Silver Linings

This is it. The final day of a long, long journey. Paula the pump finished her job overnight, and today Mom goes for one last weekly visit to Southlake to have the pump taken off, and the PICC line removed.  
She’s done. 
Everyone together now… exhale. 
We’ve made light of it along the way, celebrated family with cupcakes and told cancer where to go – all at the same time. I think every person in my family has used the line – “we’re really good at cancer” at least once.  We’ve picked a disease to stick with, but we come out swinging every time and today we can celebrate that we’ve kicked it once again. If you can’t laugh, you’ll cry, so we’ve chosen to laugh as much as possible.

The O and M on top were for the littles... we try and maintain some sense of appropriateness

The O and M on top were for the littles… we try and maintain some sense of appropriateness

We haven’t done it alone.  The outpouring of love and support on this blog, to our emails or on coffee dates has been overwhelming.  Whether it’s dropping by to check in, calling every single day when you’re supposed to be on vacation, or flat out insisting that yes you will be driving to the next appointment, no it is not a bother, and yes you will gladly wait for hours and hours while the chemo slowly pumps through – it has all been appreciated not just by Mom, but by everyone in our family. 
Bringing smiles with a touch of flare

Bringing smiles with a touch of flare

Through it all, I have often thought (and I know she has too) how people can possible fight this fight alone. It’s beyond me. 

Everybody on 3 - 1, 2, 3 - Fuck Cancer!

Everybody on 3 – 1, 2, 3 – Fuck Cancer!

There have been hundreds of comments about Mom’s strength, perseverance and determination.  And I’ll agree, the Olympians we celebrated last month have nothing on her. She’s been asked over and over, “how do you do it?”  Her answer, always with a smile and soft chuckle – “I don’t really see any other option.”  But I’m here to tell you as we start the long process of putting this horrible experience behind us what her secret has been. 

Happy Mom.

Happy Mom.

It’s you. 
She has drawn on your strength, on your support and on your friendship. You have made sure she knows that she is loved and she is needed and she is not alone. And by extension you’ve made our whole family feel that love too.
And so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  Thank you for being there, for cheering her on, for checking in, for keeping track and for counting down right along with us. 
Thank you for being our silver lining. 
Silver lining

Silver lining

A friend of Mom’s sent this to me last week to be included in our #lovefor60onthe4th countdown.  I thought it was an excellent way to wrap this whole thing up.

The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things

Love is powerful. It can change everything in an instant…and for a lifetime. But, it’s something that’s not to be taken for granted. In fact, it’s often the little things, the compliment, the extra hug, the special effort to make your loved one smile that makes love grow. It’s not the most expensive gift, but the gift of heart that makes the difference.

Special thanks to Molls for her excellent guard dog skills. No leaf or snowflake has gone unnoticed in the last few months.

Onward and Upward – right Molls?!


November 11 @ 11:00

Veterans Day | Field of poppies

Image by *Arielle* via Flickr

It’s Remembrance Day.  Take a moment.  Say thank you.


Adios Blogger: A final farewell

I have taken the plunge… I have completed my goal… I am officially transitioned. I am a WordPress blogger.

You can now find all of my blogger posts here at WordPress.  I’ve been putting off importing all of the old posts into my new blog mostly because I thought it was going to be a pain in the ass.  Turns out WordPress has it covered and I was able to simply press Import from the Tools menu – and I was away to the races.

The pictures are a little messed up/large and not wrapped by words, so that’s annoying and I’ll get on fixing that ASAP.  But otherwise feel free to take an extra long lunch today and catch up from the beginning!  Don’t worry – it’s only from October… and I was really bad at blogging consistently back in my Blogger days.

Thanks Blogger, it was fun – but I’m a WordPress girl now.

Secret Admirers

A little post to say thank you to all of the secret shout outs I’ve been getting the last week or so on this little blog of mine.  As it turns out it’s not just my Mom, my sister and the Boy that read my daily (week-daily that is) ramblings on being twenty-something.   It seems that there are people all over the place that are checking in to see what I have to say – it’s so humbling.

I have heard from friends from High School, friends from Elementary school and friends from University. 

One friend reads on her study breaks – so she can check in with what’s happening in the life of someone her age that isn’t up to her eyeballs in legal jargon. 

Friends that I would never have thought would read what I have to say, leave a comment here after something that I’ve written or have sent me little messages on Facebook to say they are loving my blog.  I’m always so shocked and beyond excited that they care enough not only to read it, but to let me know that I’m doing a good job.  Somehow it’s extra gratifying coming from people who don’t have to say nice things to you – they’re not your mom, or your boy… but they say them anyway.  I just wanted to say thanks.

And finally, a friend from University that this blog seems to be at once closing and creating distance between us.  She’s on the other side of the country now, so keeping in touch is more effort – she’s super excited that she keeps up to date with everything in my life.  Unfortunately she doesn’t have a blog – so I have no idea what’s going on with her!  The big things of course, she’s working, she’s leaving for a trip in a few days, but not the little things.  Not the random stories, or the things that are driving her crazy these days.  Still, it means a lot to me that she’s reading – it’s weird how it feels supportive from so far away and without actually talking to each other.

And then of course there’s the strangers.  The strangers make me feel famous.  Even though it’s only a few, whenever I get a stranger comment I announce it to everyone I know.  I got a stranger subscriber the other day – OMG it made my week.  Strangers are a special group of readers because they have absolutely no obligation to read, and no curiosity to read, to them I really am just another blog on  But they’re taking a chance on me – taking the time to read and/or comment on what I’ve had to say.  Does it make me narcissistic that I get so excited over strangers? For that matter, are bloggers in general just  a bunch of narcissists?  Hmm. Maybe.

