wanted to know).  What’s even better? They gave us their 2003 Toyota Camry. Sweet!

My first thoughts were – we’ll of course get rid of the Boy’s car and stay a one car household.  But the Boy had other ideas.  He brought up the excellent point that he’s going to be out several nights a week this winter and perhaps I will not want to be stuck in the suburbs sans vehicle.  Good point.  He also suggested that since our goal is to put off a car payment as long as possible – what if in a couple of months we get new jobs and both have to commute further than around the corner.  Won’t it seem silly to have just gotten rid of a second free car?  I knew I kept him around for a reason – so logical.

So I’m driving now.  And I’m really surprised just how fast I’ve gotten used to it.  In honour of my new status and saying goodbye to York Region Transit.  I give you my Top 5 reasons why driving is way better than bussing:

  1. When it rains it pours – Mother Nature has been making sure I’m SUPER grateful for my new status.  It’s been pouring rain during my regularly scheduled walk times.
  2. Goodbye sensible footwear.  I no longer need to think about whether or not I can walk a mile in my shoes.  I can pick any pair and off I go.  Yesterday heels, today wedges.  Awesome!
  3. Leaving on my timeline.  Helpful in the morning – even more so at night.  I don’t need to dash out of work at exactly the right time to ensure I don’t miss my bus, leaving me to wait 45 minutes for the next one.
  4. 15 extra minutes in the morning = AWESOME.
  5. My 4.5 km commute now takes a reasonable 5-7 minutes instead of 25.  Sweet.

I’m sure I’ll feel bad eventually about the environmental dammage added by one more car on the road, but for right now my shoes are cute and I’m lovin’ every minute!

38 Years Deserves a Shout Out

Happy Anniversary to my WONDERFUL parents who have made 38 years of happy marriage look like a cake walk!

You guys have taught us valuable lessons as far as how to have a happy marriage.  So to celebrate your anniversary I would like to give my top 5 lessons about marriage you’ve given me over the years.

  1. Use your words – be polite and only use nice ones.
  2. Treat each other with respect – always
  3. Kiss hello and goodbye
  4. Say I love you – always
  5. Laugh at/with each other every day.

Thanks for being excellent role models and awesome parents!

Happy Anniversary!

Love you


PS. Ottawa was bumped until tomorrow – showing the parentals some love is higher priority!

101 in 1001

Here it is post 101.  I found this little cult group 101 in 1001 about a month ago.   It took me a LONG time to come up with 101 things… and by the time I did was close enough to my 100th post that I thought I’d be clever and save my start date until my 101st post.  Of course by that time I had already completed some of the time sensitive goals so I’ve had to change my list again… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

What is 101 in 1001? It’s 101 goals in 1001 days. For me, starting today, July 20 2010 and ending April 13 2013.  I’ve got approximately 2.75 years to complete all of the things on my list. Here’s how the website describes the project:
The Challenge:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple challenges such as New Year’s resolutions or a ‘Bucket List’. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips, study semesters, or outdoor activities.

The added bonus for bloggers – it keeps you blogging, and gives material to blog about!

Below is my list and above you’ll see I’ve got a new page, here’s where you can check in on my list and see how I’m doing.  I’ll post the evidence when I’ve completed something.  By telling all my loyal followers I’m going to accomplish all of these things the idea is that I feel accountable and actually follow through.

101 in 1001:

