Was it or Wasn’t it

Okay kids, I’m looking to you.  The Boy and I are in the middle of a VERY serious argument.

Did we just go on our honeymoon?

Last weekend was the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada (for my American friends Canadians celebrate the birthday of our reigning monarch on the Monday around the 24th of May each year – regardless of when their actual birthday is. It is rarely referred to as Victoria Day and more typically referred to as May 2-4. Every year, Ontarians think it’s going to be a beautiful weekend for outdoor activities and typically it is cold and rainy.  This year it was GORGEOUS. The more you know!) Sista and the Physicist went to Kingston and Prince Edward County and the Boy and I went to their apartment in Toronto.

It was our first weekend “away” together – without additional family members, since we’ve been married.

So I give you 5 reasons why it may have been our honeymoon and 5 reasons why it definitely was not.

  1. It was our first weekend away together since we’ve been married. (This is basically the Boy’s only point).
  2. We went out for fancy dinner.
  3. We split a bottle of wine at dinner for the first time ever.
  4. Some of us tried new foods – the Boy had Elk.
  5. We discovered new areas of a city we love.

And now the truth (yes I realize there are 6 here – hey if he wants it to be equal he should write his own post):

  1. We went less than 60km away. That is not very far.
  2. We did not have any accommodation costs – we even brought our own sheets.
  3. We went to a baseball game.
  4. We did not buy anything to commemorate our trip – not even matching fedoras.
  5. We went home early.
  6. I took a total of 13 pictures. 7 of which were of the Boy sitting 3′ from me saying “Why are you taking my picture?”

Obviously to document our honeymoon that you keep insisting we are on darling. Why else?

Settle the score – what say you? Did our Toronto weekend count as our honeymoon?

Also – since it obviously does not count – any suggestions?

This is why we call it Northern Ontario

I’m out on location this week folks! Okay, not really this week.  Just a couple days.  And it’s not really on location – since I live too close to the event, so I don’t qualify to stay “on location.”  But I am on my first real big girl job conference in the big beautiful city of Toronto.  And to save myself another morning of getting up in the 5s – that’s right THE FIVES – I’m staying with Sista overnight and soaking up all the city I can muster.

Yesterday, I took the GO train South, and felt like a true suburban commuter, putting to the test my claims that I wouldn’t mind being a public transit commuter.  Well, it was okay.  I still claim I could do it everyday, but why would you want to is the bigger question.  Sure I got to listen to a book for an hour while I drifted in and out of an extra hour of sleep. But do you know what’s better than that? Sleeping that extra hour+ in my bed and driving 2 minutes to work.  If I really wanted to listen to a book each morning there’s nothing stopping me from putting it on the stereo while I get ready, or God forbid walking to work (I promise I will when the weather gets nicer – Scout’s honour.)

I didn’t mind the view…

my 7:09am view

But I could do without it.

What I’ve been loving all week is being reconnected with my city.  It makes me say – Newmarket? Who are you trying to fool? You are no Toronto.  The ‘burbs work for the Boy and I entirely because we are close to work, but if we weren’t – there’s no way I would do the 3 hour round-trip commute each day, we’d be citified all the way.

In honour of my renewed love I give you top 10 reasons Newmarket is not Toronto.

