Who ordered this?

It’s snowing right now. As I type this I am looking out the window at possibly bigger flakes of chunky wet snow than we had all winter. It looks cold. And grey. And wet. And it’s cold in my bones. I knew when it was 30C in March that it was too good to be true.  The Boy and I even discussed it – the possibility for snow to come. Turns out it really doesn’t matter that I told myself to expect it.  I’m still bitter.  It’s the end of April. I’ve started walking to work.  I’m done with winter.

So I made soup. Corn Chowder – specifically. And it was delish.  Even the Boy agreed. From Vegan Cooking for Carnivores, with a little added Meaghan tweaking. I don’t know what Old Bay Seasoning is, but I know what spices are on my fridge – so I added some of those.

Chowder is just the thing on a snowy evening in April. The heart can’t take much more of this – but soup helps.

Onion, celery, garlic, a bit of flour. Stir. Add veggie broth. Spices – I used some Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Thyme, Cayenne, Bay Leaf, Red Pepper flakes, salt and Pepper.  Corn, simmer, puree half.  Add Potatoes, simmer, eat.

Mmmm…. Chowda’

Brought to you by the number 2

We’re in the less than 2 month mark.  This means the following.

  1. Things are crazy busy
  2. I have a mini meltdown every few days
  3. I have written about 1000 thank you notes
  4. I am at once SUPER excited the big day is almost here and FREAKING OUT that the big day is almost here.
  5. I am reminded seemingly every weekend of how much love and support we have around us

But this post, has been brought to you by the number 2.

2 Weekends

2 Families

2 Showers


2 People (that’s us)

Let’s face it.  I’m seriously slacking on the blog front.  Part of it is because I’m a busy little bee on all the details. And the other part is that a lot of those details are surprises – so not great to blog about if I’d like to keep it that way.  But because of the busy part I’ll give a quick recap of the beautiful showers that were thrown for me over the last two weekends.

First – my family.  My mom has had showers for all of her family when they got married or had babies.  Kind of comes with the territory when you’re the oldest of ten kids, but mostly it’s because she’s cool like that.  Also when you’re the oldest in a big family you are generally called upon to represent that family, so Sista and I found ourselves all dolled up many a Sunday afternoon to attend yet another shower.  With each and every one Mom would say, “One day it will be your turn, and they will all come for you.”  Moms.  What’s with them and always being right?

They did come, for the most part – it is the middle of summer after all. And we enjoyed one of the hottest days of the summer outside in the gorgeous sun…. until no one could take it any more and we headed back in to the glorious air conditioning. Heaven.

Highlights included:

  1. Lots of help from my 2 fabulous little cousins with the opening of gifts.  They were so efficient Sista and I could hardly keep up.
  2. Brownies made by my lovely little cousin Demi… who is not little at all anymore but the fact that she’s 16 makes me feel old so I just like to pretend.
  3. Catching up with the extended extended family – showers are a much better place to do this than funerals I find.
  4. Not crying during my thank you – is this a sign of things to come?
  5. The lovely chocolate inspired gift from one of my aunts that melted in the sun when we thought the party would stay outside. And my cousin Olivia (3) dripping in Hershey’s kisses that were not in fact just soft but COMPLETELY melted (when I told her she was dripping and put my hand under hers to catch the drips she dumped the whole thing in my hand… I would have just licked it off but it’s amazing how classy I can keep it when all eyes are on me)
  6. Cupcakes.  Oh the cupcakes.  Enough said.
    ”]Cover of "Hot Fuzz (Ultimate Edition) [Bl...

Last weekend we went to beautiful downtown Thamesford, where you can find the Boy’s parent’s new house for shower #2 with the new family. The Boy’s mom or FMIL (Future Mother in Law – for those not familiar with the Bridal lingo) threw us a lovely shower with all of the ladies from the Boy’s family and “the community.” To be honest – because that’s what I’m about here whenever FMIL talks about “the community” it makes me think of the movie Hot Fuzz with the whacked out little village with the cult neighbourhood watch that go around killing everyone that does anything that makes “The Community” look bad and justify it all with “It’s for The Greater Good – the Grea

ter Good.”  That may not make any sense at all to anyone else but it makes me laugh every time.  ANYWAY, I met “the community” last weekend and they don’t seem cultish at all – and there was definitely no strange disappearances.  (Seriously if you haven’t watched that movie you should – it’s awesome.)

