You’re a Cutie

Picture this.

I’m sitting in a chair with a certain little puppy on my lap.

Boy – “Hi cutie”

Me – “Hi!”

Boy – “I wasn’t talking to you.”

Me – “Oh. So I’m not cute?”

Boy – “Well, you are.  But come on, you’ve got to admit – she’s cuter.”

Me – “Thanks.”

Boy – “Sorry, but it’s the truth. Look at her!”

You can’t argue with the truth.

Cute puppies who love to play on the computer make blogging more challenging.  But I’ve got a bunch in the arsenal – stay tuned.




I got a new haircut recently. This may not seem blog worthy – especially for someone who’s blog posts are as limited and sporadic as mine seem to be these days months.

I’ve got 2 reasons. 

  1. I now have bangs.  I have never had bangs before.  Never. I always thought my face was far to round for bangs.  That and I do not have a fivehead, that is a forehead that is large enough to REQUIRE bangs.  Turns out the round face is not an issue. And so I mention it because I have had this conversation with fellow round-facers who have reacted with “ME TOO!!” when I have said “I’ve never had bangs because my face is too round” They’ve all be very surprised I was able to pull it off.  As was I.  So as a public service announcement to all the round-facers of the world – I’m letting you know – I have bangs
  2. The Boy’s reaction. Let’s face it – we all know that when the Boy says something entertaining it needs to be documented.

I picked him up from work with my fresh new haircut. He got in the car (knowing full well that I needed the car that day so that I could get my haircut)

Boy – “It’s SHORT!”

Me – “Not really.”

Boy – “It’s different. It’s really different. What’sgoingon? It’sreallydifferent. Isitshorter?It’snotshorter? It’snice.It’sreallydifferent.Whatisit?” (his short outside voice questions got quicker and quicker as he tried to process what this GREAT change was he was looking at)

Me – “it’s bangs”

Boy – “It’s BANGS!!!”

Me – Yes.

Boy – You’ve never had bangs!

Me – I know.

Boy – Like never.

Me – Nope. Never.

Boy – BANGS!

Me – Okay, we’ve established it’s bangs – what do you think.

Boy – It’s different!

Me – Is that a Boy code for I don’t like it/think it’s weird but I’m being polite kind of different? (this is a real thing for the Boy FYI)

Boy – No. It’s just really different.

He then proceeded to stare at me while I was driving us home.

Boy – I like it.  It looks good. 

Another long pause while he processed this drastic change I’d brought to our lives.

Boy – You look like you belong on TV!


Nice save buddy.

Muscle Beach 2012

We call our rooftop patio Muscle Beach.  At some point during our first summer here, our neighbour was throwing a bench press.  The Boy decided it was just what our patio needed. Other than that first night, it has never been used. But it adds character I suppose, and a name for the patio.  Muscle Beach. I told the Boy that we could part ways with it when we move from here.  The Boy says we’ll see.  We’ll see indeed.
Anyway, last weekend we opened up the beach and this was our conversation:
Boy – “Can you keep a journal of what we plant and when we planted, and update it every year?”
Me – “Yes”
10 minutes later
Boy – “Do you have a book to write down what we planted and track how well it does?”
Me – “No”
Boy – “How are you going to keep track?”
Me – “I write a blog, maybe you’ve heard of it?  That’s kind of what it’s for – keeping a history of things.
Boy – “Haha, oh yeah!”
So as per the Boy’s request – this is the 2012 Muscle Beach Round Up,
This year we got our crap together early and we planted on May 12. (The Boy wants to keep track of the date we plant.  I think it’s an OCD thing)
We’ve still got a couple of plants that need to go in, but so far we’ve got:
  • Golden Peppers
  • Purple Peppers
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Carrots
  • Chives
  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Mint
Potatoes are new for us, and so are Purple and Golden peppers (which means I can cross another one off my 101 in 1001 list). We did red peppers last year, and had sad little plants that each produced a single pepper.  The Boy went out to “harvest” and the squirrels/raccoons had beat us to it – they were all half eaten.
This year we’re trying to not crowd our containers.  While one tiny little plant looks pretty silly in a giant pot off the start, I’m hoping if we give them more room to grow, we’ll have more luck.
We’re picking up more pots this weekend, so I’d still like to add kale, and green onions.  The Boy wants to try broccoli but I think we’re too late. We try lettuce pretty unsuccessfully each year as well – but I’m thinking maybe this year will be the year.
This is our new Blue Jay friend – the Boy is very excited about his presence and made me take about 50 pictures. 
I’m cool with him as long as he stays out of my plants!

Things the Boy Says: Episode 1

The Boy is funny.  I don’t know if you realize this or not but his antics make me laugh on a regular basis. I mean obviously – I did marry him after all! To showcase The Boy’s funny side I thought I would introduce a new somewhat regular segment called Things The Boy Says, and share his quirky comments with the world.

I’m sure he’ll LOVE it!

I should have seen this comment coming, The Boy has a slightly OCD personality when it comes to having a “spot” for everything.  It’s the source of I would say 99% of our arguments.

Things the Boy says:

“I’m so jealous you get to carry a purse.  You have one convenient spot to carry everything!”

I fully realize The Boy’s comments might only be funny to me – but this one just made me ask myself:

Do you think lots of Boys are jealous of women’s purse carrying capacity?

I’m challenging you to ask your boy – does he wish he could carry a purse?

And boys ask yourselves and be honest – no one is judging here… much!

Ask away and leave your survey results in the comments!