The Officiant to Make it Official

I was raised Catholic.  As my mom likes to remind me regularly, every significant event in your life is celebrated in the Catholic church, from birth to young-adulthood, marriage, babies, sickness and death.  The Catholics aren’t alone in this regard, let’s face it pick any religion out there and they have some sort of ceremony for life’s milestones.  Having been raised Catholic, I have always wanted a Catholic wedding.  I love the Catholic ceremony, it involves a full mass – it’s about 45 minutes to an hour.  To me marriage is a big freakin’ deal, and the Catholic ceremony treats it that way.

The Boy is not Catholic, but this is something that we’ve talked about before.  He knew a Catholic wedding was important to me, he’s fine with it.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything the Catholic church stands for, but when I’m scared, or sad, or nervous or happy… I go to church. I don’t consider myself churchy, but it is important to me.

I grew up with possibily the most normal down-to-Earth priest you will ever meet.  He’s retired now, but used to bring his yellow lab on the altar every Sunday, and reguarly prayed for the Leafs’ success.  I would be very happy if Father Bill would marry us, and he will definitely be included in our day.  The priest that will be marrying us was raised in Fr. Bill’s church – he’s basically a younger model.  To capture Joe in a few words, he’s mid-thirties, grew up down the street from where the Boy and I are living now and threw an apple at our window at Halloween.  Anytime we see either priest the Boy like’s to tease me that I’m living in sin.  I assure him neither one of them seem to have a problem with it, so I’m pretty sure God doesn’t mind either.  The Catholic Church of Meaghan is hip with the times.

So I emailed Fr. Joe shortly after we got engaged and didn’t hear from him.  Once we had a venue and a date, I called him.  Our conversation was priceless, and reminded me why I wanted him to marry us in the first place.

We exchanged pleasantries:

Me – I emailed you and you didn’t answer me.

Joe – No.  You’re lying.  I always answer every email I get, so you didn’t email me or I would have answered (*I’ve since emailed him again about something else, he has yet to answer me – who’s the liar now?)  So what do you need?

Me – Well “The Boy” and I have some news… and we need your professional services.

Joe – What? Are you pregnant?

Me – *Shock and Awe* NO! I’m not pregnant!

Joe – Oh, well then what do you need?

Me – We thought we’d go legit and get married, and we were hoping you would do it.

Joe – Married! Wow! That’s wonderful.  Of course!  Where are you getting married?

Me – Well isn’t that up to you? Our reception is in Newmarket on September 10, 2011.  But wherever you want to do it we’ll be there.

Joe – No problem, you’ll get married at St. John’s in Newmarket – no problem 100%. (*This is not the church Joe is currently residing… this can be an issue – apparently he was not worried)

Me – Okay, sounds good to me.

Joe – Great, well… there might be one problem.  I’m probably being moved to a different church this year, so the new church might have a wedding already scheduled for me that day.

Me – Oh okay. (*thinking – not a problem, if he can’t do it, we’ll ask Fr. Bill to do it*)

Joe – But… screw it! I don’t know them, I know you – so no problem. 100% I’ll be there.

He told me to email him again so he could give me all the “To Dos” before W-Day.  Done.

This is one of the reasons the Boy is cool with he Catholic ceremony.  Our officiant is a guys guy, who golfs, accuses people of lying and says things like “screw it.”  We have to do a Marriage Preparation course.  But otherwise we are booked for a 1:30 Catholic wedding on Saturday September 10, 2011!