Flash-back Friday

Sista sent me this video last week.  I said I would post it last Friday.

Then I forgot.

But when Sista sent me this link the walk down memory lane was a welcome distraction.

Oh the ’80s – you’re awesome.

Thanks Sista and Thanks Jimmy Fallon… you guys made my day.

Maid of Awesome – Sweet Words from my Sweet Sista

Wedding Wednesday Thursday is at it again.  We did speeches throughout dinner to try and combat the “these speeches are going on forever are they ever going to end?!” syndrome. First up was Sista, she requested going first – not so much because she was super eager to speak – but because she couldn’t eat until she got it over with.

Sista didn’t write anything down – very uncharacteristic of her. She did an AWESOME job and made me laugh right away so that I only welled but didn’t flat out ugly cry. Bonus! The only shortfall of not writing anything down, it was a one-time show.  There’s no perfect recreation of this part since following w-day was the first year of a new school and Sista literally had NO TIME to write down her thoughts until this week when I gave her a firm deadline. Yesterday.

But she once again did a great job and remembered all the major parts – it once again made me well up, but no ugly crying at the office.  Bonus.  I give you Wedding guest post from Sista (once again with a few key edits from me).

Maid of Honour Speech/Groomsmen Toast…..or what I can remember of it and created anew 10 months later. By Sista 

I’m a little bit nervous (said to the table of people sitting beside the podium).

I have probably known that I would be giving this speech most of my life and a time frame was finally nailed down for me last November when The Boy and Meaghan got engaged. I knew then that at some point this summer I would need to sit down and write a speech but as can be expected of a procrastinator I kept putting this Maid of Honour job off.  Not such a smart idea, since during Meaghan and The Boy’s final two weeks of wedding preparation I started a new job at a private school in Toronto.  Needless to say writing a speech has not been a top priority as the school year starts up.  So here I am with nothing written down and a speech to deliver.

As part of the very overwhelming start to my new job, a psychologist was invited to speak to the faculty at my new school for a professional development session.  One of the things he focused on was how memories are formed.  Specifically long term memories.  I’m definitely over simplifying this but basically what he told us was that if you want a short term memory to become a long term memory, they have to be emotionally charged.  Without a significant emotion our short term memories are simply forgotten.  When strong emotions are involved long term memories are formed.  A valuable piece of information for all the teachers in the room but it also got me thinking about my first memories of Meaghan and The Boy.

One of my very first memories, is of Meaghan.  I would have been almost 4 and there is no doubt that I still have this memory because of the strong emotions attached to it. Pure loathing.  Upon hearing that I had a baby sister, I felt nothing but hatred, disappointment and loathing as I ran up the Newton’s stairs.  The memory is a little fuzzy around the edges but I can remember exactly what the carpet on the stairs looked like as I ran up them, and the wallpaper in Tim’s room as I cried myself to sleep.  And I can remember the emotion.  I loathed her.  As you probably know from the wedding website, I quite simply wanted a baby brother and my first memory of Meaghan was charged with bitter disappointment.

Fortunately for both of us, these emotions did not last long.  Meaghan and I have grown up to become incredibly close and the best of friends.  We often say that we are almost too close, simply because we generally don’t feel the need to seek out other friendships, as we have everything we need in each other. We are so close that I don’t need to look over at Megs right now, to know what she’s doing, feeling or thinking.  I have never met sisters that are as close or closer then we are – except maybe Darcy and Olivia, but they’re twins.

If I’m being honest, I don’t remember the first time I met The Boy.  It must not have been an emotionally charged event for me.  When The Boy and Meaghan first started dating I was living in Victoria, and it wasn’t until the year I spent at Western that The Boy and I really got to know each other.  Many of my first memories of The Boy are a bit fuzzy around the edges as well, but for different reasons (pretend drink taken here).

The strongest long term memory that I have about The Boy is one that he probably won’t remember but is also one that speaks volumes about the man my sister has just married.  In February of my year at teachers college, Kate and Meaghan were off on reading week, while The Boy and I for whatever reason were both in London and still pseudo living out of their apartment, even though they weren’t there.  One evening during this week the phone rang non-stop.  My cell phone and the apartment phone rang all night as I had just received some not so very good news and calls between doctors and family went on for hours.  At one point in the other room, The Boy got hold of Meaghan and asked her why the heck the phone was ringing so much.  What on earth was going on?  Meaghan filled him in and a while later when I emerged from the bedroom, phone calls done, and head spinning with “what if” possibilities, The Boy looked at me and simply said “We need Dairy Queen.”