  1. 365 day photo challenge
  2. Complete a colouring book
  3. Say “Yes”
  4. Say “Yes” to the Dress
  5. Say “I do” to the Boy I love
  6. Blog at least three times a week
  7. Ride my bike to work everyday for 1 week
  8. Complete a 30 day challenge
  9. Get a better job
  10. Contribute to RRSPs
  11. Cook every recipe in a cookbook
  12. Try one new recipe per month
  13. Live allergen free for one month
  14. Live vegetarian for 1 week – twice
  15. Go on date night with the Boy twice per month
  16. Get a legitimate golf score for a full 18 holes
  17. Beat that score by 10 strokes
  18. Read at least 1 book per month
  19. Upgrade my camera
  20. Donate blood
  21. Take a camera course
  22. Learn Photoshop
  23. Learn the Adobe Suite
  24. Kayak in the Everglades
  25. Visit 3 cities I’ve never been before
  26. Visit New York, New York
  27. See one play a year (0/3)
  28. Go on a wine tasting
  29. Visit Calgary and Edmonton
  30. Complete a 100 push-up challenge
  31. Get to my ideal weight and stay there
  32. Buy a piece of art
  33. Change the picture frames to new pictures we’ve taken once per year. (0/3)
  34. Get a new bike
  35. Swim lengths
  36. Take a cooking class
  37. Put change in someone’s expired parking meter
  38. Get a puppy
  39. Dance in the living room
  40. Add a new veggie to the garden every year
  41. Make a meal entirely out of the garden
  42. Try snowboarding
  43. Go someplace warm in the winter
  44. Go camping
  45. Ski every winter
  46. Golf in a charity golf tournament every year (0/2)
  47. Set a budget and stick to it for at least 6 months
  48. Finish knitting the boy’s socks
  49. Sponsor a woman at Christmas at least once
  50. Keep all of my movie stubs in the 1001 days
  51. Clean out my closet twice each year and donate whatever I’m not wearing to charity
  52. Talk to BFF Kate once a month (0/33)
  53. Do a cleanse
  54. Eat Raw for 1 week
  55. Go on a date with my sister (0/10)
  56. Have my parents over for dinner (0/6)
  57. Have the boy’s parents over for dinner (0/6)
  58. Support a CSA farmer
  59. Finish rereading all Harry Potter books
  60. Get and watch all Harry Potter movies
  61. Make a month-long meal plan
  62. Make a long-term financial plan
  63. Have a pajama day
  64. Make a button for my blog
  65. Go to a concert
  66. Write a note and leave it in a book for a stranger to find
  67. Sign my house (Since I already did this before my official start date – I’m changing this to go on a date with Erin)
  68. Learn French
  69. Have a conversation in French
  70. Dry herbs each fall (0/2)
  71. Go on a girls weekend (0/3)
  72. Take dance lessons with the boy
  73. Watch the sunrise and sunset in Florida in the same day
  74. Knit 3 projects for other people (0/3)
  75. Go skating every winter
  76. Buy a new couch
  77. Bake a pie – just because
  78. Bake the boy cookies without him asking (0/6)
  79. Unpack the last box
  80. Put everything “in it’s spot” to the boy’s OCD standards for 1 week (0/3)
  81. Try 4 new foods at Indian and Thai restaurants
  82. Bake vegan cupcakes
  83. Have a picnic in a park
  84. Listen to an audio book
  85. Grow lettuce all year long
  86. Go to the drive-in
  87. See Kristyn at least once a month outside of book club
  88. Go to a ballet
  89. Drink 8 glasses of water per day for 1 month
  90. Switch over to my gmail account
  91. Go on a dressed up date with the boy (0/3)
  92. Figure out what specific additional education I need/want to pursue and register
  93. Create a personal website
  94. Read all of the Giller Prize winners
  95. Get up and start my day with the boy every day for 1 week
  96. Watch all of the movies we own
  97. Inspire someone else to write a 101 in 1001 list
  98. Put away $20 each time I complete something on the list
  99. Donate $5 for everything not completed
  100. Write a new 101 list when this one is completed
  101. Go above the minimum on at least 5 of the items.

There it is.  Some people like to separate the items into categories… I had a hard enough time coming up with 101 things let alone grouping them… but now that I think of it maybe I can – so check back for that update.

Day Zero is today – see you on April 13, 2013 to see how much I was able to do!

How am I going to survive the summer?

No Glee for months?  It’s not even over yet as I’ve started typing this and I’m already going through withdrawals.


Top 10 List of My favourite parts of the finale:

I couldn't get the album cover yet without doing it myself - and then I was too proud of my new print screen techniques on my Mac (Apple Key + Shift +3)

  1. Mash up of Bohemian Rhapsody with Labour – Awesome.
  2. When Puck called Beth by name
  3. Santana showing emotion
  4. Emma freaking out
  5. Finn loves Rachael
  6. “I hated everyone in this club”  “Me too”
  7. Emma’s Anthropologie wardrobe
  8. “It’s as barren as me in here Will”
  9. That To Sir With Love AND Somewhere Over the Rainbow made me tear up.
  10. Quinn can pop out a baby and be back at school singing seemingly the next day.
  11. That I couldn’t keep it to 10 things
  12. Journey tribute
  13. That ALL of the songs from the ENTIRE season of Glee are already on my iPod

    These are some mad Photoshop skills

  14. Sue voted for New Directions
  15. Rachael’s Mom is Beth’s Mom
  16. That Kurt’s Dad was in a Time Warner Cable commercial I saw during Glee
  17. Teachers have kids over to their homes and there was no law suit
  18. I have such a love-hate relationship with Jesse
  19. That I checked at 10:39 to see if it was already on Rogers on Demand so I could watch it again… or at least be content to know it was an option
  20. Kurt in a sailor suit
  21. And last but not least – New Directions has one more year!!!

10:41 it wasn’t so I’m now watching the second last episode – to be fair I missed the first 15 minutes of it.

I could go on but now I’m back to watching more Glee… I have keep my priorities.

Things I learned this weekend

Happy Monday everyone – stay tuned this week for pictures of my growing (and slightly drowning) rooftop garden.  The boy and I are going to be self-sustaining in no time! Lettuce for everyone!

For now, a few things I learned this weekend.

  1. Golfing with girls is so much more relaxing.  This is not to say that I don’t enjoy golfing with the Boy – I do, please see It’s All Hypothetical to find the many reasons why.  But golfing with girls is way less frustrating.  I felt like a much better golfer when I’d shoot a 7 an a par 4 and my sister would say “just give me 105.”   It’s not even that I was a better golfer than the either of the ladies – I shot the worst in fact.  But comparing my 117 to a 110 or a 113 feels much better than comparing it to the Boy’s 82!
  2. Soccer is crazy expensive and time-consuming.  I thought that soccer was the organized sport of choice for parents who didn’t want the time and financial committment of hockey.  Apparently no more.  The Boy and I decided – no organized sports… only reading for our 2025 children.
  3. 14 year-old boys stink.  This was wonderful news shared with me by my aunt.  She can’t figure out why, but apparently they do.  This led the Boy and I to revamp our decision of point #2 – our 2025 children must be girls… reading girls.
  4. If you’ve had a wound for almost 2 weeks and it’s still not looking terribly healed, and is still really sore… call the Doctor that gave you said wound.
  5. Dairy is the devil.  Had too much ice cream yesterday… woke up this morning with the same stomach ache I went to bed with and a splotchy splotchy face.  I curse you dairy for tasting so delicious.
  6. If you are preggo and coming up with a short list of baby names – you might want to Google that name.  Friends of ours did and quickly discovered that the first hit on their name of choice belongs to a stripper.  They wouldn’t tell us what it is but I can only assume it’s Ialeen Sugar Maple.
  7. No matter what you’re intentions were – you will never get done everything you wanted to on the weekend.

Happy Monday!

Tips for Cyclists

As I’ve mentioned I now live in Northern Ontario.  The Boy disputes this – he went to renew his license the other day and he tells me that we unequivocally do NOT live in Northern Ontario – he checked the map.  Anyway, part of the decision to move to suburbia is I’m currently working in Newmarket and I am determined to put off buying a car for as long as possible.  So I’m part of the rare group of people who take the bus in York Region.

When we first moved to our apartment I was thrilled with its proximity to my work.  I could (in theory) walk to work… that is if I wanted to leave for work about an hour before I need to get there, but I could do it.  What was more likely is biking to work.  I have been talking about it pretty much since we moved.  In the fall I hadn’t moved my bike yet, and then this spring it went from rainy and cold to HOT so day after day I’d make excuses and say I’ll do it tomorrow.

Now it’s hot.  And yesterday my sister suggested we go to the beach this weekend.  Okay, pressure’s on.  I get it.  I have to start moving my butt. The Boy and I were going for walks in the evening, but since he works outside walking all day in the heat – he’s less and less interested in physical activity by the time he gets home.  Somehow I don’t think this is going to be the summer I learn to play tennis.  Nope, I’m going to have to do something on my own.

Then it happened – the final straw.  I work with women that have a lot of barriers… all kinds of very legitimate reasons why no one could blame them if they spent the day in bed refusing to get up and doing anything in the morning.  Yesterday morning I met with a group of ladies and it came out through our session that they had each overcome some obstacle to get there.  Whether it was unsupportive family, sick kids, another appointment, depression the list of barriers goes on and on.  But they all made it.  Every morning I wake up when the Boy leaves the house at 5:40 and think – I should get up now, think of how productive I could be.  I could bike to work.  Or walk.  Or go for a long walk, shower and then take the bus to work.  But the pillow calls and the numbers on the clock scream at me, “Are you crazy?! It’s still in the FIVES!!”  So I go back to sleep.  But this morning I thought, “If these women can do it with everything they face… I can get up a little earlier (not at 5:40 though) and bike to work.” 

So I did.

Here is what I learned this morning – tips for cyclists:

1. When you go outside and feel a little cool in your lulu capris and tank top – don’t be deceived it is still really hot out – you should not go in and change into a t-shirt.

2. Wick away clothes were made for a reason – it is advised that you wear them especially when you have them sitting in your closet.  Cotton is not your friend.

3. Check your tires – especially when your bike has been sitting outside for about 3 weeks and hasn’t been pumped up since then.  Even if they feel okay – they’re probably not, fill them up before heading out.

4. When you’ve started biking and realize that your tires are in fact quite flat – don’t keep biking, find the CLOSEST gas station and fill them up… do not wait until you are almost at work to stop there.  Go DIRECTLY to the gas station – it’s worth the detour.

5. Probably a good idea to not make your first bike ride of the year/of about 3 years one to work.  The phrase “it’s just like riding a bike” might be true – but it does take a little getting used to… especially given the flat tires… and when your entire bike to work is pretty much uphill.

6. Bring water.  The radio may have told you it was only 18C outside – but that temperature is quickly rising and it’s probably hotter than they’re letting on.

7. If you haven’t been on your bike for about 2-3 years – it’s probably a good idea to take it in for a tune up before you get started… you probably need new tires altogether.  Despite popular belief, these things don’t actually last forever… and if you’ve had said bike for at least 10 years – those tires have probably served their time, and deserve their retirement.

8. Don’t give up.  Despite reasons 1-7 that might want to make you call the Boy and tell him to pick you up from work, because this whole biking to work plan was clearly a disaster – don’t do it.  You got to work – you can get home. 

So I’m biking home tonight.  I’ll pack my bike in the car and take it for a little tune up, or at least get new tires.  It’s a good thing to do even if I was hot and sweaty by the time I got to work.  And now that I’ve done it once it will hopefully be less of a chore and more of a treat… well maybe treat isn’t the right word…

Love songs for lovers

My friend over at ahandmadestory is just days away from her wedding.  Today I went into her office and found her with her head on her desk… meltdown.  Turns out she’s planned and planned and planned – but is feeling like she hasn’t left herself enough time to do everything.  So she’s made a to-do list that is currently 50 items long.  Needless to say she’s feeling a little overwhelmed.

Luckily she knows me and as she regularly informs me, I am a “fixer” so I tried to figure out what we could get done in a limited amount of time.  It needed to be something that she could make quick decisions about if only someone would give her some options.  So I returned to my office grabbed my iPod and started coming up with options – Item #47, choosing music for intros, cake cutting and last song. 

Her advice to me – write down your songs now, make the decisions you can make before you are planning anything as soon as possible.  I think this is mostly her “I’m getting married in 11 days” panic.

Nonetheless, here is my top 10 love songs to be used at any point on any day, but I think would be particularly nice at a wedding.  In no particular order… (Tip – Readers like lists)

  1. Dave Matthews Band – Steady as we go
  2. Blue Rodeo – Lost Together
  3. U2 – Sometimes you can’t make it (on your own)
  4. The Beatles – In My Life
  5. The Beatles – All You Need is Love
  6. Kris Allen or Garth Brooks – To Make You Feel my Love
  7. Reba McEntire and Justin Timberlake – The Only Promise that Remains
  8. The Pretenders – I’ll Stand By You
  9. Ben Folds – The Luckiest
  10. Michael Buble – Everything

As I’m typing this I’ve found it very difficult to keep it just to ten… I guess that’s why I have a Love playlist. 

(Tip – Engage your readers) Let me know what your favourites are.  Sister I know I’ve forgotten some of yours so comment away.

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