A Random List of Stuff I’ve Been Up To

Hello bloggy world!

Turns out I don’t really have time to post the beautiful and detailed posts that I’d love to about everything we’ve been up to lately. So here we go in no particular order:

  • I went centrepiece shopping with a friend of my mom’s this week.  We went straight to the flower warehouse source.  It was cold. It was slightly overwhelming.  But mostly it was incredibly frustrating to see the ridiculous mark-up on glass containers, flowers and floral accessories.  I know the mark up also includes labour but seriously – $5.00 for a vase that would probably sell anywhere from $20 – $25 is craziness.
  • I keep waiting for the Boy to realize that we are getting married in 3 weeks.  He has this anxiety issue where he does not anticipate change terribly well – sleepless nights, shortish fuse, sheer panic.  So far, nothin’. So far only rolling eyes when I ask him something with slight panic a normal 3 weeks away sense of urgency to my tone. Next week his “busy schedule” includes 2 golf games and 2 baseball games followed by a baseball tournament all weekend.  Do I sound jealous or bitter? I don’t mean to I am simply anticipating when I can check off “Calm Boy down when he has w-day meltdown.”  If he could hurry up and get it over with we could all move on.
  • Yesterday I woke up and went into the kitchen to find the garbage can tipped over and garbage all over the floor. At first I thought raccoons. Then I thought – that’s crazy the Boy must have just tripped over it in his half asleep state this morning.  Turns out I was right the first time.  Our landlord is coming over this weekend to fix the screen. Can you imagine waking up to a raccoon in your house? Bah.
  • I thought we had all of our important songs picked (first dance, last dance etc. etc.) but then this weekend as we were driving home from London the Boy says “I like this song as a first dance.”  What? You couldn’t have told me this 3 months ago when I asked your opinion on this?  Now I’m trying to figure out how to get all the songs we love into the day.  And trying to focus on appreciating his interest and opinion rather than the checked off things on my to do list unchecking themselves.
  • We finally met with our priest this week to confirm all that we had to confirm and get a few questions answered.  Highlights included:
  1. His congratulations to the Boy for “robbing the cradle” when we told him our ages (we’re only 11 months apart).
  2. Him asking me to fill out the online form myself since it would just be easier that way, and when the form went all screwy saying, “this is what you get when you ask a woman to do a man’s job” (He’s lucky I love him!)
  3. The football that the Boy was able to futz with in his office
  4. His enthusiasm when we showed him we hadn’t picked 1 Corinthians as one of our readings
  5. His advice on a non-Catholic friendly wedding program: “you can write anything you want in the program but no one’s going to read it – and I just make this shit up as we go along”
  6. His Spiderman t-shirt
  • I stopped by Mary’s Yarns the other day to pick something up quickly only to find they had just received their fall shipment.  I restrained myself. But I think to fight the post-wedding blues I am going to have to take myself on a date there and stock up.  SOOO MANY THINGS! Cowl anyone? I think Lynn would definitely support that plan of therapy. Seriously, if you’re a knitter and can get yourself to Unionville – go. You won’t regret it.  And if you’re not a knitter (you should start BTW), visit anyway – there’s a reliable rumour that John Stamos is in town, so there’s that if nothing else.

That’s it. That’s all I know. Well, that and the fifty other things that are rattling around my brain. But these are the most coherent ones – which should be an indication of how the others look.

Happy weekend!

22 more days!



Are you kidding me?  OMG. I can’t believe this. I’m throwing up right now.

For reals.

