Why you need a workout buddy

The other day I skipped the gym.  The dog had been up all night coughing, there was a brief near run-in with a fox in the backyard and when the alarm went off at 6am I was just not feeling it.  As a complete aside I decided later that I really should have just sucked it up and gone – how much more sleep did I get really? 15 minutes?! Big whoop.
Anyway, I sent my gym buddy a text message to say I wasn’t meeting her and I would see her at the office at 8.
I got to work and she was there ready to give me hell for not joining her. Turns out she wasn’t upset because I had given in to the sleepies and skipped out, but because being there alone had given other gym regulars the invitation to speak to her in the morning.
Gym Buddy – “Meaghan, you’re buddy Andrew says Hi”
Me – “Who is Andrew? The bald guy?” (He’s a regular that’s been saying good morning the last few weeks)
GB – “Yes, do you know what he said to me? ‘Where’s your daughter today?'”
I burst out laughing.  Good thing we’re there early – uprorious laughter is frowned upon in cubicle land.
GB – “I said to him, ‘My daughter? I am too young to have a 30 year old daughter!’  he answered, ‘SHE’S 30?!  I thought you would have been pretty young, but she does NOT look 30!!”
Me and everyone within earshot – More laughter.
Then my gym buddy gave me the sweetest complement “I didn’t kill him for two reasons 1. You do look so young. 2. You’re beautiful.  3. If I had a 30 year old, at least you’re one I would be proud of. He’s very lucky – don’t leave me there by myself again”
I have since been informed that someone recently asked my boss if her student would be hired once she finishes school – she’s been here a long time.  My boss couldn’t figure out who they were talking about since we don’t have a student right now.  They clarified “the redhead!”  She informed them that I have 2 degrees, and has been finished school for quite some time and was full-time permanent.
I have a theory.  It’s all in the cheeks.
Round Cheeks = Eternal Youth

The Buddy System

I joined a gym.  Again.

Here’s my challenge in general with exercise.  Laziness.

I know it’s necessary and I have aspirations of being a fit and truly healthy person, not just a healthy eater. This mindset has brought me to the gym in the past.  In theory it’s all one would need, a place to exercise, classes or machines, pair it with a financial commitment and anyone should be good to go, especially someone with aspirations of fit and healthy.

Of course it hasn’t worked in the past, of course it hasn’t since that’s how gyms make money!

An additional motivator, a few months ago I read a birth story over at Healthy Tipping Point. Caitlin wrote about how she didn’t know how she could have gotten through a natural birth without staying physically active throughout her pregnancy. Well, since that’s my goal (although not anytime soon) – I’m pretty sure becoming a physically active person in your first months of pregnancy is a. not ideal and b. not bloody likely.

I’ve also decided, I’m really at a now or never point.  If I don’t put a regular exercise routine into my life now – it’s not going to happen after life get’s busier. But it isn’t any of these rational reasons that are getting me to the gym this time. This membership has been successful for one reason and one reason only.

My buddy.

No. Not the Boy.

It’s my friend from work.  She’s a gym guru and knows what she’s doing, plus I sit right beside her, so if she doesn’t see me in the morning – you bet I’m going to hear about it when I get into work.

My Buddy told me the other day – “A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

I like it.

So I’ve been going at 6:40am for the last 2 weeks.

Here are the pros and cons.

Pro – I can feel myself getting stronger.

Con – I’m sore.

Pro – I have someone who knows what to do and is teaching me how to do things properly.

Con – It hurts me.

Pro – I’ve always thought that the best workout time for me would be first thing in the morning – but couldn’t really motivate myself to get my butt out of bed first thing in the morning – but when I know my buddy is waiting for me it’s no problem. So I’m actually going at my ideal time.

Con – my new wake up time is apparently 6:00am regardless of the day of the week.  This resulted in my getting up and staying up at 6:30 last Saturday morning. This makes me feel older than when I go to bed at 10pm… on a Friday.

What goals are you planning right now?

Do you need a buddy? Or is exercise your alone time?


It hurts so good?

