Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Did you notice that the wedding posts (and all posts for that matter) fell off the planet? Yeah, me too.  What can I say… the summer’s been a little nutso.

But today’s the day. One year later. First anniversary.

“They” say the first year is the hardest. If that’s the case I can happily report the Boy and I are in for years of smooth sailing. I read a post the other day from Fumbling Towards Normalcy about fairy tales and happily ever after. It made me laugh. Shana always makes me laugh. But she opened this post reflecting on a friend’s status on her anniversary and I really couldn’t agree more.

For richer and poorer – check – (got a new job; bought a house)

In sickness and in health – check (only the odd man cold; for the most part we’re pretty healthy)

For better for worse – check and check.

Sure we’ve had an argument or too, but we also had a lot of fun. It feels different than when we were engaged or dating. And still any time the Boy refers to me as his wife it feels a little strange but it also makes me feel really loved.

But as I remember what we promised each other last year, it makes me remember how lucky we are. Lucky to have found each other. Lucky to have had such a perfect wedding day. Lucky to be supported and loved by so many people. Lucky to have such a happy life together.

Happy Anniversary Buddy. 1 year down, lifetime to go. 🙂


Rustic and Romantic County Wedding

The Boy and I spent the weekend in Prince Edward County a couple of weeks ago , and while it was a great way to spend some time together we never would have discovered this new little wine county were it not for our lovely friends Andrew and Charlsie. The Boy played volleyball in university with Andrew and thankfully Andrew brought Charlsie into our lives!

Their wedding was held at a big red barn near Bloomfield Ontario and just like this beautiful couple – it was a stunner! The Boy and I discussedon the day and since I think one of my favorite parts about a wedding is how each couple is able to create a day that is perfect and reflective of them. The Boy and I wanted a great party with all the people we loved in one room. A Catholic wedding was important to me and by default important to him. We wanted to make sure that everyone had a great time and knew how much we loved and appreciated that they were there. So that’s what we kept in mind all the way throughout the planning process. It was perfect for us.

Andrew and Charlsie’s wedding was equally as perfect for them. They wanted to keep it small and simple. They are environmentally conscious people, both country kids, love their families, their friends and each other. All of it was reflected in their day. And it was perfect for them.

Highlights for The Boy and I:

1. We took a minute to give each other a knowing smile while this beautiful couple said their vows – a welcome opportunity to renew our own vows in our heads.

2. We also loved the opportunity to catch up with some great friends – something you don’t really have the opportunity to do at your own wedding.

3. We brought the camera and while we both took about a million photos I edited it down to a few of our favorites.

Finally, a wedding tip. Keep track of the couple – or if you are the couple assign someone to keep track of you. Remembering back on our own wedding day, The Boy and I danced together a few times first, half a dance in the middle and our last dance. We were both trying to talk to as many people as possible (my policy was if you want to talk to me come and dance) and between the two of us we covered pretty much everyone. By the end of the night when we got back to our hotel room we turned to each other and said “so how was your day?!” It was fine, but I noticed that Andrew and Charlsie hadn’t so much as checked in with each other since their first dance. So I arranged for a check in for them.

It was appreciated by the couple and I think one of my favorite pictures we took.

Congratulations to a truly beautiful couple, we were so happy to be part of your day and look forward to many more celebrations together!

PS Charls, I know you’re a little sad about moving a little further west – but we’re thrilled! Hoping we can see much more of you guys this winter! XOXO

Wedding Wednesday – Crap.

So you may have noticed Wedding Wednesday has once again taken a bit of a hiatus.  I assure you I have the next 5 weeks written.  Alas, I had to take the photos off my computer in order to create enough space for a software update. Which has delayed the post finishing process. Last night I sat down to put the pictures into the posts… I can’t find the CDs with the picture files. Crap.

I’m sure they’re somewhere. The Boy probably knows where they are.  Or they’re in somewhere perfectly logical like the bottom of a box in the sun room.  I just need to take my mind on a little adventure since they weren’t in the perfectly logical place I thought they were… my knitting bag.

This is SUPER frustrating on three levels.

1. When I sit down to finish off my posts I expect things to go smoothly.

2. I have a wedding wall planned in my head and a general update of all of our pictures in our house planned and the CDs are an integral part of that.

And perhaps most important,

3. The most common argument between the Boy and I is that he is O.C.D. anal about where things go and I am not. I insist that just because I don’t have a “spot” for everything doesn’t mean I lose things. I in fact very rarely lose things. I do, occasionally misplace things or forget things – but I think this just gives my brain the opportunity for a work out. And all is well, no harm done. The Boy will not see it this way and I will need to spend hours and hours rehashing why I don’t have spots for everything. Exhausting.

ANYWAY, if everyone could (as my Nanny would recommend) say a little prayer to St. Anthony – they’ll surely turn up.

