Hot Wheels and High Heels – 2.0


I held out as long as possible.  I didn’t want to do it.  But now that I have, I must admit… it’s awesome!

Any guesses? Anyone? Anyone?

A Car.  I’m driving a car to work.  We are now a two car household.  I was determined to hold out as long as possible – but the Boy’s car has been making some concerning noises lately, and Mom and Dad recently purchased a lovely 2010 GMC Terrain, (silver for those who wanted to know).  What’s even better? They gave us their 2003 Toyota Camry. Sweet!

My first thoughts were – we’ll of course get rid of the Boy’s car and stay a one car household.  But the Boy had other ideas.  He brought up the excellent point that he’s going to be out several nights a week this winter and perhaps I will not want to be stuck in the suburbs sans vehicle.  Good point.  He also suggested that since our goal is to put off a car payment as long as possible – what if in a couple of months we get new jobs and both have to commute further than around the corner.  Won’t it seem silly to have just gotten rid of a second free car?  I knew I kept him around for a reason – so logical.

So I’m driving now.  And I’m really surprised just how fast I’ve gotten used to it.  In honour of my new status and saying goodbye to York Region Transit.  I give you my Top 5 reasons why driving is way better than bussing:

  1. When it rains it pours – Mother Nature has been making sure I’m SUPER grateful for my new status.  It’s been pouring rain during my regularly scheduled walk times.
  2. Goodbye sensible footwear.  I no longer need to think about whether or not I can walk a mile in my shoes.  I can pick any pair and off I go.  Yesterday heels, today wedges.  Awesome!
  3. Leaving on my timeline.  Helpful in the morning – even more so at night.  I don’t need to dash out of work at exactly the right time to ensure I don’t miss my bus, leaving me to wait 45 minutes for the next one.
  4. 15 extra minutes in the morning = AWESOME.
  5. My 4.5 km commute now takes a reasonable 5-7 minutes instead of 25.  Sweet.

I’m sure I’ll feel bad eventually about the environmental dammage added by one more car on the road, but for right now my shoes are cute and I’m lovin’ every minute!