  1. There isn’t a Starbucks on every corner of Newmarket, and they look at you like you have three heads when your order is complicated.  In Toronto, my app tells me there’s 3 within walking distance of my conference all are bubbling with fellow city-dwellers who are just as Chai Tea Latte with Soy, Extra Hot, No Water, No Foam loving as I am.
  2. The smell.  Toronto stinks this week.  Likely due to the crazy warm weather the river is thawing and it stinks like spring. It’s disgusting and industrial but passing. Springtime in the ‘burbs smells like manure all the time – which is just gross.
  3. Sista and I went for a walk last night and there were about a dozen different stores that I want to come back and wander  through.  On our nightly Newmarket stroll, there is 1.  It’s the yarn store on Main Street. And the Boy won’t let me go in there every night.
  4. Speaking of yarn – I may have snuck into The Purple Purl yesterday post-doctor’s appointment – pre-conference.  It was glorious! I may have gotten so overwhelmed by the potential that I only bought a skein of sock yarn and vowed to come back with back-up opinions. Toronto is great because their yarn stores have character and are plentiful.
  5. Sista’s apartment is adorable – bigger and for less people.  Weird.  It is substantially more money but come on, totally worth it.
  6. There are a MILLION restaurants.  On our walk of one block I saw at least 8 that I would want to try. In N-dot, we’ve got one of each type.  And that’s it.
  7. Everything is SO close. And I’ve been reminded of my love of the TTC monthly pass. Want to go somewhere? Jump on public transit.  Touchy subject public transit in the ‘burbs right now (though they are back to work after 3 months of being on strike) but even when it is up and running at full steam – it’s not convenient to use at all.
  8. AND I got to go on a new subway train…. and even though it still smelled like BO and urine – it’s the consistencies in this crazy city that are just part of its charm.
  9. The city by day and the city by night.  My conference is in an area of the city that I have only really experienced at night in the last 10 years.  It’s so interesting to see it by the light of day.  You guys know my hatred of Winners and other such rummagey stores but the Winners on Front Street looks like a cute little boutique.  Winners in Newmarket scares me. And don’t get me started on the “night life” in Newmarket – non-existent or nightmarish take your pick.  All I’m asking for is just one little pub that doesn’t scream townie – is that too much to ask?
  10. One word.  Gelato.  Toronto has one on every corner.  Newmarket – nada.  Enough said.

Tomorrow I return to my suburban life, and sure there are things I like about it, like our skating rink and our farmer’s market.  But this week I have simply been reminded that Toronto has those things too, only more and bigger, and all year round.  Newmarket, is really just kidding itself.

It’s not Toronto.

Not even a little.


Beets and Cupcakes

Great news everyone! It’s been 3 years since fate tore Sista and I apart.  She moved to Guelph.  She lived with the brother.  She left me.

But now after 3 long hard years…. SHE’S BACK! Hooray! Sista is moving back to Toronto!!  The Boy is probably a little nervous – will he ever see me now that Sista is closer?

Sista is extra excited that she doesn’t have to read this book – “The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness.”  Hooray for her amazing new job in the T-dot!

Our reunion officially started this weekend and conveniently we sent the boys away for our first visit of the new ‘hood. We met one of Sista’s friends (mine too of course but through Sista, so she gets the cred) down in Riverdale and took a little tour through our her new desired neighbourhood… Leslieville.

Oh I am jealous.  Northern Ontario has nothing on the beautiful up and coming neighbourhoods of Toronto.

Restaurants, Wool Stores and Cupcakes OH MY!

We started our tour with some lovely lunch on back patio at Lil’Baci.  Sista and friend both had the beet and goat cheese salad. It was delish, we all agreed on our love of beets and goat cheese the combination is just delightful.  I had the zucchini soup to warm me up on the drizzly gray day – it too was delish.  Lil’Baci – I’ll give you a Twenties Roar recommends.  I assume it will be in your window or on your website by the next time I’m there. I’ve got clout you know.

Next stop? Wandering down Queen Street East checkin’ out some stores and looking for “For Rent” or Viewit.ca signs. We came across Bobbette & Belle Bakery and had to stop to enjoy quite possibly the most delicious cupcakes I have ever had.

vanilla cupcake with mango buttercream

That’s right.  They’re better than Starbucks.  I had Vanilla with Mango buttercream (above).  Sista had Vanilla with Vanilla buttercream. Sista’s friend had Chocolate with Peanut Butter buttercream.  Mmmm buttercream.  So creamy.  So good.

I'm acquiring a suprising number of pictures of Sista posing with different thingsSista is a good sport about posing with various things for this little blog.  Her friend K came over and asked why we were taking pictures like tourists?

cupcakes for twoI assumed that meant that K wanted her picture taken too.

We finished off our tour of the ‘hood with a quick trip to The Purple Purl.  K took a card and is considering learning to knit.  I told Sista that if she moves so close to such a fabulous yarn store she needs to learn to knit too… it would be crime against knitting not to.

The final highlights of our tour were all of the other cupcake shops that K took the time to point out to us.  Next time we’re in the ‘hood I vote we take a more active tour and get a taste from each of the 10ish bakeries.  How else can one expect to pick a favourite?

The weekend wasn’t particularly “food challenge” friendly, but it was Sista friendly.  And that’s more important than any W-day deadline.

Four Girls, Four Shapes, One Dress, TwoBirds

Ladies and Gentlemen everyone that is in our wedding party has something to wear! This is a momentous occasion and another big check mark off the ol’ to do list.

