The littlest Gramps

See this little man?


He just (well not just, like 2 months ago) turned 1.

I decided I would knit for all our little people for their birthdays.  This was a decision to try and save my Christmas knitting sanity – why set myself up to frantically knit small people sweaters for Christmas when I can spread the knitting throughout the year?!  It was a brilliant plan especially since I ended up going to the other extreme with Christmas knitting and not knitting a single gift. I know. Shocking.

But I digress, back to this face.


He turned 1 in November, and his mom may have mentioned something about him needing a new toque.  It seems he had long out grown the infant toque I knit for him and he definitely needed to maintain his status as the coolest baby in daycare.

Hunter Toque  

Of course, I couldn’t just knit him a toque. So I knit a set.  Matching trim to pompom the Gramps sweater and Hunter toque are too cute if I do say so myself.

 Gramps Sweater

The best part? Both are made with Comfort yarn which I love for littles because it’s chunky size knits up super quick and the acrylic blend makes it soft and completely laundry safe. Washing machine and dryer this baby – you will not hurt it.

 Happy Birthday Little Man!

Love the elbow patches and big collar – this little guy is a true sophisticate.

Love the Collar and the elbow patches!


Adventures in Blocking

So yesterday you’ll recall I was determined to find a new pattern for the yarn I have already knit with for my sista.  I think I have committed to not reknitting the same sweater.  Since I didn’t hear an outcry from her along the lines of “NO! I loved it please knit it again.” I think she’s okay with it too.

But before I tear anything apart my friend over at ahandmadestory said – “Just block it first before you do anything.”

Well, I haven’t blocked it. But I’m getting closer.  I had my very first adventure in blocking and I’m 98% certain the results are going to be amazing.  That’s right, I’ve been knitting for years, 8 years to be exact and I have never, NOT ONCE blocked anything. Shocking I know.

If it works with this shrug, I think it might work with the too small sweater.  I’m not SUPER confident in the ability of water and T-pins to grow a sweater from big enough for a 10-year-old to big enough for an adult… but thinking about thinking about getting on the blocking bandwagon.

I did that already

I knit the Whisper Cardigan from 2009 Spring Interweave Knits magazine for my Sista for Christmas.

It didn’t fit.

Like it REALLY didn’t fit.  She couldn’t put her arms down.  Seriously too small.

The annoying part is I knew it wasn’t going to fit but I kept knitting hoping that when it was all finished it would somehow grow and miraculously fit.  It didn’t.

I thought about simply tearing it out.  But I hadn’t blocked it. I’ve been putting it off. I don’t see the point.  It’s SO small. I repeat – SHE CAN’T PUT HER ARMS DOWN.

There might be another thing too.  I’ve already knit this sweater. It hurts me to tear it out and start again. It just doesn’t seem right.

And another thing… it’s now February. February means I’m no longer late with a Christmas gift… I’m starting early on next year.

So what do you think knitters?  Any suggestions on other lace weight sweaters…. or other sweaters I could knit up with ease – I love top down.

What do you think Sista – any requests?

How do you gear up to re-knit a sweater? Can you do it? Or do you start again with something else?

Christmas Round-up

No YouTube Friday today… instead knitting.

It started with 2 pairs of socks, and a knitting fair.  I decided I would knit a pair of socks for a couple of friends for Christmas, an easy budget friendly, thoughtful gift.  4 individual socks… 3 balls of yarn.  No problem.

And then it grew… and grew and grew.

And by the end of my Christmas 2010 season I had completed and gifted 7 pairs of socks, 2 toques and a sweater.

How did this happen?  It started innocently enough I finished the original 2 pair.  So I bought yarn for another pair. 3 pair… not bad. Definitely not biting off more than I could handle.  Then I was knitting at the Boy’s parents house and they asked what I was working on.  I said, “I’m knitting socks for Christmas, everyone’s getting socks”   The Boy’s mom said “Oh! That’s great! I’ll look forward to it.”  I didn’t mean EVERYONE everyone, but since that was still October I decided no problem… I could take on a couple more.

I forgot to take a complete picture of all 7... here's 4

Then about 2 weeks before Christmas my lovely sista had a question. “Do you think you could knit a toque for Christmas?”  The sista doesn’t knit… she makes requests. This request was for her man-friend.  Since I still hadn’t thought of a gift for him, I took on the challenge, with the understanding he might get it still on the needles.  I went over how many projects I still had on the go, and pointed out that My Boy, would be getting balls of yarn since he told me not to worry about knitting for him.

Sista gave me shit.  Apparently it sounded terrible to say my Fiance (BTW the Boy hates that word) only made the B-list.  I should really knit him something if I’m doing it for everyone else.

So I headed back to the yarn store.  Serenity Knits in Newmarket is a little closer than my usual Mary’s Yarns in Unionville and since I was on a deadline – I had no time to spend on a longer trip than necessary.  So I picked two toque patterns.  “Ribbed for his Pleasure” and “Knotty But Nice“.  And I knit.  And I knit. And I knit.

And I finished The Boy’s Toque – described as a perfect thank you for the man in your life who doesn’t mention that your stash is constantly multiplying and that you’ve brought your knitting to bed while wearing scrubby pajamas.  Sounded perfect – and if he didn’t love it I did.

Look how cute!

Sista’s man got a toque still on the needles… but it was finished, torn out (too long) and re-knit by December 26 so that’s not bad.  It was a 2×2 rib, and described as nothing fancy.  Just a plain hat for a plain toque lover… with a dirty name.

The Boy modelling another man's toque

And the sweater… oh the sweater.  It was supposed to be a plain stocking stitch sweater… nothing too complicated about it.  I thought it’d take me 2 weeks at a leisurely pace. I was madly trying to finish it December 24th, all the while fairly certain it wasn’t going to fit.  I finished it.  And I was right.  It didn’t fit.  Unless of course my sista didn’t want to put her arms down. So it’s back in my knitting bag and I have to attach it to the wool winder this weekend and rip it out… completely.  Argh.

Other than that, look at all of these happy faces.