She’s back! Did you miss me?

1000 apologies for my unannounced absence last week.  Paralysis is the only way I can explain it.  I’m still fighting it – but I’m fighting it harder this week by actually doing something about it.  Small steps.  Back to blogging.

Part of it is stress. Part of it is crazy busyness.  Part of it was the long weekend and not really getting into the full swing last week.  Part of it was crap days at work.

I’m hoping this week is going to be better.  There is nothing really to indicate that the week is going to be any better.  If anything it will probably be worse since on the work front I’ll be dealing with the fall out of last week and on the home front the Boy and I are counting down the sleeps to our marriage preparation course via the Catholic Church. No matter how you slice it that’s not really a recipe for super fun times.

I’m working late tonight, and my original plan was to go in at my normal time and work a 12 hour day, until the Boy said it out loud this morning… “You’re going to work a 12 hour day?”

No.  No I’m not.

I’ve resolved to have a better week and that means don’t burn myself out on the first day.

Here’s to a better week – tomorrow we’ve got flowers.