Originally I had told the ladies to find a grey dress. Any grey dress would do. I didn’t care what the style was as long as it was grey – heck I didn’t even really care what shade of grey – if you like I’m sure I’ll like it was my philosophy. Well, sista went looking and she came back with the following report – “grey does not appear to be the colour this season.” Shoot.

The reason for my original instructions were two fold: first, when everyone can pick their dress they get to pick something that looks good on them, and that they’re comfortable with financially; second, each of my four lovely ladies are completely different shapes. We’ve got heights from 5’7 – 6′, and of course each girl has something about their body that they’d rather not draw attention to. Skip the headache I figured. Do it Yourself.

Alas, it was not to be. But the wonderful world of blogs came to my rescue. I know there’s a few BTBs out there so to you I give you my list of wedding blogs I follow. Style Me Pretty (like 5 posts a day), Green Wedding Shoes, With This Ring, and Wedding Obsession – the last is even Canadian! Style me Pretty did a post on Twobirds Bridesmaids dresses I sent it to Sista and she quickly agreed these were worth a look. Better yet, they just opened a store in Toronto.

About a month ago Sista and I went down and she gave it a whirl. Ready to sign and seal it as soon as she put it on, we scheduled an appointment for this past Saturday when BFF Kate would be in town from the great West. The five of us went across Queen Street, after dropping the Boy at the 14 inning birthday Jays game.

The dress is honestly magical! I want one. Luckily there are only 2 sizes and Sista and I are the same size so I fully intend on stealing hers once I have an occasion that calls for it. (Shh don’t tell her). It’s one dress (a silk/jersey blend fabric – dressy and soft and according to the girls so comfy), 4 lengths, and can be wrapped a minimum of 15 different ways – put a little imagination and creativity in there and the options are basically endless. Plus, there’s an iPhone App complete with videos for your wrapping ease.

The greatest testament I think is how these four very different lovelies all wore the exact same dress one after another, and each of them looks unique and beautiful.

We’ve put the order in for 4 of them in slate grey (dress above is chocolate brown – there’s got to be some surprises right?). They should arrive in about 10 weeks (hopefully plenty of time to be unaffected by a pending postal strike). Love Love Love it and would HIGHLY recommend it. Endorsement from BFF Kristyn – “That was the easiest dress shopping experience I have ever done. EVER.”

Maids of Awesome Dresses – CHECK!  Actual styles they’ll wear – To Be Determined

Say Cheese

Have you noticed the trend yet? In an effort to keep you lovely readers interested, and to not be a crazy wedding-obsessed bride, I’ve been trying to only blog about wedding stuff every other week.  The small flaw with this plan is by the time the next W-week comes – there is SO much to talk about.  That, and I have noticed that my life is slowly being taken over by all things wedding.  So last week, I only had knitting to talk about – because that’s what I do now.  Plan and Knit. Plan and Knit.

But I digress, to kick off this week’s Wedding Week – Photography! We actually booked our photographer last Wedding Week – but it was on Wednesday, I already had DIY Yarn Balls to talk about and then it was YouTube Friday – so it had to wait.

Here’s how we made the decision:

The to do lists on the wedding websites were stressing me out.  Still are actually.  They want me to have all of the pros booked and signed a month ago. So I was getting a little anxious about photography.  When we first got engaged I sent an email to a photographer that had taken family pictures for us a year ago, to check his availability.  He put some dates on hold for us, but then we looked at venues for 2 months so I didn’t talk to him again for a while.  We booked our venue and had Christmas and exhaled over the holidays – which means we put all of those lists and pros out of our heads.

But denial couldn’t last forever we needed to book a photographer. I hit the wedding shows.  I hit the blogs.  I started to get an idea of what I liked and what I  didn’t and then I went on referrals.

One of the referrals we had was a the daughter-in-law of a friend of my parents.  Lauren of Gemini Photography does about 6 weddings a year, but she aims for a candid comfortable style.  She does the shots you need of posing nicely with Grandma, but she keeps things light and fun.  If you’re getting married in the Toronto area take a look – I really liked the look of her photos.  She does lots of family photos and babies too.  Check her out!

So we had it down to two.  West Photo and Gemini Photography.  We met with David of West Photo.