Anyway, I just wanted to start the week by sending a shout out of gratitude to all of my secret readers.  You’re encouragement has really been awesome.  (Tip #9 – appreciate your readers) 

AND, (Tip #10 – pose a question and engage your readers) since I’ve switched to WordPress, I have loved all it has to offer – except one small thing, location of viewers is not an available stat as far as I can find.  So if  you’d like to come out of the woodwork and leave a comment to let me know where in the world you’re reading from, I’d be overjoyed to see just how far the word of Meaghan is influencing!  Maybe I don’t  need Oprah after all!

Happy Monday!


The much anticipated episode aired last night, that’s right fellow Gleeks – MADONNA! I was not disappointed, not only was it awesome but I have already downloaded the full Glee – The Power of Madonna album.  Woke up a little late this morning so it’s not on my iPod yet – but it will be and then watch out world I’ll be dancing in the Industrial Park Streets.

My Glee experience was a little tainted however, by a noise that had the power to ruin the whole episode for me. SNAP!

Boy – “did you hear that”

Me – having heard something but unable to identify what it was, and so fully prepared to ignore it and assume everything is fine, “What?”

Boy – “I think we caught another one”

Me – “A mouse? Gross!” – curling into a tighter ball on the couch in an effort to protect myself from said trapped mouse. “Go and check it”

Boy – “NO! I’m not checking it until it’s had some time to die.” – turns out he equally hates the mice, he’s just slightly less of a baby about it.

Glee returns.


Boy – Puts on shoes (?) to go over to the pantry to check on said noise.

Me – “Is there something there?”

Boy – “We’re going to need more traps” (neither of us want to touch anything so we just throw out the trap with the mouse.)

Me – “Gross”

Boy – “Email our landlord.”

So I did, and Steve will be over to handle our situation some time today – hurray.

Now the bigger question is why are they back?  Well, as it turns out this may be my fault.  The item that they got into and ate was a bag of dog treats that we have for when Denver pays us a visit.  Apparently I may have forgotten to seal it shut, and the mice may have had a field day and eaten the ENTIRE bag.  Snausages, not just for puppies apparently.

So the Boy deserves an extra thank you I guess, since not only did he dispose of the first mouse (the second  he left to fully die over night – torturous I know but they’re vermin and I have no sympathy – call PETA, I’m sorry they’re gross) but rumour has it, their presence is sort of, kind of my fault.

Live and learn I guess.  Notes for our puppy – get a sealed puppy container.

As for ruining Glee – I think it did for the Boy, but for me the episode was jam packed with TOO much singing to be overshadowed by one little mouse!

Photos from here and here

An Unwanted Guest

Well, this is not how I thought tonight’s post was going to go – but I have to give credit when it’s due, so here it goes.

Dear Boy,

I love you.

Love Meaghan


I was planning a rant on the balance of housework between the sexes.  I was fully expecting it to generate a discussion in my comments about how boys will be boys and I should just get used to it, women just tend to do more.

A brief recap…

Last night we went to my parents to do laundry, and the Boy got there first so he “started” this means he put a TON of clothes in the washer put in the soap and turned it on.  I arrived, and shortly afterward the washer was finished boy to me “the laundry is finished.”  Me (in my head) “are your legs broken?” The night progressed with dinner, more laundry, making lunches, more laundry, cleaning up dinner, more laundry and eventually a conversation between us about the difference between physical labour and social work, and how despite popular belief they are both tiring.  This just in… I’m tired too at the end of the work day.

This led to another discussion about “helping,” that is the Boy saying “I helped” and me saying “helping is not starting one load, and flipping the steak on the barbecue.”  Finally, the Boy getting upset because as he saw it I was saying “he does nothing” – (*Not true, and I made sure to not utter the words “you do nothing” he does a lot – just not yesterday)

So that’s the recap – I was all prepared to rant about this conversation not just skim over the highlights for the amusement of my loyal followers (my mom, my sister, and the Boy mostly) but then we got an unwanted house guest and everything changed.

Throughout the winter we’ve heard the scritch scratch of Jerry – our mouse.  He went away for a while but he’s been back lately.  When we first started hearing him we were sure to put anything open into plastic and went down to our neighbourhood Canadian Tire and chose our method of capture. I left this decision in the Boy’s capable hands.  I told him, this is a blue job, I am not dealing with the disposal of any mice – dead or alive.  We went the whole winter, we didn’t catch anything.  Today, I was putting the groceries away, and there he was Jerry – dead.

Not only did the boy dispose of him, clean up and set a new trap, he also took that opportunity to take out the rest of the garbage, put our laundry away and, after washing his hands I can only hope, made us dinner – including a veggie burger just for me.  Awesome.

Now I can’t claim that my rant the night before had an effect on tonight’s proceedings, I have full confidence that he would have dealt with Jerry regardless.  But I was genuinely happy that he took care of everything tonight.  It reminded me that I do have a good one (not that I was questioning) and we do have a pretty good balance.  However, seeing him do everything tonight did restore my confidence that he probably won’t claim to be “babysitting” in the distant future, when I leave him alone with our children – the Daddy equivalent to “helping!”

Dishes aren’t done – I guess that’s my side of the balance tonight. Boo.

pictures from  here and here