I’m hungry

I need help.  Food on the go. Must be: Healthy.  Filling.  The Boy must like it.  It could be heated up before he leaves, but it has to be quick and hot food is generally a little slower.  If it could be consumed in the car while driving (I know not safe – but necessary) all the better.  He doesn’t like sandwiches unless they are gourmet (ie. have lots of stuff in them) and have been made just before consumption.

The Boy is a travelling mad man these days.  He’s working his regular 7-3:30 and then he ships himself off an hour east to Oshawa and assistant coaches a college men’s volleyball team.  He’s tired.  He’s hungry.  And I’d prefer that he not eat McDonalds three times a week, because it’s gross and expensive.

I need help.  I need something or somethings that can either feed him for a week, or be frozen in smaller portions to be taken out as needed with some variety.

Your mission – tell me, what should I feed the boy?