My parents came with us and we talked about “the vision” and David informed the Boy that 100% of wedding pictures are of the bride. Anyone else that happens to be in the pictures are merely props.  We like David.  He’s easy going, he makes the Boy laugh (which is how he got the Boy’s picture the last time).  He takes AMAZING pictures. We weren’t sure that any of his packages were going to work for us – but he happily tweaked them to make them work.

David asked what style of pictures I liked, I told him I liked pictures to look candid, all the while understanding that the best “candid” photos are not generally truly candid.  I told him I love pictures in front of graffiti walls, in the subway, on streetcars.  If we were getting married in the city that’s where our photos would be.  But we’re not.  We’re getting married on a lovely farm – so our pictures will incorporate a beautiful old barn.

David found all of this very exciting and suggested that to get the best of both worlds (and since traveling to Toronto between wedding and reception was out of the question logistically) we’d do an engagement shoot in Toronto.  We could do some very cool things with the subway, and Rick Mercer does his rants in graffiti-ed alleys so maybe we could find where those are and shoot some pictures there.

I then told David the most important component of W-Day photography for me.  I said, “I like you David, but I do not want to say my vows to you.”

He burstated.

I explained that I really didn’t want to see him at all during the ceremony.  I want all of those close up teary-eyed shots of the Boy (haha) but I didn’t want to have him standing beside me.

He agreed – no problem. And also he might use that line in the future.  It was just the best way I could think to articulate what I wanted – or didn’t want in this case.

We nailed down what package we would go with if we went with him – but David encouraged us to look around.

I liked that.

This is getting too long – you’ll just have to wait for a decision tomorrow

Photo from here

Venue 1 – Shenanigans

You may recall that when the Boy and I saw the first venue – Holland Marsh Winery, we were in love.  We had some reservations about the size of the space, but we were thinking since it wasn’t built yet, and we were the first to inquire, and Rolland (the owner) said he “always takes care of his first,” it was looking like Venue 1 would be the standard by which all others would be measured.

Well, we looked around.  In that process I decided that it’s really unfair that the most expensive part of the reception is the first decision to be made. Both the Boy and I suffered a little sticker shock.  But in the back of our mind we thought – but we’ve got a great deal at the Winery.  What’s that thing they say about things being too good to be true? Argh.

Since Rolland couldn’t give us a ballpark having never had an event in his space, given that it’s not finished yet, my parents and I went and saw a local caterer that my work uses regularly and creates all things delicious.  On the pro list for the Winery was we could use any caterer we wanted, and the caterer that I knew was looking to become Rolland’s preferred caterer. So we met her and made our wish list (the Boy chose to opt out of this meeting and made dinner for me upon my return instead – cool with me).  She said she’d put together a quote, meet with Rolland to see how he wants to work out his end (room rate – he had no idea when we met him, and/or percentage of the food – and what percent that might be).  She said she’d have an answer for me by the end of the week…. that was 2 weeks ago.

I emailed her last week to say – I know you’re busy with the holiday season, but I’m here looking to make a decision before the rest of the universe gets engaged over Christmas.  She answered – thanks for your patience, meeting with Rolland should have a quote in the next few days.  That was December 13.  On the 17th I called her.  Really looking to make a decision this week.  She said she’d send me her quote by Saturday afternoon but she wanted to let me know that my BFF Rolland – the guy that was going to take care of us as his “first” wants $5000 for the space alone.


Should I repeat that? $5000 FOR THE SPACE ALONE. As far as I know (since it’s now Monday and she still hasn’t sent me a quote) that price doesn’t include anything… just space.  Space that’s not even built yet.  Space that we have only seen digital plans of.  Space that no one else has used.  There are no testimonials.  There is no coordinator.  There is no history. There is no reputation.  $5000, for 150 people to come to a space and stand there.  No one has anything to eat. There are no decorations. There is no food.  And the Boy and I are naked.

I repeat… Uh… What?

So I said what any bride-to-be (BTB for short you know) would say – “Um What? Does he know that that is 2-3x the venue price of other places we’ve looked at.”  Let’s keep in mind that those other venues are built, not North of Hwy 9, some of which are right in the beautiful city of Toronto, with beautiful city of Toronto prices?  To put this in perspective, stunning Venue #3‘s rental fee is $2500 and that includes tables, chairs, basic linen, silver candlesticks, all staff costs and a night of Maitre’D.