The Boy drove us to Dairy Queen, I had a Reese Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard while he had strawberry (because he always has strawberry).  He even paid.  We didn’t even really talk about my not so good news or the phone ringing or anything in particular really.  The Boy took me for ice cream and with that gesture my short term memory was charged not with emotions of fear and panic but of safety and security and became one of my favourite long term memories.

It’s these types of simple thoughtful gestures that make The Boy and Meaghan such an incredible match for each other.  They think nothing of putting themselves out there for their friends.  It doesn’t matter if it means driving hours after a long work week to be in the audience at your first gig, knitting you hats and sweaters for your newest arrival, inviting you out for a drink or taking you for Dairy Queen at just the right moment, The Boy and Meaghan are a couple that define themselves by the thoughtful little things they do for the people they love.  They do them quietly and without fanfare or wanting to be recognized, they do them simply as natural extensions of their genuine nature.

This is probably part of the reason why The Boy has such a large collection of friends.  While this is a great asset to have it certainly makes choosing a wedding party very difficult.  I’m not sure that the Best Man and Groomsmen know this but it took The Boy a long time to decide on who he wanted to stand at his side today.  The fact that you are sitting here should indicate to you that The Boy counts you as his most trusted friends.  Friends he would do anything for, big or small, and friends that he knows will return the favor when he needs it.  I’m certain all of you have your own emotionally charged long term memories of The Boy, he wouldn’t have chosen you if you didn’t.  He also would not have chosen you if he didn’t anticipate many more memories with you at his side. So as I wrap this speech up, I’d like everyone to raise a glass and toast the groomsmen and the many more emotional charged memories to come.

Thank you SO MUCH Sista – I knew you would do an awesome job but you really out did yourself.  Love you!! XOXO


It’s another edition of Wedding Wednesday errr… Thursday! When we left off we were in the room. It was freakin’ hot in there – FYI a room with TONS of west facing windows equals super warm by 6:30 in September.

My brother was our M.C. and he. was. awesome. Since we obviously know our wedding party better than he did, we worked together to come up with what I think we all agreed were awesome introductions. Without further adieu let’s go to the movies.

Guest post by proxy from Brother! (With a few minor and obvious edits from me – brother did not refer to the Boy as The Boy.  He does have a name. We use it sometimes – formal occasions mostly.)

As you all know Meaghan and The Boy have put a lot of work into making today’s festivities look effortless including a nice little website with lots of helpful information and links as well as some of the back story on the The Boy & Meaghan saga and an introduction to the wedding party. At first I thought great, that cuts my work as the MC at least in half. Then I found out that you people were actually reading it. Nothing is easy. So, instead of just regurgitating the website to you and because I don’t know about you but I’m horrible at putting names to faces I’ve put together a little presentation to help you get to know everyone at the head table and how they fit into the Meaghan & The Boy movieverse.

I don’t know about time travel but I would not be surprised to learn that Andrew and The Boy have done more in or to a phone booth than just make a call. Plus, look at that hair, its almost like he stole it from Bill S. Preston Esq. himself.

From what I’ve heard Erin kicks ass and takes names, but under a tough exterior she just a sweet small town girl and supportive sister for The Boy and now Meaghan, but under that layer there’s another layer that just might kick your ass because she can. Between The Boy and Erin they have played on something like 197 different sports teams including varsity volleyball at western. I don’t know if anyone’s told Meaghan this yet but changing her
name will not make her good at sports or even make her coordinated enough to walk down the street without falling down.

As I’m assuming the only PHD physicist in the room Chris is the most likely to be able to explain to you why time travel is impossible. However, Chris is probably also the most likely one in the room to have his own secret lair complete with at least a dozen time machine prototypes and plans for world domination.

Meaghan and Kristyn have known each other for nearly half of their lives and their 10 year high school reunion is just around the corner. I know that they are both looking forward to not having to make up stories about their post-it note empires to impress the cool kids. Actually, knowing the two of them they are probably more likely to talk about the two of them living in a cult with their 7 husbands and 26 kids preparing for the coming of Zoltan.

