Catching up part 2 – 365 Photos

As promised we’re getting caught up with the photo challenge!

January 26 – Cheeks

January 27 – Preparation

January 28 – Tradition

January 29 – Terror

January 30 – Memory (okay you got me this one was taken on the 28th)

January 31 – Temptation

February 1 – Shiny

February 2 – Old Fashioned

February 3 – Rough

February 4 – Sport

Tweet Tweet – B is for Birdie!

HAVRE DE GRACE, MD - JUNE 06: Lorena Ochoa (ME...

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The Boy and I were in Thamesford/London this weekend for family bonding and a little golf. The Boy golfed all weekend, I used my brain and decided golfing in the pouring rain is for fools – and went home.

On Sunday, the weather cooperated and we went out to play in the 5th(ish?) Boy’s family golf invitational. We split into teams 2 girls and 2 gentlemen on each team.  This year I told the Boy I was going to win it for my team.  He made some sort of snarky comment – no faith in my talent.

What did I do to show him?  First hole = BIRDIE, all on my own! That was my first Birdie ever! HURRAY!!! Better yet, in our best-ball 9-hole tournament where we use each person’s drive at least twice, we used mine 3 times!  That’s right carrying the team.  Turns out I should golf slightly hungover all the time (more on that another day).

How did you spend your 10 million dollar weekend?