Single Digits and Seating Plans

We ended up with 139 but alas… still 14 tables + a head table.  W-guests are you reading this? We mixed you up! Come prepared to make new friends. We tried to get it down to 13 guest tables… but as much as we tried it could not be done. I think it’s going to be good.

So if you see me on W-day a kind request say to me:

“You look beautiful Meaghan, I’m so happy for you and the Boy.  This is the best wedding ever! I’m having so much fun and I LOVE my table.”


9 days left.


Is it a sign or just being nice?

I read this quote the other day on Oh She Glows

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” -Jessica Hische
Does this mean that stopping the wedding madness to make the Boy cookies for his baseball tournament this weekend is a sign that I should become a professional baker?
Or just being nice.
They were delicious by the way. Mama Pea’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Dough Balls. I’m determined to cook my way through The Book… maybe I’ll take some time to tell you about it in about 15 days.


13 days to go

You Know what 14 Days means?

Let the compulsive weather forecast checking BEGIN!

22C and sunny? Perfection!

14 Days to go!

Wordless Wedding Wednesday


Checking in with the Numbers

148 Favour Tags cut and stuck.

592 corners rounded.

18 Days to go.

Thank goodness I’m sending these out to a wonderful friend of mine to tie and finish.

Favours Check!

A Random List of Stuff I’ve Been Up To

Hello bloggy world!

Turns out I don’t really have time to post the beautiful and detailed posts that I’d love to about everything we’ve been up to lately. So here we go in no particular order:

  • I went centrepiece shopping with a friend of my mom’s this week.  We went straight to the flower warehouse source.  It was cold. It was slightly overwhelming.  But mostly it was incredibly frustrating to see the ridiculous mark-up on glass containers, flowers and floral accessories.  I know the mark up also includes labour but seriously – $5.00 for a vase that would probably sell anywhere from $20 – $25 is craziness.
  • I keep waiting for the Boy to realize that we are getting married in 3 weeks.  He has this anxiety issue where he does not anticipate change terribly well – sleepless nights, shortish fuse, sheer panic.  So far, nothin’. So far only rolling eyes when I ask him something with slight panic a normal 3 weeks away sense of urgency to my tone. Next week his “busy schedule” includes 2 golf games and 2 baseball games followed by a baseball tournament all weekend.  Do I sound jealous or bitter? I don’t mean to I am simply anticipating when I can check off “Calm Boy down when he has w-day meltdown.”  If he could hurry up and get it over with we could all move on.
  • Yesterday I woke up and went into the kitchen to find the garbage can tipped over and garbage all over the floor. At first I thought raccoons. Then I thought – that’s crazy the Boy must have just tripped over it in his half asleep state this morning.  Turns out I was right the first time.  Our landlord is coming over this weekend to fix the screen. Can you imagine waking up to a raccoon in your house? Bah.
  • I thought we had all of our important songs picked (first dance, last dance etc. etc.) but then this weekend as we were driving home from London the Boy says “I like this song as a first dance.”  What? You couldn’t have told me this 3 months ago when I asked your opinion on this?  Now I’m trying to figure out how to get all the songs we love into the day.  And trying to focus on appreciating his interest and opinion rather than the checked off things on my to do list unchecking themselves.
  • We finally met with our priest this week to confirm all that we had to confirm and get a few questions answered.  Highlights included:
  1. His congratulations to the Boy for “robbing the cradle” when we told him our ages (we’re only 11 months apart).
  2. Him asking me to fill out the online form myself since it would just be easier that way, and when the form went all screwy saying, “this is what you get when you ask a woman to do a man’s job” (He’s lucky I love him!)
  3. The football that the Boy was able to futz with in his office
  4. His enthusiasm when we showed him we hadn’t picked 1 Corinthians as one of our readings
  5. His advice on a non-Catholic friendly wedding program: “you can write anything you want in the program but no one’s going to read it – and I just make this shit up as we go along”
  6. His Spiderman t-shirt
  • I stopped by Mary’s Yarns the other day to pick something up quickly only to find they had just received their fall shipment.  I restrained myself. But I think to fight the post-wedding blues I am going to have to take myself on a date there and stock up.  SOOO MANY THINGS! Cowl anyone? I think Lynn would definitely support that plan of therapy. Seriously, if you’re a knitter and can get yourself to Unionville – go. You won’t regret it.  And if you’re not a knitter (you should start BTW), visit anyway – there’s a reliable rumour that John Stamos is in town, so there’s that if nothing else.

That’s it. That’s all I know. Well, that and the fifty other things that are rattling around my brain. But these are the most coherent ones – which should be an indication of how the others look.

Happy weekend!

22 more days!

One Giant To Do List

About 3 weeks ago I had a major “OhmygodwehavesomuchtodoIdon’tevenknowwheretostart” panic attack.