Teacher’s college, Tiger Woods, volleyball, beer wall. On paper Chris and The Boy are practically Twins.

Kate kind of struck out in the roommate department in first year University but Meaghan managed to convince Kate that she really was cool and they lived together for the rest of their university days. Meaghan on the other hand hit the jackpot. Well at least by family standards. Sista’s roommate was convinced that she was going to hell and was constantly trying to save her soul and my roommate apparently thought he was in a prison movie and slept with a baseball bat for the first semester just in case. So the jackpot bar is pretty low but a win is a win.

The bromance between Paul and The Boy is the stuff of legends beginning from as early as the ninth grade. That’s about all that I can really tell you that’s appropriate for this evening’s festivities but if you get one of them cornered this evening you might ask them about one Halloween when they rode around in the trunk of a car.

As it turns out there aren’t a lot of movies about sisters that portray a positive relationship between the two but I did manage to find one that despite being about brothers describes Meaghan and Sista’s relationship quite nicely. Sista and Meaghan have been best friends pretty much since Sista got over the fact that Meaghan wasn’t a boy. Meaghan followed Sista to Alexander Mackenzie High School and Sista followed Meaghan to London and Western University, eventually living together in an apartment in Toronto until tragedy struck and Sista got a job in Guelph forcing them to separate both having to live with boys.

Meaghan and The Boy
Finally the reason we are all here tonight, The Boy & Meaghan. They aren’t much to look at but it is easy to see that each is meant for the other fitting together like two hunks of the same smelly multi-layered onion. Each of us here tonight has played some part in developing one of those layers which is why we are all here, to join in the celebration of Meaghan and The Boy’s union and to start asking them “so, are you pregnant yet?”

Thanks again Brother! You did an awesome job!

One More Week

This time next week, I’ll be Th… thhhh… thir… THIRTY. Can you believe it? I thought I’d spend this week doing what I do best, looking back and looking forward to figure out where I am. Looking back on The Twenties Roar, some highlights, some lowlights. Looking forward to…  the next decade (oh sure I could reveal the new title – if I had one!)

Looking back, I can’t help but think of why I started blogging in the first place. Basically, Sista told me to.

And what inspired the title and the tagline. It’s just such an exciting time! That was a direct quote from the Biz actually. She told me how exciting your twenties are, just as you finish school and start working, and start setting up your life. EXCITING RIGHT?! No. Wrong. Scary. Stressful.

I made plans about money.

I made decisions about how we would eat.

The Boy and I moved in together – he brought a green beer fridge. I brought chickpeas.

I knit.

I read.

I got engaged.

I planned a wedding.

Got married.

I made lists.

I progressed my career.

I wrote over 350 posts about it all.

And you know what? It was exciting. And in 20 years when I am talking to some girl in her 20s I will tell her – it’s such an exciting time. Because let’s face it – it is. Is it stressful? Yes. Is it frustrating when you’re trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life, and when you ask people they say “Oh it’ll just come together.” Absolutely.

But at the end of the day, I’ll look back on the last decade as the one where I met my husband. Completed 2 degrees. Lived with my sister.  Lived on my own. Lived in and fell in love with my city.  Lived with the Boy. Got married. Learned to write. Learned to love writing. Learned to find my voice. Made lists. Crossed things off. Stopped drinking milk. Became a week-day vegetarian.  Brought meat back into my life. Went 6 months without sugar. Met my Naturopath. Stayed strong against peer pressure, and didn’t drink coffee, smoke a cigarette or pot. Learned to love the chickpea. Said goodbye to my first dog. Discovered Google Reader. Surprised myself with who I fell in love with. Learned to love the opportunity to be a little bit country. Confirmed the strength of my family. Over and over again. Cried a little and laughed a lot. Was hit on by homeless men, on multiple occasions. Was called Miss by known drug dealer. Became an urban farmer. Moved to Northern Ontario. The list goes on.
10 years ago was a long time ago, and the only regret I can think of is not starting to blog earlier. I’m really looking forward to having the next decade of my life completely documented.  To go through the next stage together, with a virtual support group that checks in with me regularly and whether you comment or not, I feel your love and love you right back.
Thursday, predicting the future – so I can laugh at how wrong I was when the future does what it wants.

