Quick Before I forget – Fast Five Friday

Last night I marched myself down to Henry’s and took D90 101 through their School of Imaging.

Without the cryptic Canadian code – I took a camera class.

It was good.  I feel like I learned A LOT – but what I will retain? Time will tell. To help with that retaining piece here’s five fast things I learned in my camera class – warning I knew nothing, so this is pretty basic.

  1. Shutter speed stops action (yours and your subjects movement) – higher shutter speed, clearer capture of movement.
  2. Shutter speed brings in light. On a bright day with lots of sun, think red head – get out of the sun quick! Quick shutter speed = fast! Dim day, low light – think Olive complexion, they can handle staying out in the sun for longer. Long shutter speed = slow!
  3. If you’re at a party use the “Close Up” Scene selector – it will focus on one subject but will lack depth, blurring out the drunkards to the sides and focusing on the one drunkard you’re interested in.
  4. Shooting a hockey game? High ISO, and maybe think about shooting it on a 3D auto focus – it will follow a colour and blur everything else – so if Timmy is wearing red and skates behind the goal – it will keep the red in focus and blur out what’s in front.
  5. AF-S – Single Slow Static moment. – Aim Lock Move Shoot. Want to take a picture of the dog? Aim the focus on her eyes, then move the camera to set up your shot, then shoot your picture.  Magic.

And now you know as much as I do.  Something tells me I’m going to be referencing this post the most of anyone!

Do you think this qualifes me for a fancy camera bag/purse? As in an Epiphanie?

Catching up part 2 – 365 Photos

As promised we’re getting caught up with the photo challenge!

January 26 – Cheeks

January 27 – Preparation

January 28 – Tradition

January 29 – Terror

January 30 – Memory (okay you got me this one was taken on the 28th)

January 31 – Temptation

February 1 – Shiny

February 2 – Old Fashioned

February 3 – Rough

February 4 – Sport

365 Photo Challenge

So this was on my 101 in 1001 list.  And I tried it when we got engaged – I thought, I’ll have so many things to take pictures of this will be so easy. Lies.  Not easy.  Not easy at all.

Here is why this photo challenge is just that – challenging.

1. Some days I don’t do anything.
2. I don’t always remember to bust out my camera
3. iPhone photos while pretty good are not always all that great – especially daily.
4. Using strictly my iPhone doesn’t teach me anything about our real camera.

But it’s on the list for a reason, so I’m determined to make it work.  I found a theme list, that is a list of 365 photo themes that I can try to capture over the year.  I think what got me frustrated the first time I tried was I was looking for some way to capture the whole day in a single photo… and some days I just don’t do much that’s photo worthy in my humble opinion.  Get up, shower, make breakfast, go to work, come home, make dinner, knit, blog, talk to The Boy, read, go to sleep.  Sorry, call me boring but that’s just life some days.

This is why I like the theme idea. It takes the pressure off capturing my whole day in one photo. But of course I need to put my own spin on it so this is my plan.

See the new tab – 365 photos.  I’ve listed the themes there, and I will hyperlink them as I cross them off to my weekly photo challenge update, which will happen on Mondays.  I’m not holding myself to those themes specifically and you might find that I add a new theme if one that is there really doesn’t capture the picture I’ve taken.  Some will be on my iPhone but I’m really going to try and take as many as possible with our Nikon. What’s more – I’m hoping this forces me to take the plunge and switch the camera off automatic – prepare for some terrible pictures.

I started January 1.  And if all goes well, by December 31, 2012 I should have a decent handle on how our camera works.  I’m going to try and get the Boy to participate too – I know he won’t take one everyday, but I’ll let you know which ones are his.  I’m totally fine with the 365 being a somewhat joint effort.

So without further adieu – here is week one

January 1 – Glass

January 2 – Determination

January 3 – Anticipation

January 4 – Kitchen – (or the day I wished we had a dishwasher!)

January 5 – Purge

January 6 – Heat

January 7 – Skating

January 8 – Jealous

More than a Piece of Paper

I’m Back!

I’m married!

I’m officially Mrs. Boy.

I’m different.

You may recall from my post from the night before that I was feeling a little unsure about what would be different once The Boy and I said “All the days of my life.”  I decided we would officially become the F word.  A family.  To be honest I wasn’t exactly sure of the words as I was typing them. I mean, he’s been my family for a long time. Would I really feel any different?

I’m here to tell you friends the answer for me, and for The Boy is an emphatic, absolute,  no doubt about it, bolded, underlined and italic YES!

It took only a few hours I think, adrenaline is a crazy thing and despite a distinct lack of sleep all week, terrible pillows at the hotel, and a really just a series of naps the night before I must say I rocked it all day.  The nervous stomach subsided as soon as that ring was on my finger.  My first words beyond “Thank you” to the 140 people congratulating us outside the church were to my beautiful Sista, “I’m starving! Can someone get me something to eat?!”  Pictures, dinner, dancing, smiling, a small toe cramp situation, more dancing, clean up, a bus ride back to the hotel and finally a moment alone with my new husband. (hehe)

We were lying on the bed in the hotel, after exchanging our gifts and he asked, “Do you feel different?” I said, “Yes. I do. Do you?” He answered, “Yes.  This feels different. I feel different.” and “I’ve never been so happy.”

