We said some things and then we danced

After everyone was finished with there delicious dinner and dessert (which we didn’t get to try – though we heard it was the best molten chocolate lava cake in the history of the world – sigh), The Boy and I got up and said a few thank yous. I wrote some things down months before. But I didn’t print anything, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to actually share all the things I wished I could say – especially to a certain pair of parental units. Luckily, I wasn’t alone. The Boy wrote a few notes but he hadn’t rehearsed anything either – turns out we’re more… speak from the heart type of people.

The only problem, I couldn’t tell you what we said. I know we switched back and forth, mostly so I could compose myself after thanking my lovely Nanny, family and parents. The Boy thanked his parents and was sure to thank his Grandma for making the trip. We thanked each other and while I don’t really remember the specifics of what I said (though I took pieces from a poem that I wrote for the Boy and printed in a book for him as part of his wedding gift) and I don’t remember the specifics of what The Boy said, but I do remember how loved I felt. Looking out on a room FULL of people who took the time out of their schedules, all of whom traveled from some distance – and LOTS who traveled from a GREAT distance – just so they could share this one day with us. It was amazing. I felt so. very. loved.

Then we danced.

The dance was some debate. New or old? Boy’s choice? Meaghan’s choice? Meaningful? Danceable?

I’ll tell ya’ it wasn’t an easy decision.

Come back this afternoon for the deets and the decision.