Setting the Stage

There was not a lot of DIY in our wedding but there were a lot of cool details that I was wishing I could blog about before, but didn’t want to ruin the experience for our guests. So I stayed silent.  Now I’m left with a whole bunch of detail information that seems silly to share but since I know there are those out there following along looking for detail help – I’m doing it.

I didn’t want to go crazy with the crafting. Which I don’t think I did.  But I did want those personal touches – of course, everyone does, that turn the wedding into our wedding.  It started with the colour scheme, Orange and Gray as picked by The Boy.  We got so many complements on that choice and I would like it to be on the record that I gave him full credit every time. I may not be big on the crafty crafty ideas but I do LOVE typography, so I included a lot of that, which I wasn’t sure people would notice, but apparently they did.

Again, trying to figure out the most logical way to present this, I think I’ll take you on a virtual tour of our venue.

The yarn balls – unfortunately in the 1000+ photos we have, I don’t have one of the front entrance where they were hung, but imagine them in two bunches flanking either side here.Awesome photoshop skills!

As guests came in they were greeted by our two lovely bridesmaids, BFFs Kristyn and Kate, and encouraged to drop any cards in the orange bird cage, and “leaf” their print on the guest tree.  We had our bridal party and all those at our rehearsal dinner preprint using red for VIPs everyone else had their choice of orange, yellow or green.  I loved how this turned out btw, it is awesome! Instant art that we will love forever. I have visions of it hanging in a kids room one day – you know, kind of a product of all of this love kind of thing. I got it from Bleu de Toi on Etsy, Love love love. For now it hangs in our living room – the Boy says he likes that it will help him remember our anniversary.

Leaf your Print!

Now, I had made the decision about the tree, and Sista and I decided that guests shouldn’t sign their print because if they did that’s all you would see when looking at it – black scribbles everywhere = boo. And while the Boy agreed, he was pretty adamant that guests have something to sign like a traditional guest book.  I hate traditional guestbooks. I don’t think you ever really look at them again and if he was going to insist I wanted something cool.

Enter The Lover’s Dictionary.  This was a book Sista found at Anthropologie that is a novel, but written as dictionary entries.  Each entry if read on it’s own is a quirky definition of love.  Awesome right?  Well, almost.  It turns out that because we bussed most people in from the hotel, having two things to do in the line was confusing and causing quite the backlog.  So most people skipped the book.  Some did sign it and we love the messages they left.  I’m considering carrying the book around with me for the next year and getting people to sign it as we see them.  Love the book in theory, and in practice the messages that we did get are really sweet.

While I stationed Kristyn and Kate at the guest book/tree table I knew that some might skip it and come back to it later, so I wrote a little poem about how the whole thing worked.  I don’t actually think that many people read it but nonetheless here it is.

From the front entrance people I presume made their way directly to the bar where they were greeted by our wonderful bar staff and a complete list of all that was available for their enjoyment.

And given the length of time they spent in line and the beautiful weather outside, many (I’m sure) headed directly to the bathroom to freshen up.  There they found baskets with various odds and sods to help them on their way, as well as more poetry.

Drink and appetizer (didn’t get any but heard they were delicious) in hand guests were encouraged to head on in and find their seats.  An alphabetical list of names and corresponding tables was at the end of the guest table, as well as a seating map, (Sorry no picture of the map – I was overzealous in my throwing away post-wedding and didn’t think to take a picture of it first!)

The tables were named after all things the Boy and I love (besides each other of course – barf). I may have stolen the idea from my cousin Stacey’s wedding but ours were less lovey, zen and peaceful (like her) and more alcohol, sports and knitting related (like us)!

Can you tell which tables belonged to whom?

  • Kiki and Denba
  • Lucky Cans
  • Steamwhistle
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Anthropologie
  • Sugar Maple
  • Richmill Farm
  • Urban Farmers
  • Western Mustangs
  • The Twenties Roar
  • Birdie
  • The Color Purple
  • Come Here Often?
  • Hand Dyed Yarn
  • Muscle Beach

Inside was a whole lot more orange and gray… we’ll get there, next week.