So what did Ms. Caterer say? “Well, he says he’s done some research and spoken to another similar venue in town.”  This other venue that he “researched” has done over 800 weddings according to their website.  She did not try and convince me.  She did not say she thought this was a reasonable price.  In fact, she followed that statement up with, “Have you looked at Waterstone Estate and Farm?”

We hadn’t.  We did this weekend.  There were more shenanigans there, but it seems that this might be another viable candidate.

As I’m typing this it’s now Monday evening, I still haven’t received a quote from Ms. Caterer.  I should say I would normally just say the name of the company I’m waiting on, but she is really good, and I think the delay (while I still find it unreasonable) is likely due to the holiday season.

So the long and the short of it is we thought the venue was going to be an easy decision, but I’m quickly learning that when it comes to wedding, there are few “easy” decisions.


Positive thoughts.  Positive thoughts.

4 Days ’til Christmas!

the sexy santa assistants were there to take a...

Image via Wikipedia

Venue #3 – Be still my heart

The vision.  It would be beautiful. It would be socially conscious.  Did I mention it would be beautiful? Stunning.

Venue visit number 3 was to the Estates of Sunnybrook.  A Toronto estate that used to house some Doctor’s family, blah blah blah, now it’s a event venue in Toronto.  It is owned and operated by Sunnybrook Hospital.  You may recall I visit Sunnybrook regularly – I am a patient of their high risk breast clinic.  Here’s the best part – not only is it stunning, STUNNING.  All of the profits go to research at Sunnybrook.  Are you in love?  I am.

I knew it would be a million dollars. I knew it was not likely to make the short list.  But c’mon – the money goes to research and it’s a beautiful estate.  I had to see it.

The lovely coordinator and I had gone back and forth for a week trying to arrange a time to see the space.  We finally settled on a date that worked for her, me, and the Boy when the Boy went and scheduled himself for volleyball.  Argh.  I couldn’t cancel on her again so I kidnapped Milena of A Handmade Story and off we went.

We pulled up to a beautiful estate,  walked in and fell. in. LOVE.

The ballroom – beautiful.  The extra space available beautiful. Queen for a day – check!

Price tag fit for a queen – check.

Rational decision making. Rational decision making.

Breakin’ it down pro/con styles:

Pro – I think we’ve firmly established the beauty.

Pro – The coordinator seems like someone I could work with. She already let me in on a little secret – buffets = MORE than a plated dinner.  The reason, is clear in one word. Waste. The chef needs to make enough of each option that if everyone wanted one of everything it would be available.  Same number of staff is required for set up and clean up. And there you have it more expensive.

But I digress… I liked the coordinator.

Pro – The extra space. The bar is separate but not too separate like at Venue #2. There is distinct areas for cocktails etc, but because it’s got that old estateness it still feels cozy.

Pro – Extensive soundproofing and a separate entrance for the possible 1 other event that might be happening the same day.

Pro – Beautiful photo options.

Pro – If we’re going to pay all this money regardless of where we are – wouldn’t it be nice to know that the profit is going to a wonderful cause instead of someone’s pocket? I think so!

There are some cons

The biggest con is that the capacity of the space is 150.  Since our current guesstimate is 150 – we’d likely be at capacity.  Looked pretty tight. They would also need to move tables in order to create a dance floor… I don’t particularly like that.

Con – proximity of accommodations – there are hotels around.  It would be doable, but they are downtown hotels so I don’t know what that would cost. We’d have to investigate.

Con – $$ While I initially thought the price per person was less than other places we’d looked at – turns out no.  It’s about the same as Venue #2.

I briefly considered who we could cut on our list, in order that “the vision” be an actual possibility. Perhaps an intimate wedding with just our immediate family… but no.  The Boy and I have talked about this wedding for a long time, and we have long agreed on quite a number of things.  #1 We want all of the people that love us in one room. We want them to be comfortable, and we want it to be SUPER fun. And while I realize that hosting that many people is going to cost more than $5.00, we have enough debt.  We don’t need to be adding to it to get married.

So venue #3 is beautiful. And should we win the lottery or should we send out invitations and everyone we know regretfully declines – we’ve got a back-up.

Still can’t find the camera cord!

F is for…

Fantastic Florida!

We left this…

We spent 9 full days here…

And it was Fantastic!