Where we’ve been:

  • Showered – twice.
  • Made ONE GIANT to do list. And named it To DO before I DO!
  • We heard back from (almost) everyone.  And made the decision that if I haven’t heard from you yet – you’re not coming.  141 people total.
  • Ordered a guest book
  • Completed w-party and other VIP gifts
  • Ordered and picked up my ring
  • Had my first dress fitting
  • Bachelored and Bacheloretted
  • Went flea marketing and convinced BFF Kate to barter for me – for a BEAUTIFUL card “box”
  • Made a decision that post W-day this blog will feature Wedding Wednesdays to actually post about all these details that I don’t want to give away before the big day – that’s right more wedded bliss post wedding!
  • We had a hitch with the hotel – but Twitter saved the day! More on it later.
  • Spoke with the florist and I think things are confirmed
  • Booked a rehearsal date
  • Booked a rehearsal dinner site
  • Made all of the stationary

Where we’re going:

  • Planning the menu for the Rehearsal Dinner
  • Print all stationary
  • Coordinate and confirm all the vendors
  • Dress fittings 2 and 3
  • Meet with our Priest
  • Choose centrepieces (yeah that’s right – we’re one month away and haven’t had this conversation yet… it’s a point of contention right now)
  • Get a massage – maybe two!
  • Makeup trial
  • Hair trial
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Mani/Pedi – maybe two!
  • etc. etc. etc.
  • Get married and enjoy the day!

As I was writing out what we’ve done I was feeling like we’re still about 6 weeks out, not 4 – it’s coming but we still have some time.  But as I’m listing all the things to do… the panic it’s coming.  Not that there’s too much to do just that it’s coming – really quick.  4+ weeks is NOT a lot of time. Luckily I’ve got lots of help. And a master To Do list.  So I’m telling the panic to bugger off – we’ll get it done.

It will be fabulous and by 4:00pm on Saturday September 10th – I’ll be able to cross #5 off my 101 in 1001 list – Say I Do.

We’ll be married.  That’s all that matters.

One Giant To Do List

About 3 weeks ago I had a major “OhmygodwehavesomuchtodoIdon’tevenknowwheretostart” panic attack.

I told my friend over at A Handmade Story that I was basically freaking out and since she did all of this last year she had some words of wisdom.  Make a master to do list.  I liked the idea, but I didn’t really know where to start.  Enter Todoist.com

There’s a handy video to show you how to get started.

And get started I did. I think at the most I’ve had 110 things on my “To Do Before I Do” list.  I’ve been crossing things off and adding more things in as I think of them. And right now I’m at about 70. The tags for the list are brilliant.  I can essentially make sub-lists of “email” “visit” and “call” or “shopping” “rehearsal” and “ceremony.”  I have assigned tasks to other people – but kept them on my list using tags like “mom” “boy” or “wparty.”

 I’ve had a couple new subscribers lately that found me searching for wedding blogs, so for them I say – use todoist. The Knot, and Martha Stewart to do lists are good, but what I was finding as we get closer is there are 5 things that need to be done before I can cross off one thing from either of those checklists. I felt like I was spinning my wheels – doing all of this w-day stuff without getting to move forward in my list, very overwhelming.

But Todoist isn’t just for w-dayers.  I have Todoist lists for “Around the House”  “The Twenties Roar” and “Groceries.”  Better yet, I’ve got an iPhone app for it so I can keep my Todoist list on my phone. Though I must say, the iPhone app could use some work – you can’t sort by the tags on the app. Boo.

Anyway, I thought I’d check in and say – I’m still here. I’m just up to my eyeballs in w-day.  I’ve got some posts to come I just need some time to write them.  Blogging time is coming up… I’ve added it on my to do list!

*FYI I have not been compensated in any way for my review of Todoist, I just came across it and think it's cool. So I thought I'd pass it along.  If you find this post Todoist - feel free to compensate me - I won't mind.

Countdown continues – 6 MONTHS PEOPLE!

Can you tell how crazy busy I’ve been with these W-Day planning shenanigans?  Well… not that busy I guess, but stay incorporated into this countdown will be a recap of what occupied our time this past weekend.

But First – let’s roll call what we’ve done so far:

  • We picked a wedding party! – Post on that to come since I just realized I hadn’t posted about that yet.
  • We picked a florist
  • We’re getting closer with centrepieces
  • I designed our first invitation – need to make sure the peeps coming to the party get it first before I can show the world
  • We picked a DJ
  • We attended and passed our Catholic Marriage Preparation class, which included 189 compatibility questions

What’s coming up?

