Closing Time – You can’t stay here

Today’s the day!!! It’s Closing Day! Hurrah!!!!!!
It’s a little bittersweet – just a little.  As I’m looking around our first home there are things I’ll miss and things I won’t.  In honour of our first home 5 fast things I won’t miss and 5 fast things I will.

  1. Not controlling the heat. Our apartment is in a century home that has been split into 4 apartments.  It’s water radiators are efficient – when they’re on. The heat is controlled by the apartment downstairs.  The first winter we were here the people in that apartment didn’t know they controlled it for the whole house and turned the heat off whenever they weren’t home – we froze for a good couple of weeks before we found them.
  2. Not controlling the temperature of my shower. Similarly to heat, in an old house we all have the same hot water tank. If you’re showering and someone else decides to do laundry – you better be quick or get out of the way!
  3. Speaking of laundry – The Boy and I are thrilled to not have to cart our laundry all over Ontario.  Spilled something on yourself? Now we can wash it right away!!
  4. Nosey neighbours. Okay, so they’re not that bad, but we do live across the street from our landlords and while they are lovely people, it’s just a bit…. close.
  5. The draft.  We love the old character of our house, but an old comes with old windows and in the winter – those windows are really crappy.  Our apartment is super cute but in the winter – it’s small and it’s cold.


But there are things we’ll miss too:

  1. The character.  We really love the large window frames, 9 inch base boards and old wood floors.  Our new house is new – and that’s going to be great too, but we really loved that we lived in an old house with lots of history.
  2. The neighbourhood.  Even though we’re only moving about 1 km away, we’re in a new neighbourhood.  Sure that means we’ll find new houses to lust after, but we really like looking at the all the other old houses in our current area.
  3. The “lake”.  Part of the neighbourhood is a really nice central park, with a big “lake” (not a lake at all, it’s a pond but they call it a lake – I don’t know why).  We walk around this “lake” every night and look for the beaver, check in on the ducks. Again, our new house will come with a new walk route but until we find it we’ll miss our old one.
  4. Muscle Beach.  Our square-footage basically doubled in the summer with Muscle Beach – our rooftop patio and container garden.  Our new house will get a new deck next summer – it’s already on the Boy’s to-do list. But there’s something about a roof top that’s just so much cooler. Maybe it’s the lack of railings that made it feel more badass. HA!
  5. The neighbours. Our family friends, and priest live one street over. We’ll miss running into them on our daily walks and it’s been nice to have someone we know living so close.  It gives our neighbourhood a small town feel when you run into people on the street, or have someone throw rocks or an apple core at your window to get your attention.

Good-bye little apartment.  We’ve loved you while we were here – but it’s time to go.

Muscle Beach 2012

We call our rooftop patio Muscle Beach.  At some point during our first summer here, our neighbour was throwing a bench press.  The Boy decided it was just what our patio needed. Other than that first night, it has never been used. But it adds character I suppose, and a name for the patio.  Muscle Beach. I told the Boy that we could part ways with it when we move from here.  The Boy says we’ll see.  We’ll see indeed.
Anyway, last weekend we opened up the beach and this was our conversation:
Boy – “Can you keep a journal of what we plant and when we planted, and update it every year?”
Me – “Yes”
10 minutes later
Boy – “Do you have a book to write down what we planted and track how well it does?”
Me – “No”
Boy – “How are you going to keep track?”
Me – “I write a blog, maybe you’ve heard of it?  That’s kind of what it’s for – keeping a history of things.
Boy – “Haha, oh yeah!”
So as per the Boy’s request – this is the 2012 Muscle Beach Round Up,
This year we got our crap together early and we planted on May 12. (The Boy wants to keep track of the date we plant.  I think it’s an OCD thing)
We’ve still got a couple of plants that need to go in, but so far we’ve got:
  • Golden Peppers
  • Purple Peppers
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Carrots
  • Chives
  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Mint
Potatoes are new for us, and so are Purple and Golden peppers (which means I can cross another one off my 101 in 1001 list). We did red peppers last year, and had sad little plants that each produced a single pepper.  The Boy went out to “harvest” and the squirrels/raccoons had beat us to it – they were all half eaten.
This year we’re trying to not crowd our containers.  While one tiny little plant looks pretty silly in a giant pot off the start, I’m hoping if we give them more room to grow, we’ll have more luck.
We’re picking up more pots this weekend, so I’d still like to add kale, and green onions.  The Boy wants to try broccoli but I think we’re too late. We try lettuce pretty unsuccessfully each year as well – but I’m thinking maybe this year will be the year.
This is our new Blue Jay friend – the Boy is very excited about his presence and made me take about 50 pictures. 
I’m cool with him as long as he stays out of my plants!