Fingers crossed 😐


A-Z of Long Weekend Whirlwind

The Boy and I went to my cousin’s wedding. I was thinking of how to sum up a whirlwind trip jam-packed with family fun… I’m going to attempt to do it alphabetically:

Aeroplan – How we were able to make the trip.  My parents seem to have accumulated excessive points so they generously donated some to our cause and we just paid the tax.  Sweet!

Banff – The Boy and I escaped the family clutches for a quick trip to Banff to meet BFF Kate and her new manfriend.  I wish we had mountains in Ontario… and Kates and manfriends too.

Calgary – where we were for most of the weekend. Duh.

Dancing – The Boy did dance with me, but only once he was good and ready. The parents danced up a storm.

Eleven – Number of kids under the age of 7 that were at my uncle’s house on Sunday – organized chaos!

Family – I’ve got a big one.

Grandchildren – We were able to take a picture with my Grandmother and all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren that were at the wedding… there were 14 grandchildren and one great-baby.  Does that seem like a lot? Did I mention that there were 16 grandchildren missing and 9 greats?  That’s 40 kids for those that have trouble with the math.

Holiday – Even though it was a quick trip, this time of year is a great time for a holiday… even if you go somewhere cold.

iPhone – All of my pictures were from my iPhone since Sista has my camera.  I’m impressed.

Jim – Father of the Bride and my Uncle who just got an iPhone.  Cousins be warned no one is safe…. Jim’s taking video and uploading to YouTube!

Kids – Being one of the older kids in the family here’s a question, when did all of these little ones become legally drinking big kids?  I know it’s not a huge age difference between some of us, but if I’ve changed your diaper you are forever age 6 in my head… seeing you otherwise disturbs me.

Love – Lots of love for the Bride and Groom – why else would we make the trek… especially in March!

Marriage – What we went to celebrate, and celebrate we did! I loved that their ceremony and reception was reflective of them, and the reception super fun.  From Buddha place-card holders, to named tables – simple and beautiful!

Neeel-Lawn – How the Westerner’s say Mom’s maiden name (their last name).  When the Justice of the Peace said my cousin’s name the Boy leaned over and said – “As if they said her name wrong!” I explained that’s how these Calgarians say it.  We talked about it the next day and cousin says she heard recently that they all say it weird.  News to her.

Over-yarned – I was worried about the dreaded under-yarn.  But instead I went to the other extreme.  Forgetting that I would be exhausted on the flight there, busy the entire 4 days, and only able to really knit on the way home  – I packed about 4 different projects and only worked on one. That said, I’d rather over-yarn than under-yarn any day.

Paul – The newest member of the family! Just when he was thinking he knew everyon ein the family – a whole new group came from Ontario… and that STILL wasn’t everyone.  Paul – every family is a little weird… there’s just A LOT more of us than in most.

Quartz – Rose quartz that is.  One of my fave parts of the ceremony.  All the guests were asked to hold a piece of rose quartz in their hand and put a wish or intention for the couple into the stone. They collected all of the stones and they will be kept in their home as a reminder of all the love on their wedding day!  Beautiful!

Readers – I found out where all those stats are coming from! Thanks family for reading my blog!

Stacey – The reason for the season.  This little lady was one beautiful bride!

The Boy – The family all gave me shit for not calling the Boy by name on my blog.  You can imagine what they had to say when I told them that’s his name on my phone too! They were happy to re-meet him and remind themselves of his for real name.

Uncles – My mom is the oldest of 10 kids.  5 girls and 5 boys.  4 of the boys are in Calgary and this weekend we got to see all the uncles.  Love them!

Venison – Didn’t get to eat any, but was reminded everyday where that delicious treat comes from…. a baby Bambi Head right above our bed. Single tear.

Weather – We saw it all. Sun, rain and a lot of SNOW.  W-day for Cousin was an absolute Blizzard.  30 cm/12 inches – ish.  The next day? Beautiful and melting.  That’s Calgary!

eXcited – Going to a wedding certainly got us excited for our own!

Yikes – What I said when I got to work this morning and opened 57 emails + the 20 I received today + our work website broke when I was away.  That’ll teach me for leaving for a few days!

Zzzzz – I had high hopes of going to the gym today and tricking the jet-lag into thinking it wasn’t going to get me and move on.  It didn’t work.  By 4:30 today I was exhausted.  My friend Milena told me today your soul takes 3 days to catch up to you when you travel… so by that theory my soul just figured out I was in Calgary… and I left again.

Venue #2 – Pillars anyone?

The Boy and I are looking for a venue that is beautiful.  We’re not looking for a big box banquet hall.  We want something a little different, and somewhere that doesn’t need a lot of extra fuss.  Why not just start with a naturally lovely canvas instead of spending money on covering up something ugly.  Makes sense to me.

So I took to Facebook and asked my peeps for venue suggestions.  One recommendation – The Doctor’s House in Klienburg – I’ve been there for Mother’s Day brunch… it was delicious.  We’ll give it a whirl.

The pro/con list:

Pro – Beautiful.  Lot’s of nice pictures.  The outside is lovely.  It’s an old house – estate styles.  Definitely charming. Not big box banquet hall.

