Going Legit

I know I’ve referred to W-day as the day the Boy and I go legit. But that’s not what I’m bloggin’ about today.

The Boy and I spent our long weekend golfing and I went legit.

As per my 101 in 1001 list – I counted every stroke.

124 BABY!

Now all I need to do is beat it by 10 strokes.
Success doesn’t come without sacrifice.  I seem to be locking my fingers too tightly

That’s a bruised pinky if you can’t tell.

Totally worth it.

The Boy really didn’t want me to post my score card – because he wasn’t happy with his score (and because I can’t find it today). So instead here’s a picture of the Boy – the serious golfer.

I’m loving Instagram right now – it makes my iPhone pics so much more fun!

114 here I come!