  • We need to decide on a cake
  • We’re meeting our caterer this month for a tasting
  • These ladies need to wear something – looking at some options this month
  • Start working on our play lists
  • Fully launch our wed-site
  • Complete our registries
  • Think about stationary

Oh man, that’s a lot to do – and it’s not even done after those things.  I’m not sure if all brides feel this way, but every month when I do the countdown the next day I am automatically in 5 more months mode.  And the panic attack ensues.

But on to more positive things: Marriage Prep.

Let’s be honest.  It wasn’t something we were looking forward to. But it was actually pretty good.  Now let’s not get carried away, it was very churchy and we were not so into all the churchyness. But it did get us talking about some probably important stuff.  Con – the Powerpoint presentations were brutal.

Thursday night we were talked at a lot but it started with a really great icebreaker.  Now I’m not really one for icebreakers but this one was GREAT! The Boy read a secret piece of paper.  Then I blindfolded him.  Then led him to the middle of the room.  Then he had to make the noise of what he had read – in this case “Ribbit” and I had to lead him around the room to the other ribbiters.  Does this not sound like a great way to get to know people? Oh wait – WORST. ICEBREAKER. EVER!


After learning about roles and responsibilities, we moved on to Sexuality and Marital Love.  Nothing like getting the most awkward part out of the way right off the start.  We spent the next hour or so talking about Sexual Intercourse.  The Sex Act. Or The Conjugal Act of Marital Love.  I liked when they said all three – in a row. together.

Friday night we learned communication 1 and communication 2.  Powerpoint brought on some serious struggles for the facilitators – it’s hard for some people.  And while their presentation was once again brutal the dancing was awesome! That’s right – we all came to the centre of the room and danced to some slow country song.  Grade 8 styles.

Saturday we learned fully about the relationship between us and God, that this marriage will be between the three of us. We also learned about Natural Family Planning and that it is not the Rhythm Method.

We also got our FOCCUS questionnaire back.  It was 189 compatibility questions that included such gems as “I am concerned my homosexual thoughts or feelings might have a negative effect on my marriage”  I’m happy to report that both the Boy and I disagreed with that one, and we largely agreed with each other for most of it.  That didn’t always mean we agreed with what the Church wanted us to answer. We may have gotten 8% on the  religion section.

Finally we were invited to stay for mass, which we did – but we were one of about 7 couples who did (there were 20 in our course).

Okay, so I leaned a little more to the con side in my report – but let’s face it that makes for better blogging.  The pro?  We really appreciated the time to talk to each other about things we don’t normally.  We spent a lot of time talking and took a break from planning our wedding and took some time to plan our marriage and our future family.

It wasn’t something we were looking forward to but it was definitely valuable.  We actually really enjoyed it.

Churched – Check!

Six Months To Go!

Counting it Down – 8 Months

Okay, we’ve been engaged for about 2 months, but we’ve only just been able to start a monthly countdown since we didn’t set a date until just before Christmas.

What we’ve done so far…

  • Made it official and got engaged
  • Told our family and friends
  • Set a date and picked a venue
  • Called our Officiant (tomorrow’s post)
  • Booked our church
  • I’ve asked me ladies to stand with me, but since the Boy still hasn’t made a decision yet, or has but hasn’t confirmed… you’ll have to wait.
  • Wedding showed (Wednesday) and researched
  • Picked colours – you can find them above!

What we’ve got to look forward to…

  • Book a photographer
  • Meet with and confirm our caterer
  • Book a DJ
  • Start looking for a dress
  • Finalize our guest list
  • Book hotel room blocks
  • Search for a florist

The wedding shows were fun – I’m glad I was only planning on doing just the one weekend of them.  The biggest thing I learned, September 10, 2011 is a VERY popular date this year.  So I need to start booking my pros ASAP.