I told my friend over at A Handmade Story that I was basically freaking out and since she did all of this last year she had some words of wisdom.  Make a master to do list.  I liked the idea, but I didn’t really know where to start.  Enter

There’s a handy video to show you how to get started.

And get started I did. I think at the most I’ve had 110 things on my “To Do Before I Do” list.  I’ve been crossing things off and adding more things in as I think of them. And right now I’m at about 70. The tags for the list are brilliant.  I can essentially make sub-lists of “email” “visit” and “call” or “shopping” “rehearsal” and “ceremony.”  I have assigned tasks to other people – but kept them on my list using tags like “mom” “boy” or “wparty.”

 I’ve had a couple new subscribers lately that found me searching for wedding blogs, so for them I say – use todoist. The Knot, and Martha Stewart to do lists are good, but what I was finding as we get closer is there are 5 things that need to be done before I can cross off one thing from either of those checklists. I felt like I was spinning my wheels – doing all of this w-day stuff without getting to move forward in my list, very overwhelming.

But Todoist isn’t just for w-dayers.  I have Todoist lists for “Around the House”  “The Twenties Roar” and “Groceries.”  Better yet, I’ve got an iPhone app for it so I can keep my Todoist list on my phone. Though I must say, the iPhone app could use some work – you can’t sort by the tags on the app. Boo.

Anyway, I thought I’d check in and say – I’m still here. I’m just up to my eyeballs in w-day.  I’ve got some posts to come I just need some time to write them.  Blogging time is coming up… I’ve added it on my to do list!

*FYI I have not been compensated in any way for my review of Todoist, I just came across it and think it's cool. So I thought I'd pass it along.  If you find this post Todoist - feel free to compensate me - I won't mind.

2 Months to go. For reals.





That’s all the languages I know. Doesn’t change anything. OMG we’ve only got two months to go! TWO MONTHS! Less than 9 weeks.

Let me tell you a little story.  As I was going through the Blog history I came to realize what a crappy job I’ve been doing re: blogging all of this, at least for this month.  Sorry about that.  I also noticed that while I thought I was keeping on top of all of this stuff – I have not. There’s a lot of stuff on the “to do list” from last month that I still haven’t done.  I had a feeling this was the case – I am a procrastinator by nature and I knew it was only a matter of time before it caught up with me.

To combat this genetic nature of mine I spent some time this weekend making a master To Do List.  I called it “To Do Before I Do.”  Clever I know. I’m at 80 items and we’ve only just begun.  I’ll give you the final count once I get there and a little plug out to my new organizational friend  but the short version is – I love it.

Let’s get right to it before I run out of time completely.

What we’ve been up to this month:

  • We enjoyed our first wedding shower – I know I’m behind the 8-ball but stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it.  It was awesome. I cried.
  • We had beautiful engagement pictures and ordered prints.  Beautiful I tell you.
  • We sent out invitations
  • We got our first RSVP from Sista’s manfriend – shout out!
  • To date we have heard from 80 people (that’s just over half and they’ve got another week to go)
  • I started thinking about music for the reception and started creating the lists.
  • We made a wine decision
  • I shopped for W-party gifts and other VIPs gifts – I’d tell you but then I’d ruin the surprises, so you’ll have to wait.
  • Yesterday I ordered The Boy’s w-ring. It’s a beauty again – more to follow.
  • We finalized transportation for our w-party and for our guests (giant yellow school bus will be taking guests from the hotel to the reception and home again – no drinking and driving at this wedding please!)

What’s on tap:

  • Another 2 wedding showers (we are so spoiled with love it’s amazing)
  • Bachelor/Bacheloretting
  • Order my w-ring (like today!)
  • Visit our venue with our florist
  • Get the rest of those RSVPs back and start harassing people who have dropped the ball
  • Dress visit (they still haven’t called – should I be worried?)
  • Dress fitting #1
  • Meet with our Priest (he keeps telling me – “yeah no problem whatever you want buddy” reassuring but I think we should write a few things down)
  • AND about a million other things.

My goal all along has been to not have THAT much to do the week before. I’m starting to realize that if I’d like that to be the case – I better get on it!

How do you keep on top of things when life gets crazy

image from here

Engagement Pictures

They came, they finally came! Engagement pictures are here. Hooray! Okay, so it wasn’t actually long at all that I had to wait – our awesome photographer is cool like that.  But I’ve been so looking forward to them ever since we initially met with our photographer.  Before you get to see – no peeking until I’m done – I’ll tell you a little story about how we got to where we were.

The Boy is a country mouse and I am a city girl.  We live in the burbs ie. Northern Ontario but I would love it if we lived in Toronto, and the Boy would love it if we lived on a farm.  In the middle of nowhere. With animals.  And manure.  I would not like this. So we don’t.

