Fast Five for Friday

Hurray for Friday! So I had this thought a while ago, five fast things I love on Friday. Five things on a theme.  And as I said – I wrote this a long time ago, but didn’t post it (don’t ask me why – there’s no picture I was waiting for)

So here we go.  Five things I’m liking about my new (5 months is still new right?) job. Some context? I’ve been at my new job for three weeks five months, and my assessment so far is… I like it…. but it’s really different from everything else I’ve done.  Ever. (This is still my assessment five months later – with the addition of, it’s got potential for growth).

But there are things I like – so here’s five.

  1. Let’s be honest – it’s the pay. While some of what I’m finding harder to get used to is the bureaucracy and formality, (this is still true at 5 months) they’re paying me for it – so it’s fine.
  2. One hour lunch.  Until I’ve completed my probation period, (1 more month to go) I have an hour lunch.  I have so much time to catch up on blogs, run errands, leisurely eat – whatever! Mostly though, I just come home and read some blogs and watch Income Property and Property Brothers and dream of having my own little shit-hole house that I can gut and beautify. After my probabtion period I have the option to compress my work week, get a half hour lunch or work a half hour extra on either side of my day and presto – 1 day off every 3 weeks.  Sweet.
  3. The people. I’m in a branch of about 50, but my unit is only 4.  And I like ’em.  That’s always nice.
  4. The problems.  I’ve got some messes to clean up – and I like that.
  5. It might be only BFF Kristyn that gets this last love – but I had to include it just for her (I found out the other day The Boy loves this too – I knew we were meant to be).  Papermate Medium and Fine Blue pens. I came in my first day to find one of each in my desk.  Brilliant.  It’s the little things.

And that’s just it.  It’s the little things. That’s why I wanted to start this Fast Five Friday segment.  Feel free to play along with each week’s theme and leave me a comment with the five (or as many as you can think of) things you love about that week’s theme.

It’s easy to list the reasons you hate your job, but c’mon people – let’s focus on the positive. Give me at least 1 thing you like about your job, it could be as simple as the pens.

Happy weekend!

A Warm Welcome

I know.  Today is supposed to be Wedding Wednesday.  But alas I promised my family I would show them the welcome I received on my first day of my new job.  That, and given the holiday on Monday I’m all thrown off.

It really pretty’s up the ol’ cubicle.

Day 1 report: A lot of reading… dry dry reading.  But it seems there is a giant mess for me to help fix.

I like messes.

Happy Wednesday!

The Day Before The Day Before

It’s Wedding Wednesday, and I’m going to cheat just a little bit because we get our proofs back tonight and I’m so excited about adding beautiful photos to Wedding Wednesdays that I’d hate to post something today and have the perfect picture to go along with it tomorrow.

So instead, I’ll tell you a little story about the day before the day before.  There aren’t any pictures to accompany it – though I should have taken a self-portrait because my outfit was rockin’ it!

I’ve been at the same job for about 2.5 years and a few times this year I found myself pulling out my hair and thinking “If only I wasn’t planning a wedding I could be spending time job searching – but alas earwax that will just have to be put off until after W-day.”  A couple of months ago my wonderful brother found himself unemployed and spending his days searching websites for possible opportunities and he came across one that he forwarded to me.  It closed July 25.  I think he sent it to  me around July 20.

To be completely honest… I debated.  I thought –  “The timing isn’t great because if they interview right away, then I’m interviewing, hopefully getting it, quitting, starting a new job and oh yeah – getting married all in the same month and I just might lose my mind.” Nevertheless I told The Boy about it.  His response? “If you don’t apply to this job we’re not getting married.” 

He’s so dramatic.

So, I applied and then I waited. And the more I waited the more I wanted it.  The more I wanted it the more I visualized myself there. And let’s be honest the hypothetical math (*that’s the math you do with the salary range when you really have no idea how much tax etc will be taken off) was pretty awesome.

I couldn’t take it anymore.  In mid-August I called and asked if they had timelines or if they had already called successful candidates and I was not one of them.

They called back and told me, due to summer vacation schedules they were moving a bit slowly – but I was going to be asked for an interview.  (Yeah!)

“Would September 8th work for you?”


September 8th, was the day before the day before and the last thing I thought I would like to be doing that day is interviewing for a new job. But given The Boy’s threat to call the whole thing off – I agreed.

So I spent the day before the day before in a beautiful purple skirt, polka dot top, blue blazer and heels interviewing for a new job.

Have you heard about wedding-brain?  Well it’s not a myth and try to get through an interview with wedding-brain which is basically a brain that has turned to mush due to too many lists…. it’s not great. 

I don’t recommend it.

My report post-interview was mediocre.  I never think they go particularly well but this one was really formal and extremely difficult to read how well I had done.  Plus, you never know who else they’re interviewing so how am I supposed to know how it went?! Bah!

Turns out – it went pretty well. I am now wrapping up my last two weeks at my current job and I start my new one exactly 1 month after being married.

The benefit of having an interview the day before the day before (if there is one) is once it was over – it was over. I moved on to the 30 lists running through my brain.

And I spent the next two days being completely present, loving The Boy and his orange tie.

How did you spend the day before the day before?

You’re quirky… I like that

That’s what I was told yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited.  I did some work at work yesterday (novel concept, I know) on Logic Models and Theory of Change models.  Oh man, call me dorky – but I loved it.

So what did I do? I seized the opportunity and spoke to the facilitator.  Turns out it was worth it because she could see that I was enjoying the work, and that I “got” it.  We talked for a few minutes about opportunities to work for her – lo and behold there may be something there.  Not full-time.  But something.  I’ll take it.

Her review of my abilities (we’ve spent three days together now) I’m a critical thinker, like multiple projects, love learning, and “you’re quirky, I like that.”  Apparently I remind her of herself, and as she is nearing retirement – she’s looking for help and not able to do absolutely everything herself.

Me thinks this could be a wonderful opportunity and with me working full-time plus some, and the Boy working full-time plus some will make for a busy household.  But a busy house is a happy house – so I’ll take that too!

Fingers crossed!

How have you tapped into your networks?

Some days…

Some days you wake up and wish you could just stay in your pajamas under the covers all day.

Some days you go to work and feel done with the whole show.  You feel like you need a change of scenery and are a little mad at yourself for not meeting a goal you’ve set for yourself to find a new job.

Some days you find yourself comparing your stage in life to others… and you have a moment of feeling like your life is a bit behind the 8-ball. You’re not even sure the job you want let alone where to find it!

Some days you just feel like going home, feeling sad, having a little cry and maybe some comfort food.

And then some days you get a haircut and you love your stylist because he makes you feel like a rock star!


And then some days you come home, have grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner and you feel better.

But some days you watch Glee and it tricks you, because it’s a sad one and despite feeling a little better – you have a little cry anyway.

And you still feel better.  Because in a weird way this particular episode of Glee puts things in perspective. You’re okay.  And your life is good.  You’re healthy, you have a family who loves you, and you’re really happy with your life and your boy (even if he comes home and doesn’t comment on your cute new haircut).

Some days, you’re happy with every decision you’ve made to bring you to this stage in your life.

What do you do when you have a sad day?