Pro – We would be the only wedding on site that day.

Pro – Wedding suite for the happy couple (that’s us!) onsite.  We wouldn’t have to travel anywhere, and the accomodations are in a cute little house that has all kinds of adorable character.  Plus the biggest shower I have ever seen.

Pro – Lots of space. This is both pro and con really.  There is LOTS of space.  The venue seats 200 (questionable).  There is a separate bar room, pro (I think… maybe) and a separate ballroom for dancing.  Con. Maybe its because I haven’t been to a wedding set up that way before, but it seems to me that having dancing separate would kind of break up the party.  Sure they said we could put tables along the sides to invite the non-dancers into the space… I’m not convinced.  Maybe if the bar and dance floor were connected, but everything is separate.  It seemed really formal and old school and classy on the one hand – and really separate on the other… I didn’t like that.

Cons – Pillars. Pillars. Pillars.  EVERYWHERE.  So much so that the set up is tables of 6 set between the pillars. In rows.  So it seemed that if a pillar wasn’t in your way of seeing – someones head would be.   I didn’t like that at all.

Con – Proximity to hotels. Not too big of a deal, but something to consider for sure.

Con – Price. At this point I’m not freaking about price too much since a lot of the places we’ve seen are pretty similar.  But man alive when you do the math – heart attack.  Definitely a con on this one. For the price, there better be ABSOLUTELY no cons.

Con – no feelings. It was lovely.  I’m glad we went to see it.  But neither the Boy nor I got the feelings.  I couldn’t see it.  I couldn’t see ourselves there.

The feelings.  Oh the feelings. Here’s the thing loyal followers.  I like the lists. I like the pros and the cons for each, and I will continue to list them.  But when it comes down to it. I’m a gut girl.  Screw best mileage, great insurance rates…  if I ever get to the point of being able to buy a new car – I’m sure I’ll test drive, but ultimately I make the decision based on my gut.  I have little doubt that this very big decision will be any different.

Tomorrow – visiting the original vision… I’m in love.

How do you make big decisions?

How do you know when it’s over?

Relationships are tough.  They ebb.  They flow.  Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.  But when do you know that now is the time. Time to move on.

Relax dear followers – I am not talking about the Boy.  We’re still young and in love.  I’m speaking of a much more complex relationship.  A relationship with a book.

As you are all aware I am a book nerd.  I love books. I hate libraries.  I love bookstores.  Did I mention I love books.  If I could figure out a way to knit and read and drink a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte all at once I will have encountered true nirvana.  But for now I must struggle between choosing one over the other. Bah!

I choose my books mostly based on recommendation, or by authors I already know and love.  Or maybe I’ve seen something in the news, or a book finds its way into my favourite section of the bookstore.  Or Heather Reisman tells me it’s good, and since we’re BFF – I guess that counts as recommendation.  But for the last month I’ve been reading a book that just can’t capture me, but at the same time I’m having a hard time giving up on it.  So I ask you, do I cut my losses and move on?  Or do I power through and finish what I started?

The real dilemma is I think it might be my attitude.  You see, I’m kind of a book snob.  I don’t do books that are super crazy popular (Harry Potter might be the exception here but I stand by the fact that I read it before the movies came out).  The Da Vinci Code – no dice.  Everyone and their brother read that book – not me. Self-admitted snob. Eat Pray Love – forced to read it for book club, couldn’t get through it and hated it.   I also don’t generally do series  (Again HP and Hunger Games are exceptions).  The Babysitters Club ruined me for all future series – they were just the same book over and over again! Twilight Saga? Nada. Nope. No way. Not doing it.

But when my boss gave me The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – I buckled.  I didn’t want to publicly admit I’m a book snob, and we’ve developed somewhat of a book exchange, so I took it.  It sat on my bedside table for a couple months, as I devoured other enjoyable, less cultish books.  But then she asked me about it – and so I started reading.  In the back of my mind I kept Kate in mind – my book loving BFF, who recommended this book to me long before it was a cult classic.  I’d give it a shot.

It’s now been 1 month.  I’m 300 pages into this 800 page monster, I feel like the stage is STILL being set at a painfully slow rate – and I want to scream GET ON WITH IT everytime I pick it up.  But I continue to pick it up.  Night after night.  While other books cry out to be read, I’ve been plugging away at this one.

Why? Is it my desire not to have to admit that I’m a book snob? Is the book really good and I’m just missing it because I’ve gone in with a baditude? Am I missing out on books I’ll really enjoy with all the time I’m putting into this one (I mean we all only have a finite amount of reading time in our lifespan right?)

I’ve gone round and round with these questions in my head.  I’m at a loss. So I’m turning to you:

How do you know when to cut your losses and give up on a book, and when to power through.


If you’ve read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – let me know what you thought, when does something HAPPEN in this book?

PS. I love WordPress’ new feature – I’m off to check out other articles on people who hate this book.

Check it out: