Family Challenge

The Boy has been clean and sober for 7 months. No, he doesn’t have a secret problem with alcohol that I just forgot to mention or chose not to include in my or his online persona.  He is was a McDonald’s addict. Seven months McD’s free.

Congratulations Boy!!!

He’s still eating fast food, but McDonald’s was too big a part of his diet.  There’s one at the end of our street and it was a little too convenient for him to swing by on his way home from school when he was snacky.  It made me vomit everyday. He’s had other fast food since, but not McDonalds and therefore significantly less.
ANYWAY, I was listening to Here’s the Thing an NPR podcast hosted by Alec Baldwin and he was interviewing Dr. Robert Lustig this week about the poison that is fructose.  He has a lovely 89 minute lecture on it that is very sciencey or there’s the podcast that is 50 minutes and far more accessible (although the long version is also very interesting).  A large part of both talks is about how Coke is basically pure evil for your body.

Here’s the sciencey long version if you’re interested.

Here are my two favourite quotes from the long version:
On why fructose in fruit is okay, (I might be paraphrasing a little) “God is super smart and packaged the poison inside the antidote” Fibre is your friend and helps your body digest the fructose in a healthy way.
And on navigating what’s good for you, (no paraphrasing here) “If it doesn’t make you fart, it makes you fat.”
Love it.
I’ve already been thinking about my sugar intake and trying to do something about it – Sista directed me to Sarah Wilson’s e-book a few weeks ago which got me started thinking about it.  Do you ever find that information presents itself through your podcast at the perfect time.  I decided we needed a family challenge.
I would give up Starbucks Chai Tea Latte with Soy Extra Hot No Water No Foam. And the Boy would give up Coke.
I presented the idea to the Boy.  His first question – forever? I decided no. Since I’m not about giving up the things you like – we’ve got to live a little right? Plus I love me some Chai Tea Latte and I know I couldn’t give it up entirely forever. So I decided the summer.  It’s hot – why do I need an extra hot drink?
The Boy said he would think about it.
I started marking x’s on the calendar for me while he thought about it.
The next day I we had this conversation:
So I guess Taco Bell it is. Although between you and me we’re going to revisit this conversation once the fridge is free and clear of pop.  I’m voting for not having it in the house at all.
We’re tracking through the honesty policy and giving ourselves little Xs on our calendar.  The goal? Don’t break the chain.  (Another little podcast gem that I came across – apparently this is a trick that Jerry Seinfeld uses to make sure he writes everyday – don’t break the chain)
The last time I cut out sugar from my life it made significant changes in my body shape, my energy levels and the palatability of sweet stuff for a long time afterward.  But alas, sugar is SO yummy – so it didn’t stick.  I’m cool with that. But I’d like to take a little break from just this one Grande indulgence.
Have you done a sugar detox? Are you a Coke-fiend like the Boy? Or a Chai Tea Latte fiend like me?