Invitations and a secret identity revealed

Invitations make it real.  Invitations caused me a little bit of panic.  Mail strikes make invitations bit of a pain in the butt.  Online RSVPs make for super quick responses!

Let’s get started. I reworked a design from or for my American friends. The price seemed right, but basically I loved the design and I loved how easy it was to rework and customize.  No unfortunately Zazzle has no idea who I am, I didn’t get any kind of bloggy discount or I would probably be singing their praises even more.  But seriously folks, $1.90 for an invitation and an envelope.  Works for me.

I ordered them on Wednesday evening and I got the notice from FedEx on Monday.  Left the “drop them at the door” note and got them on Tuesday – pretty good I’d say.

They came in a box.

Packed with care.

Is this building suspense?110 invitations.  110 envelopes.

Care for a closer look?

A teaser - love the flowers!

Okay, for reals this time.*

Okay, so it doesn’t really say The Boy, and I was going to leave the Boy’s name in and reveal it all.  But the Boy vetoed, he prefers to stay anonymous.  (Although if you zoom in you may be able to figure it out, or if you’re really bored at work today curious you can find the a past post where I revealed his secret identity) Doesn’t change anything. He will always be the Boy here.  So the identity to be revealed is our parents! You may also notice that our parents names are the same.  That’s not a typo, or a computer edit.  Dave and Carol and Dave and Carol.  I call them CD squared.

While I love the front – obviously.  The back is beautiful too.

If you can’t quite read it: Today I marry my best friend.  The one I laugh with, live for, dream with and love.  Mom and I saw this at a wedding show and she burst into tears.  It’s very true in our case.  Just less than 10 weeks to go!

*I know they seem very red in the pictures… they’re not.  They are orange and grey all the way!