Highlights included:

  1. FSIL (Future Sister in Law for those that are a little slow) showing up 10 minutes before people were to arrive with unbrushed teeth and a hangover.  She quickly got herself together and most never knew of the rough shape of her dehydrated brain – until now. What?  It made me laugh!
  2. When I introduced my mom to everyone in the room (most of whom I had just met) and  I skipped over one lady to try to buy myself some time my mom said – “Meaghan you missed her!”  Thanks mom way to point out my not so subtle effort. (It was actually fine and I was going in the order that they came in to help my overtaxed memory – I don’t think I offended anyone)
  3. Meeting members of the Boy’s family who are huggers!  My family is slowly converting the Boys immediate family into huggers (they mostly high-five and fist bump) so when the extended family, who I had just met went to hug me I almost didn’t know what to do with myself!
  4. All of the good country wife swag.  I don’t mind since I love to bake and cook but I thought it was really funny just how much of that stuff we got in one shower – complete with an angel bell – to call him for dinner I assume? Got to keep that man happy and full after all! 🙂
  5. The 365 Vegetarian Meals cookbook from the Boy’s Grandma. I knew she was on my side!
  6. The conversation that followed about how I will never be able to make my farm boy a vegetarian (for the record I brought chicken home last night and the Boy said, “Meat? What’s going on here? I thought you wanted to eat more vegetarian?” Love him!)

Yes all in all it was a whirlwind of not just one weekend but TWO! The Boy was thrilled that they were both girls only showers and his role in wedding celebrations both weekends involved golfing. Oh! And I didn’t cry during my thank you at the second shower either – I’m telling you I’ve got this under control!

I still didn’t remember to take pictures.  Blast.

Follow me on Twitter today and you might just get a surprise… I’m off for fitting number 1 tonight!

Pass the chickpeas please…

First season of Friends, George Clooney guest stars, Monica and Rachael have him and Noah Wyle over for dinner, shenanigans ensue, and in an effort to ease the tension George says, “God bless the chickpea!” I couldn’t agree more, it’s so delicious and filling, one of the great wonders of the world in my opinion.

For the last few years I have been less of a fan of meat, and more of a fan of the chickpea. I never went completely vegetarian, but am largely a “Clean Food” or “Real Food” eater… not a big fan of bacon that can be kept in a box in your cupboard, or yogurt in a tube, or food that comes in buckets. But since moving in with the boy, I have found myself spending more time in the middle of the grocery store than I am used to.

Now, the boy thinks I have been a little hard on him in the past, so I must say this is all said with love. But since I established that the boy can eat, I thought I’d focus on what he’s eating, and what I am used to eating, and how the chickpea all plays into this.

On our first “officially living together” gorcery shop, I followed alongside the cart in absolute shock, as he stocked it full of chocolate bars, frozen pizza, crackers, chips, granola bars and cookies. I had gone grocery shopping days earlier and heeding to the advice of Michael Pollan, I stuck to the outside of the store. I came home with tons of veggies, fruit, meat, grains and some dairy, and the response I heard was “You didn’t buy any food!” I became blissfully aware of the frustration my mom used to feel when she would drop $200 at the grocery store, and her beautiful children would say “There’s nothing to eat in this house!”

I feel the phrase “Pay back’s a bitch” is appropriate here…

So I gave some thought into how I can influence healthier eating, cost savings, and keep the growing boy from becoming enraged at my healthy goals. Last week I spent two evenings baking in an effort to divert from the middle of the grocery store.
I made Rebar’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, my FAVOURITE chocolate chip cookie, secret ingredient… chopped apricots! Sounds questionable but REALLY good. The next night, I made granola bars, with mixed reviews, they were a little cinnaminny but they seem to be a suitable replacement to the over-sugared over-processed, good until the end of days CRAP that is available in the middle of the grocery store. Next time I’ll add more oats, probably some seeds, and use either raisins OR dried cherries, but not both as I did this time (in an effort to replicate the Kashi chocolate cherry bars that I like, but are completely unaffordable).

In an effort to save money, time and stop the boy from eating 60 cookies, and 30 granola bars in one sitting, as I am learning he is quite capable of doing, I only cooked 13 cookies, dropped out the rest of the dough and froze it. Now if he wants cookies he has to take them out and cook them – something he says he’ll do but we both know is not likely to happen. I also wrapped the cut granola bars individually and put them in a bag in the freezer, he takes one each day and puts it in his lunch bag the night before – rather than taking the box of 8 in his lunch bag and acting surprised when it’s gone in two days.

The last thing I did this week was make chickpea fajitas. They are a quick an easy dinner that is filling and delicious providing you like chickpeas. I have told the boy that I would like at least one meatless day per week, this week it was Meatless Tuesday. The problem is the boy claims to hate beans (a texture thing apparently and yet he loves Hummus(?)). However, he still eats whatever I put in front of him like a Hoover vacuum so I’m not too concerned about it. Right now we’re at one meatless day per week… the goal one meatless week per month. He’ll say “Not going to happen” but I’m the cook and I agree with George, “God bless the chickpea!”