Bell Let’s Talk – A Recap

Tuesday was Bell Let’s Talk Day. It was by all accounts very successful. Bell committed to donating 5 cents for every long distance call and text message sent with your Bell phone.  For those who don’t use Bell as their phone carrier – participation was still possible through Facebook shares and on Twitter using #BellLetsTalk.  The results are in, over 96M messages, calls, shares and tweets were made.  That translates to a commitment from Bell of $4.86M in donations to mental health programs in Canada. 

It gets better. That’s in addition to the $50M over 5 years that Bell originally committed to.  All this together means their new grand total is $62M in financial commitment.  That’s a huge number.

But the best part? 96M messages, calls, shares and tweets can go a long way to end stigma of mental health. But it doesn’t happen in a day and it’s important to keep talking, sharing, tweeting and messaging… and blogging – which is why I waited to Friday to talk about it again.

Now of course there is criticism.  Legitimate critique that Bell has struck gold with a brilliant marketing plan – the hashtag wasn’t just #letstalk, it was #bellletstalk.  As far as branding and brand recognition – Bell had a very successful day of marketing and nothing more.  But you know what – I don’t care.  $62M is a lot of money and can make significant difference.  And 96M messages particularly the Facebook shares and Tweets about mental health help.  They help fight stigma and they help those who are struggling realize they are not alone.  If all of those messages encouraged 1 person to reach out and get help – then go ahead and relish in your brand recognition Bell – you’ve earned it.

As for the documentary I wrote about earlier this week – well, now that I’ve seen it I can attest to its impact and the value of the message. I knew it would be great (it was), and I knew I would cry through the entire thing (I did), but I could only hope that it would impact people that didn’t know James the same way.  I’ve got to believe that of the 12500+ people who have watched the film on YouTube in the last 48 hours – they have been impacted, and hopefully those that need it have found some help and comfort in the message of hope.

So for the cableless or those that don’t get TSN or CTV here it is – Talk to Me: The Story of James Patrick Peek.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to Let’s Talk Day – and please continue to spread a message of hope for those affected by mental illness.

We’re not alone

Canada AM

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That’s what I learned on Canada AM yesterday.  Emerging adults (ie. 20-somethings) are stressed, and apparently we have good reason to be.

Let’s stats it up shall we?

  • One-third of us move once a year – check
  • 40% move back home with dear ol’ mom and dad at least once – check
  • Average of 7 jobs in the decade – 6 for real, but technically 7 (and I still have 2 more years)… so CHECK!
  • Two-thirds live with a romantic partner without being married – Check and CHECK!

This category of Emerging Adult is a pretty new phenomenon.  We’re the first group to really emerge in this transition to adulthood stage.  50 years ago we went from adolescence to married with babies and no room in between.  With more choices in education and career for women comes more stress for everyone. What’s more, since we’re one of the first groups, our parents have no idea what’s taking us so long – or at least they can’t assure us that “they were the same when they were our age” – quite frankly they weren’t.

The lovely psychology professor on Canada AM said the greatest help for the 20-somethings… knowing that they’re not alone in their stress.  Knowing that even though it may seem like some of their peers have it together – they likely don’t.  We’re all in it together.

Truth be told, I do find that comforting.  That’s one of the reasons I blog after all!

The other thing that helps?  Vacation.  A vacation into retirement is, I can only assume, even better! So that’s just what I’m going to do.

I’m off for a little vaycay with the Boy and my parents in Del Boca Vista. Don’t worry though my pets I’m leaving you in good hands!

Last year I thought I would blog my adventures each day… it didn’t work.  So this year, as I’m more established in the blog world (read: I read a lot more blogs… not I have a lot of traffic) I’ve arranged for some great guest posts while I’m away. If I have time – or something really worth mentioning (like the Boy tries to kill me again, by throwing me off another Seadoo) I’ll check in.  But otherwise – I’m on vacation, and I’m comforted to know that I’ve left you in good hands.

See you when I get back – tanned burned and relaxed.

‘Till then, try not to stress out 20-somethings… we’re all in this together!

Let me know… what stresses you out?