When we looked at wedding venues you may recall we ended up at Waterstone Estate and Farm because it was a beautiful combination of the two of us.  The venue is an Estate Home – and it’s beautiful.  The grounds are a working horse farm complete with an old hay barn and acres of green giving the feeling that you’re in the middle of nowhere.

When I first spoke to David at West Photo we talked about our wedding photos and that they would have a largely country feel – being in a barn and all.  When we talked about engagement pictures I asked if we could do them in the city.  At first I was thinking about doing our photos in the alleys of Queen Street West where my boyfriend Rick Mercer does his rants. But then I had a brilliant idea.


My Grandfather on my Mom’s side was a mechanic for TTC and worked on the TTC Streetcars.  My parents and brother and I think a couple Aunts have pictures of Toronto Streetcars in their homes.  I’ve always liked them.  But official art is not exactly in the budget so we made our own!

David thought it was a great idea and I put Dad on the case.  He crafted a well written letter explaining the significance to us and my family.  The TTC was very accommodating and we set a date for early June.  When we got there we had to sport some super awesome vests, for safety.

But then we were off to the races.  David had some concerns that the light inside the streetcar would be terrible, to be honest I had some concerns that the inside would be hideous.  We were both wrong.  The light was awesome and other than the no smoking signs (which will be edited out of the pictures we print) the inside was just as awesome as the outside.

The TTC let us use the PCC Streetcar circa 1950 for an hour on a Sunday afternoon.  The super old ones are also available (who knew) but since they are in heavy storage they require a fee to have someone take them out of storage and my guess is clean it off before you can use it.  Fine by me the PCC is what I had in mind.  Beauty.  Love it! 

After many, many shots inside – we headed outside.


When we went to see them The Boy was a little nervous that they weren’t going to turn out.  Never doubting David’s mad skills but rather his own complete and total discomfort in front of a camera.  He hates having his picture taken.  We had pictures done a couple of years ago and we had to reshoot because he looked so uncomfortable.  But this time it was just us (and my mom sneaking looks while my Dad learned all about the TTC from our friendly supervisor) and the Boy had a beer beforehand seemed much more comfortable. So when he nervously asked if they turned out okay, David reassured him.  “They’re awesome man, and in some of them – you’re not even just a prop!”  Sweet.

I’ve got plans for all these pictures because I love them. LOVE. Did I mention that? Don’t you love them? How can you not? David has offered to help me realize my vision once I figure it out entirely (more on that sometime).  But after seeing these and how quickly and easily he got so many amazing shots we are even more thrilled with our choice of photographer (I didn’t think it was possible but it’s true). 

 The Boy’s take on it all, “David is super quick and clearly loves his job.  I like that.”

What more could you want?

Did you have Engagement pictures done?  Where were yours? Was there a story behind them?

Photo credit where it’s due – all of these awesome shots are from West Photo in Richmond Hill.  Don’t take what’s not yours – it’s impolite.

Invitations and a secret identity revealed

Invitations make it real.  Invitations caused me a little bit of panic.  Mail strikes make invitations bit of a pain in the butt.  Online RSVPs make for super quick responses!

Let’s get started. I reworked a design from or for my American friends. The price seemed right, but basically I loved the design and I loved how easy it was to rework and customize.  No unfortunately Zazzle has no idea who I am, I didn’t get any kind of bloggy discount or I would probably be singing their praises even more.  But seriously folks, $1.90 for an invitation and an envelope.  Works for me.

I ordered them on Wednesday evening and I got the notice from FedEx on Monday.  Left the “drop them at the door” note and got them on Tuesday – pretty good I’d say.

They came in a box.

Packed with care.

Is this building suspense?110 invitations.  110 envelopes.

Care for a closer look?

A teaser - love the flowers!

Okay, for reals this time.*

Okay, so it doesn’t really say The Boy, and I was going to leave the Boy’s name in and reveal it all.  But the Boy vetoed, he prefers to stay anonymous.  (Although if you zoom in you may be able to figure it out, or if you’re really bored at work today curious you can find the a past post where I revealed his secret identity) Doesn’t change anything. He will always be the Boy here.  So the identity to be revealed is our parents! You may also notice that our parents names are the same.  That’s not a typo, or a computer edit.  Dave and Carol and Dave and Carol.  I call them CD squared.

While I love the front – obviously.  The back is beautiful too.

If you can’t quite read it: Today I marry my best friend.  The one I laugh with, live for, dream with and love.  Mom and I saw this at a wedding show and she burst into tears.  It’s very true in our case.  Just less than 10 weeks to go!

*I know they seem very red in the pictures… they’re not.  They are orange and grey all the way!