I Meaghan take you Boy

How do I capture this moment? What I was thinking? (try not to cry) What I was feeling? (nauseous)

I guess I’ll just start from the beginning.  The music started.

Forrest Gump Suite.  Do you know it? We love movies the Boy and I and this one is quite possibly one of the best.  Plus, it’s such a great piece of music.

The girls went up and the last one to leave me was Sista, who wished me luck, and when she was at the front she gave the Boy a big hug (she said it just didn’t feel right to walk right passed him like she didn’t even know him) and then it was just me and my dad.

I stepped into the doorway and the tears started coming. But I looked straight ahead and focussed all my attention on the Boy and on not having makeup run down my face in the pictures.

Friends told me later they had never seen someone look like they were concentrating so hard and so focused.  One goal. Get to the Boy.  Get married.

We went through the beginning of the mass and as soon as the Boy and I were able to sit down – and listen the words we chose.

First up, Song of Songs  we chose it because I love the line My Beloved is mine, and I am my Beloved’s. Love it. Why not open a wedding with a love poem?

Second up, Letter of St. Paul to the Romans 12:1-2, 9-18; LOVES the line Rejoice with those who rejoice, Weep with those who weep. It’s a list of high ideals to aspire to – but hey, there’s nothing wrong with lofty goals.

Gospel, Matthew 5:1-12a I love the Beatitudes. Love them. Life is a mix, good and bad and so is marriage, love and faith can get you through.  Come on that’s just a good message to remember.

Side note here, while I had the more churchy upbringing the Boy knew what he wanted, or more specifically what he didn’t. Corinthians. Love IS patient and Love IS kind. But as the Boy says, “I hear the Bible has a lot of to say, I’m pretty sure we can find something that doesn’t make me think of Wedding Crashers”  Well said Boy. Well said.

Post readings, the vows. The big show. We didn’t write our own, in the Catholic church, since marriage is a sacrament they discourage you from writing your own vows but give you several to choose from. We went traditional.

It didn’t take long. But in those few moments we did it.


Mr and Mrs.

And I felt… hungry.

We went through the remainder of the mass and while walking up to sign the register, I tripped.  Seriously.  Just a small one. And only fitting really.  Coordinated? Not so much.

There we are signing away, I turned to our priest and said – “This is the wrong song”  He smiled and laughed and said “We had to make an executive decision – I was hoping you wouldn’t notice!” I told him – “You’ve obviously never planned a wedding if you thought I wouldn’t notice!” The Luckiest isn’t Catholic enough (or at all) apparently.

So it got cut. Shoot.

So the song was wrong.  I didn’t care.  The right song would have been lovely. But the wrong song was nice too – and spoiler alert, that was the only thing that went wrong (besides the trip I guess). And that’s good enough for me.  I was happy that I chose to write down the words to the right song in our program.

That’s it. We were married.  We RAN back up the aisle – the Boy has LONG legs when he wants to and then we shared high fives, hugs and fist pumps all around.

Done and done.  Married.

Let’s party. 

But first… I’m starving someone find me some food!

Here comes – me!

I mentioned there was a lot of sitting around and waiting.  Well, that’s true. But when it started it was on like Donkey Kong.

Here were my last 10 thoughts as a single girl:

  1. It is really hot in this car.
  2. My stomach hurts.
  3. I hope I don’t throw up.
  4. I wonder if the Boy is okay.
  5. This dress doesn’t fit.
  6. Hey look there’s Sista – I’m so glad she’s here.
  7. Where did my mom go?
  8. What are we WAITING for!
  9. I thought we were late.
  10. I hope I don’t trip.

Okay, so some of those might not be my last 10 thoughts, but I did feel rushed rushed rushed and then stopped.  Turns out the waiting was for my mom and possibly Kristyn who both needed one last bathroom break – but at the time I was thinking WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!!!!!  But mostly, I was super excited to see the Boy.

And the Boy? What was he up to at this time? Well, talking to his boys, and likely making fun of me for being late as always.

Things I wished we had done in those last moments?  Maybe a picture of the girls – although I think our photographer was getting set up in the church, which was better in the end.  Mostly I wished I had gone to the bathroom and looked at myself, asked someone to fix my dress and maybe breathed a little more.