A couple of weeks ago the Boy came with me to my Naturopath appointment.  It was his first time.  He didn’t come in, instead he played Angry Birds in the empty waiting room.  After a lovely conversation and check up I came out and proceeded to get loaded up with supplements (she’s preggo again and is trying to get me ship-shape before she ships out) and I got the bill.  I always cringe a little – there’s no getting around it, it’s expensive. But I’m making my health a priority, and the naturo is part of that.  She saves me from regular infections, off of antibiotics and I just all around feel better when I see her regularly.  I’ve committed to drinking the Kool-Aid. And I thought the Boy had as well.

You see, I told him when I started back with her a few months ago – “she’s expensive, but I’ve been sick way too much lately and I need to see her.”  He agreed.  He can’t really argue against it – he’s seen the results before.  She’s a miracle worker and I love her.  But apparently he didn’t really completely understand what I meant by expensive.

He may have freaked a little.  The Boy is a boy and doesn’t fully and completely get the Naturopath. He has not enjoyed the Kool-Aid.  He firmly believes that since I eat pretty well already if I only added more exercise/any exercise at all to my regimen I would be fine and wouldn’t need her at all.  I disagree.  Sort of.

I agree blah blah blah exercise is good for you.  Blah blah blah if I don’t get into a routine now I never will because soon enough there will be kids and then I won’t make the time to start.  Blah blah blah I’ll feel better.  But the problem has typically been finding something I like to do, at times that are convenient, and that doesn’t cost a fortune.  Hot yoga? Love it, but definitely not an affordable option.  I don’t play sports.  And while I kept asking the Boy to make me a routine I could do at home – our apartment is small and unless he was going to do this routine with me (which he refused) then I would feel horribly awkward while he watched me workout.  Not happening. Yes, increasing my physical activity would have positive effects.  No, it will not replace the Naturopath.

He on the other hand feels he’s in decent shape since he plays sports.  I disagree.  He was definitely busier than me this winter with coaching but coaching is not playing.  He only played volleyball once a week. Baseball and golf season are starting soon but there are lots of out of shape baseball players and golfers out there – have you seen John Daly?

Regardless, I agreed I would look into finding something I could do.

I found Function Studios in Newmarket.  I had looked at them last year but their membership fee had an additional fee if you wanted yoga. Boo. I learned this year that they’ve nixed that extra fee (hooray!) and that because my work is a member of our local Chamber of Commerce I could get the corporate rate of $35/month.

$35 gets me a full gym, lots of bikes, treadmills, ellipticals etc, spinning classes, yoga (both hot and regular) and unlimited access to about 75 classes each month.  Yowzer! That’s a lot of stuff.  Oh wait, and it’s women only.  That’s a pretty big part since it makes me feel way more comfortable.

I joined on Monday.

I forgot to bring a hair-tie so I did my first day on Tuesday.

On Tuesday I went on the treadmill for 20 minutes at a brisk walking pace.  Then I wandered around and did some arm stuff on the machines.  I quickly realized – I don’t actually know what to do at a gym. I watched the current class – Pump.  I thought I could do that.  It looks manageable.  I checked the schedule and went back on Wednesday for my first class.  Pump.

The Pump instructor wasn’t there for whatever reason so the girl filling in did Circuit Training instead.  I knew right from the start I was going to die.  I was right.

From burpees to push-ups, wall squats, sprints, lunging and 5 other workouts I pushed and pulled and carried my body through an hour of fantastic fitness fun. It’s now nearly 24 hours later and my legs still feel like jello.  Angry, angry jello.

The good news? I didn’t quit. I didn’t cry. And I didn’t pass out. I did ask the instructor what else she would recommend for a beginner since this nearly killed me – informing her this was literally day 2 of “let’s be more active,” she assured me that I did “REALLY REALLY well for Day 2″ to modify anything that I was doing and that actually Pump is a really good place to start.  I refrained from screaming “That’s what I was TRYING TO DO!!” Argh.   She also recommended beginner spin classes, which scare me, but I’m trying to be open everything for now.

Even though it’s only Day 2.  And even though every muscle in my body is SCREAMING at me today, I think I might have found something that I can commit to.

New goal? To be able to go to Circuit Training on purpose – and die only a little instead of a whole lot.  The Boy says it should take about 2 months.

I’m fine with giving myself 163 days (I trust I’ll still need a week to recover) – and I need to be ready for dancing on day 170!