The Cat Came Back – Clean Eating 2.0

From yesterday’s post you’ll recall I love my Naturopath Dr. Bizios.  I saw her for about a year or so but then I started working full-time and thought since I was doing so well, I should stop seeing her.  Things were stressful but I was doing okay.  Then I moved in with the Boy – a carnivore at heart.

The Boy is usually willing to try anything I make but is adamant on one thing – “I don’t like beans.”  Bah! It’s not terribly easy to make vegetarian meals that are filling and not full of cheese without beans. Thanks Boy. Nonetheless we compromised and I would make about one vegetarian meal a week – Meatless Monday if you will.

The pain started to come back.  I never returned to dairy full out – I probably haven’t had a glass of milk in about 5 years. But there is always ice cream in our house.  And usually there’s cheese. Yogurt was always on the good food list with The Bizios – so there is always yogurt around too.  But basically – I got lazy.  I was stubborn to cook two meals for two people.  And the Boy is a big guy – so even when I made vegetarian meals that he would eat – he would be into a bag of chips straight afterward, which meant dinner wasn’t enough… and also he has a chip problem.

What sent me back to Dr. Bizios was the UTIs coming back.  I tracked them for a year and sure enough every 3 months I was back at the doctor or in the emergency room getting another prescription.  Like clockwork.

So in December I went back.  I called The Bizios and said I needed to come back. She has worked her magic and I am getting back on track and most importantly I have been UTI free for the last 5 months.  Hooray!

There’s just one problem with The Biz.  She has this little habit of being preggo every time I start seeing her.  And sure enough at the end of June she’ll be going off on maternity leave – “for as long as it takes to no longer feel sleep deprived.” Since this is her third little one – I’m guessing it’s going to take longer than 6 weeks.

At my appointment last week we discussed my stress levels and my progress. By and large things are going really well,  but when I stuck out my tongue she called me on it (I told you she’s psychic).  “Meaghan – how’s your eating?”  Crap.

It’s okay.  But I know I could be doing better.  She asked that I really be conscious of my eating for the next 6 weeks until my next appointment.  She wants to leave me in good health when she goes off for her baby vaycay.

So, I thought about it.  And I’m going to give it a whirl – living allergen free is on my 101 list after all.  I know what I need to do and I’m a HUGE advocate of the benefits of whole food eating.  I don’t eat a lot of processed food but how I’m combining those foods could be better.

It’s not going to be easy.  The Boy is I’m sure reading this and having a heart attack that we’re only going to eat granola for the next 6 weeks.  But I think it’s necessary.  My energy will be so much better – and last time I was diligent about it I lost nearly 25 pounds. While I didn’t put all of that back on – I’m just saying the timing is okay with me.

The Twenties Roar is not a food blog.  It’s a little bit of everything blog – and it’s definitely a “me making sense of the world and of myself” blog. So to keep true to both of those platforms I’m going to blog about my foodieness on a new page within The Twenties Roar – you can find it at the top – The Challenge.

The Challenge is to eat cleanly as much as possible (I’m just sayin’ it’s the Boy’s birthday next week – there will be cake and I will be eating some)  To experiment with new recipes.  To meal plan.  And to do it all while continuing to feed a 6’8” Boy – without making 2 separate meals as much as possible.

I’ve kind of started this week. But the posts will start in earnest next week.  Complete with recipes I’ve tried and where the hurdles are and how I’m managing them.  After my next appointment we’ll let Dr. Bizios and my tongue be the judge.  Fingers crossed we both get a passing grade.