Fast Five Friday – Spring is in the Air!

Happy Friday All!!

Here goes – five things I’ve been loving about this wonderful crazy early, crazy warm spring weather we’ve been having up here in Northern Ontario the last 2 weeks.

  1. Shirtless boys. The true sign of the first few warm days of spring. It makes me LOL every single time.  Oh this 19C day is SO hot you can’t possibly wear a shirt? And you’re right, you do have the body for it. Hilarious.
  2. Driving with the windows down.  In the heat of summer it can be 24C and you find yourself driving around with the windows up and the AC blowing. Let’s be honest, you know you’re guilty of it too. But in those first few days it’s too refreshing not to take full advantage of that warm breeze as you drive around town.
  3. Sleeping with the windows open. Goodbye super hot sweaty apartment. Hello warm breeze and waking up to the sunshine and singing birds.
  4. A renewed vigor for physical activity.  The Boy and I have doubled our walk route, and there’s talk of learning to run together. Sure it probably won’t happen but that doesn’t make the first days of spring any less wonderful
  5. No socks. This is my absolute favourite and to be honest it’s the one reason why I’m wishing this spring took a more typical warming pattern.  I’ve ditched socks this week, and next week when it’s back to cold – I’m going to be bitter.  Usually I ditch the socks as soon as possible and don’t bring them back until October. Nonetheless, sockless in March? I’ll take it!

There you have it, five fast things I love about Spring! Tell me – what’s your fast five?