I thought about blogging while I was away.  And it’s not that I didn’t have the time.  We had a pretty relaxed holiday filled with golf, the beach and shopping (of course). But I decided it would be better to just do a photo blog recap to remind myself of my wonderful vacation when I went back to work.  So here we go in reverse order (just for fun)…

Day 10:

It was the 20th annual Fort Myers Beach Sand Sculpting competition.  We made it down on both Friday and Saturday but the competition wasn’t over until Sunday… when we were back home.  So they weren’t finished yet but still really cool.  What these people can do with sand is no less than mind-blowing. I may have forgotten to put sunscreen on, luckily the Boy gave me his t-shirt but I did leave Ft. Myers with some serious burn chills.

Day 9

One last trip to Coconut Point.  The Boy and my Dad really enjoyed  it as Mom and I shopped for shoes and purses.  I really love malls in Florida, not just for the shopping and the choices but they are all outside. So even though you are spending some time inside stores – you still get to enjoy the nice outside.  Heading to Fort Myers Beach? Hit up Coconut Point!

Day 8

My only golf game was at beautiful Beachview Golf Club on Sanibel Island. Love this course because there are always lots of Alligators to see, as well as birds, turtles and lizards.  Last year we saw a couple of BIG iguanas but they weren’t out to play this year.  I had a few beautiful shots – one par hole, and a hole lot of terrible shots.  But as they say, a bad day of golf is still a pretty great day!

Day 7

The Boy and I spent some time on the beach… well he spent time on the beach, I was more in the beach. I miss the ocean already!

Day 6

Even including the price of the flight and the hotel room to stay overnight in Tampa, seeing the Leafs lose in Tampa was probably more affordable than seeing them lose in Toronto.  The game was brutal, way to not even show up Toronto!  But fun was still had by all.  We met BFFs Kristyn and John at the game and went bowling afterward.  A lot of beer was consumed by all – pretty much the crowning glory to the Boy and my brother’s week of bonding through beer.

Day 5

Enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Parrot Key with these lovely ladies.  The girls dinners came served on a Frisbee and they showed us how easy an iPhone is to use (if a 4 1/2 year old can do it – the Boy should be able to figure it out).  This dinner has become something of a tradition for all of my parents friends to catch up with us and see how big these girls are getting.  Love them!

Day 4

Mini golf! We won free passes for filling out a scavenger hunt (for children 12 and under) last year and getting a hole in one.  So we did what any sensible 20-something couple would do.  We put those wooden tokens that don’t expire with our passports and took advantage of our free game this year! This is a lovely picture of the first hole.  It’s funny on its own, but even more so with the sign that is posted just beside it. ‘Nuff said I think. Oh except for a reminder that there’s a anatomically correct lion at this Jungle golf as well. And that I won another free round for another hole-in-one.  Mini golf rocks!

Day 3

Boys went golfing.  Girls went shopping.  We went to Knitting with Nancy, even though after the knitting fair in September both mom and I SWORE we wouldn’t buy any more yarn until we had finished with what we had…. who were we kidding. I didn’t come home with anything… but there may be some on order for me.  We may have made our way to a book store.  And maybe to the magazine section.

Day 2

On day 2 we visited Fleamasters Fleamarket – it was huge and full of mad deals on things like socks, and sunglasses. We did a little shopping at the outlet mall. When we got back to the condo, the Boy and I went for our first beach walk of the season. We saw a happy crab – I realize he doesn’t look happy in the picture (actually he looks a little evil) but he did look like he was smiling – for realsies.

We thought the sunset was going to be glorious.  But after this the sun quickly disappeared behind too many clouds.

We talked a little and then practiced our self-portrait skills.

Wait… what’s that on my hand? Oh right… F is for FIANCE! The Boy and I got engaged on our first beach walk at sunset in Florida! We are going to officially become a Mr. and Mrs. I’m impressed with the lack of mascara running down my face – there were definitely tears!

SO HAPPY and SO EXCITED! (You can tell by the bold underline AND italics!)


I had a feeling it was going to be great.  As I told the Boy on

Day 1

Every great vacation starts with a Chai Tea Latte (with soy, extra hot, no water, no foam)

And that was our vacation loyal followers! Hands down best vacation ever. I don’t know how this will change things here. But since it’s a blog about me, and this news is definitely going to dictate my time for the next year or so, it’s probably going to make it’s way in here. I’ll start this week with some additional details – like a fuller Proposal Story tomorrow. And a bit of background on the Boy and I. But life does still go on… so I’m hoping I don’t become too consumed.  Time will tell I guess.

For now, back to work today.  Boo.