But then the music started and none of it mattered.

More later today to make up for lost time – by the end of the day, we’ll have said “I do.”

Eat This Martha Stewart

Happy Pancake Tuesday Everyone! And happy day after Family Day fellow Ontarians!

This weekend we had many a fun-family-filled adventure in the great white North that is Mom and Dads.  Mom is officially retired (woot! woot!), and we celebrated in style with another sumptuous meal at Bistro 77.  Seriously folks it’s totally worth the drive to Alliston if you are anywhere in the GAA (Greater Alliston Area).  Try as I might not to have too much to eat, it’s virtually impossible since it’s all. so. good.

The Boy and I had a small disagreement on who was ditching whom on Saturday when he went to volleyball in Oshawa and I went back to Alliston, choosing to spend the day and night with the W-family instead of the M-family. He toughed it out. And I didn’t have to make dinner for myself – Score! We topped the weekend off with a family walk in the snow – all 10 of us.

Sunday was the real family day and Sista and I spent it making cupcakes with two of our favourite littles. Do you remember being 4 and 7 and having older aunts/cousins that you thought were awesome? Well, we do so we wanted to do a little something with them that would make their Family Day 2012 that much more memorable.

One word. Cupcakes.

Now. Let’s back up just a second. You know I have a cookbook issue according to The Boy? Well I come by it honestly.  Mom has all the cookbooks.  Ever. You think I’m exaggerating but if you saw it you’d agree – it’s only a slight one.  Which is why we were all so confused when we went to check the shelves to find – no cupcake book.  To the BOOK STORE! We scoured the shelves, and decided we would go classic. Classic Martha.

I may have mentioned this before – I don’t know it’s been nearly 350 posts, but I love Martha Stewart.  And I love her baking books.  Do you know why? Martha has MAD standards and that means a crazy strict test kitchen, which is to say, if you follow the recipe you will have perfection.  Every. single. time.  LOVES it!

While we marveled at the beautiful pictures of flowers of buttercream, themes like monsters and babies and weddings oh my we made big plans of beautiful vanilla cupcakes with swiss meringue buttercream, and two little girls eager to bring their creative talents to the kitchen.

Well, we may not have ended up with cupcakes worthy of a MS photo shoot.

But if you ask the taste testers they were way better.

And the bonus?

Calorie free since they were made with love.

101 in 1001 – THE NEW LIST

I made my argument yesterday, why things needed to change on the 101 in 1001 front… here are the updates.

Things I’m keeping on the list –

Photo Challenge  – 26 days in and going strong.
Colouring a colouring book – I’ve got one  and I’m working on it.
A button for my blog – I’m thinking it will come with a redesign this spring
Get a puppy – the family did get Miss. Molly but I’m hoping sometime in the next 500 or so days there is an animal in our house too… sure it might be a pipe dream but it’s one I have to keep alive!
Ride my bike to work everyday for 1 week – I now live 1.6km from work.  There is really no reason not to do this one.
Pay $5 for every item not completed

Things I’ve totally done but forgot to tell you –

I’ve gone to a concert – We saw The Tragically Hip this summer, they were awesome as usual.  We were supposed to see Weezer too but I foolishly left the time management to boys and we only caught the last song.  Colour me disappointed!

I’ve seen another play – Sista and I went on a date and saw her school production of RENT! It was decent, but the best part was probably the awesome over acting of innocent High School students singing about their lives as drugged out HIV+ prostitutes. So sweet.

We added new veggies to the garden – in the midst of w-planning we (okay The Boy totally managed the garden this year, basically single-handedly) added red peppers, banana peppers, plum tomatoes, yellow and green zucchini and kale to the mix this year.  For the most part our efforts did not go well… it might have been because it was a little neglected.

I bought a piece of art – I bought 2 pieces actually and they both include The Boy and I! One print from our engagement photo shoot – beautiful TTC photo and one from our wedding – beautiful photo of The Boy and I with our fancy car and the awesome barn. Oh man – they are both so awesome and beautiful and they both look like pieces of art that we just happen to be in. Double Score!

I Sponsored a woman at Christmas through a Holiday Hamper program – CHECK!

Things I have coming up that I’m super excited to cross off –

Going to a ballet – after a bit of a gong show trying to do this for my birthday, Mom bought me tickets for Christmas and Mom and I are going in March.