We agreed, it’s more than a piece of paper. It’s definitely something worth celebrating.  I’m someone’s wife.  The Boy, he is my husband.  The past few days we keep saying it to each other as if trying it on for size.

“Hello husband!”

“How was your day, my wife?”

Our day was perfect. Honestly, aside from a toe cramp on my end and a green finger on The Boy’s end (we’re visiting our jeweler on Sunday!) absolutely everything went off without an issue.  Our venue was beautiful, our venders were awesome, our w-party was everything we needed them to be.  We danced all night long, it really was a perfect day and a perfect wedding.

All of the work, and 10 months of planning, the stress the week or two before, all of it – totally worth it.

I am someone’s wife.  The Boy, he is my husband. It feels different.  It’s a feeling in my heart and in my gut. It matters. The piece of paper matters. It’s different. I’m different. We’re different.

It’s more than a piece of paper.

Housekeeping notes:

This is one of two sneak peek pictures I have from our second photographer, Brian Van der Pryt, if you have photography needs in the Windsor area – let me know I’ll hook you up!  I’m so excited to see them all I can hardly stand it!

A full recap to come, but I think so as not to overwhelm I’ll stick with my plan and tell our story through Wedding Wednesdays.  That should at least give me a few weeks to get more pictures from people!

Photography 3.0

We have a photographer for W-day.

We also have a family friend that does wedding photography in Windsor.  He’ll be at the wedding and let us know that he would love to take pictures for us.  When we spoke with David of West Photo we talked about how long we would need him to be there.  Did we want him for the WHOLE night? Or just for the wedding and photos afterward?

I let David know that we had a friend with some mad camera skills, and that I had thought of asking him to be in charge of all candid shots and the reception.   Would that work.

One more reason why we loved David – he was totally fine with that.  Thought it was a great idea actually.  He even went one further to say that if there were pictures that our friend took that we wanted included in the album he was putting together for us we could give him the files and he would include them.  No problem.


Well that’s just the best of both worlds.  David told us that when he stays at weddings for the full night, those are usually the pictures that get cut out of the album first – people use one or two, but generally the “wedding story” is told through the more formal pictures, and the pictures of the ceremony.  So if we had a friend that could take awesome reception photos – great, work it out with him.

I emailed Brian (you can find his work on Facebook at Cross Hatched Productions, and if you’re in the Windsor area call him NOW) I gave him my plan and he was all over it.  We seem to have found ourselves the best of both worlds.  David likes to do the more formal pictures, and Brian loves the candids! Perfect.

Brian is giving us a DVD of all of the images so we can print our merry hearts out.  David is including proofs but we can get the images on file if we want them.

I’m still undecided, but I think I’m leaning toward not getting the images in digital files from David and instead putting together a separate album of Brian’s shots.  I can’t give too much away, but I’ve always liked scrapbooks in theory, but never had the patience for it in practice.  I think I’ve come up with a way to get the best of both worlds and our complete wedding story in a book that will actually be interesting to look through.

But that’s another post for another day… like 8 months from now.

Anyway, photography – CHECK!

Couldn’t be happier with all of our decisions.  David is going to take the getting ready pictures, the ceremony, pictures afterward of us and our wedding party and our families.  Brian will swoop in at the reception and take pictures of people arriving, our dances, speeches, and the kick ASS party!  It really means so much to us that we get to feature the talents of our friend.

Thanks again Brian XOXO

Photography 2.0

You’ll recall that yesterday we had 2 photographers that we were considering.  Gemini Photography and West Photo.

We left West Photo.  We talked about what David was offering, his style, and of course the price.  But mostly we talked about his personality, and the Boy’s comfort level.  You see when it comes to photography we have a small problem.  Actually we have a rather tall problem.

The Boy.

The Boy hates having his picture taken.  He is also a giant and we want to make sure that our photographer is able to make the Boy feel and look comfortable – not like a picture hating awkward giant.  While I was confident in Gemini Photography’s ability to take beautiful photos, when it came right down to it – the Boy was going to be more comfortable with David.  He’s worked with him before.  In his words “I feel as comfortable as I’m ever going to with him.”

Decision made.

Let’s face it loyal readers, when it comes to W-Day I’m making a lot of the decisions. The Boy is patiently by my side at most appointments, but as his Grooms Survival Guide told him – he’s a “secondary stakeholder.”

I cancelled my appointment with Lauren – the Boy wasn’t going to be able to make it anyway, and I didn’t want to interrupt her Saturday when I knew how unlikely it was that we would go with her. I did some light research just to make sure that I was getting a competitive price (I most definitely was), emailed David and we’re good to go.

I met with David again to sign our contract (I left the Boy at home and put him in charge of dinner).  We met for about an hour, and spoke briefly about timelines and style again.  We also made some awesome plans for an engagement shoot. Without giving too much away the Boy and I will have a perfect representation of the two of us… country mouse and city mouse.

We really couldn’t be happier with the decision.

Our wedding will be photographed by David West of West Photo.  Mostly… more on that tomorrow.

Say Cheese

Have you noticed the trend yet? In an effort to keep you lovely readers interested, and to not be a crazy wedding-obsessed bride, I’ve been trying to only blog about wedding stuff every other week.  The small flaw with this plan is by the time the next W-week comes – there is SO much to talk about.  That, and I have noticed that my life is slowly being taken over by all things wedding.  So last week, I only had knitting to talk about – because that’s what I do now.  Plan and Knit. Plan and Knit.

But I digress, to kick off this week’s Wedding Week – Photography! We actually booked our photographer last Wedding Week – but it was on Wednesday, I already had DIY Yarn Balls to talk about and then it was YouTube Friday – so it had to wait.

Here’s how we made the decision:

The to do lists on the wedding websites were stressing me out.  Still are actually.  They want me to have all of the pros booked and signed a month ago. So I was getting a little anxious about photography.  When we first got engaged I sent an email to a photographer that had taken family pictures for us a year ago, to check his availability.  He put some dates on hold for us, but then we looked at venues for 2 months so I didn’t talk to him again for a while.  We booked our venue and had Christmas and exhaled over the holidays – which means we put all of those lists and pros out of our heads.

But denial couldn’t last forever we needed to book a photographer. I hit the wedding shows.  I hit the blogs.  I started to get an idea of what I liked and what I  didn’t and then I went on referrals.

One of the referrals we had was a the daughter-in-law of a friend of my parents.  Lauren of Gemini Photography does about 6 weddings a year, but she aims for a candid comfortable style.  She does the shots you need of posing nicely with Grandma, but she keeps things light and fun.  If you’re getting married in the Toronto area take a look – I really liked the look of her photos.  She does lots of family photos and babies too.  Check her out!

So we had it down to two.  West Photo and Gemini Photography.  We met with David of West Photo.

My parents came with us and we talked about “the vision” and David informed the Boy that 100% of wedding pictures are of the bride. Anyone else that happens to be in the pictures are merely props.  We like David.  He’s easy going, he makes the Boy laugh (which is how he got the Boy’s picture the last time).  He takes AMAZING pictures. We weren’t sure that any of his packages were going to work for us – but he happily tweaked them to make them work.

David asked what style of pictures I liked, I told him I liked pictures to look candid, all the while understanding that the best “candid” photos are not generally truly candid.  I told him I love pictures in front of graffiti walls, in the subway, on streetcars.  If we were getting married in the city that’s where our photos would be.  But we’re not.  We’re getting married on a lovely farm – so our pictures will incorporate a beautiful old barn.

David found all of this very exciting and suggested that to get the best of both worlds (and since traveling to Toronto between wedding and reception was out of the question logistically) we’d do an engagement shoot in Toronto.  We could do some very cool things with the subway, and Rick Mercer does his rants in graffiti-ed alleys so maybe we could find where those are and shoot some pictures there.

I then told David the most important component of W-Day photography for me.  I said, “I like you David, but I do not want to say my vows to you.”

He burstated.

I explained that I really didn’t want to see him at all during the ceremony.  I want all of those close up teary-eyed shots of the Boy (haha) but I didn’t want to have him standing beside me.

He agreed – no problem. And also he might use that line in the future.  It was just the best way I could think to articulate what I wanted – or didn’t want in this case.

We nailed down what package we would go with if we went with him – but David encouraged us to look around.

I liked that.

This is getting too long – you’ll just have to wait for a decision tomorrow

Photo from here

Quick and Dirty Art

Oh Blog world.  How I love thee.  I’m spending the next couple of weeks creating a little blog community from the larger blog town I’m part of over at SITS.  If you’re a blogger and you haven’t checked out SITS what are you waiting for?  It’s an awesome community of women bloggers spreading the comment love to their fellow female bloggers.

Anyway one of my new friends Cailen posted this fun little activity yesterday and I thought what a perfect way to unwind after a 12 hour work day.

It didn’t take a lot of time (hence “Quick and Dirty”) and the result is beautiful art!

Here’s the deal:

{i} type your answer to each of the following prompts into flickr search.
{ii} using only the first page, pick an image that catches your eye.
{iii} copy and paste the image url into mosaic maker (change to 3 rows, 3 columns)
1. your middle name: Ialeen – I didn’t like the one option available with that search, so I cheated and used my last name, good thing there’s no right and wrong when it comes to art!
2. least favorite food: dill pickles
3. favorite gemstone: diamond. (hint hint)
4. dream car: mazda 3 (zoom zoom, and also I couldn’t really think of anything)
5. ideal job: writer (I know I was surprised too)
6. fave superhero: batman
7. favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
8. favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird
9. fave animal: puppy
Give it a try – it’s pretty fun!