Photo Challenge – I’m finding this surprisingly fun, I even started reading the manual of our new camera – now I just have to retain that information and I’ll be set

Take a camera class – Seriously need to register for this.

Things I’m nixing completely

  1. Put $20 into savings for each thing I’ve completed – this just didn’t really work, I’m saving regularly and I never remember to put extra money in for accomplishing something.  I am keeping the pay $5 for things not completed though.
  2. Complete a 30 day challenge – 30 day challenge of what? I can’t remember. Off the list and replacing it with something else.
  3. Change the pictures in our frames once a year – I like the pictures we have up right now.
  4. Get a new bike – I don’t need a new bike.  Nixed.
  5. Keep all Movie Stubs – I put this on there because The Boy and I have seen a lot of movies in our history together and I’ve often thought imagine if I had kept all of the stubs? But do you know why you don’t keep the stubs? Because what is the point? There isn’t one.  Boo.
  6. Eat Raw for 1 week –  I haven’t been able to get through a week of completely vegetarian yet – meat seems to keep it’s way in there once a week! So this totally isn’t going to happen – I’ll pay the $5 but I’m changing this one to something else.

Things I’m adding in to replace those things I’m booting

  1. Knit 12 pairs of socks in 2012 – I knit January socks, then thought I lost them to a HORRIBLE felting incident in the washing machine, they seem to have survived – it was close but we made it. 1/12
  2. Knit 16 baby toques for donation to the local hospital
  3. Write a knitting pattern for socks and publish it on Ravelry
  4. PURGE the apartment one room at a time.
  5. Save $10,000
  6. Go on a week long vacation with the Boy, by ourselves.  The Boy and I have NEVER been away together family free for more than 3 days.  In 9 years.  Can you believe we JUST realized this!?

Hurry Up and Wait

We left off with hair complete and heading back to the hotel, with a quick detour to pick up lunch for the girls and the boys from Edward Street Bistro. It was delish – or so I was told… though I tried, food was not my friend on w-morning/afternoon.

Once we all rendezvoused back at the hotel it was time to get this party started.

We put on my wedding mix, Sista hit up the local Starbucks seeking out a Chai Tea IV drip, and then we sat around and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

As beautiful Anita took each and every lovely lady, including both moms and the Nanny and turned us from naturally beautiful to simply stunning.

But beautifying 8 women makes for a slow morning for those not in the chair.  I didn’t really think about this part in the planning process.  I was ready to go – let’s GO GO GO! My stomach is in knots let’s just get this party started!  But no.  We had to wait. And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

So, what did we do?  Well, we talked babies with BFF Kristyn.  BFF Kate’s man-friend ran some errands for us.  I checked in with some family members arriving from out-of-town.  Kristyn and I did some yoga breathing.  Sista wrote her speech.  Erin had a beer.

And I told each girl at some point that I loved them and thanked them for being there.  And that they looked beautiful.  All true.

I checked in with the Boy and tried to calm his nerves by reminding him that I would be at the front of the church too and he wasn’t alone in his nervous stomach.  I also told him to drink some water and eat something (words I should have listened to myself). I sent messages to the Boy’s boys since I didn’t actually print off the schedules and jobs I typed out for them – yes I really did that.  I put one in charge of making sure he ate something and another in charge of keeping him calm and hydrated.  (I had tried to put another in charge of making sure he didn’t drink too much the night before… it didn’t work but he did make it to the church on time and was long past feeling hung over and that’s all I ask really).

So what would I suggest for the morning/hours before the big moment?

Get an order down for photos. We went with the “whoever sits in the chair next gets their makeup done next” method.  What we should have done?  Made a logical order and stuck to it. Specifically I probably should have been done earlier and Sista probably should have been done earlier.  Our lovely photographer had to hurry up and wait a bit himself, which I felt bad about – if I was ready to go a bit earlier all of those bridal photos might not have felt so rushed.

In the end we all got to the church on time and we all looked stunning.  Win/win!

*I know I missed last week – so next week 2 posts! Both with LOTS of pictures!!! You’re welcome.

All photos are the wonderful work of West Photo – enjoy, but don’t take what’s not yours.