Rustic and Romantic County Wedding

The Boy and I spent the weekend in Prince Edward County a couple of weeks ago , and while it was a great way to spend some time together we never would have discovered this new little wine county were it not for our lovely friends Andrew and Charlsie. The Boy played volleyball in university with Andrew and thankfully Andrew brought Charlsie into our lives!

Their wedding was held at a big red barn near Bloomfield Ontario and just like this beautiful couple – it was a stunner! The Boy and I discussedon the day and since I think one of my favorite parts about a wedding is how each couple is able to create a day that is perfect and reflective of them. The Boy and I wanted a great party with all the people we loved in one room. A Catholic wedding was important to me and by default important to him. We wanted to make sure that everyone had a great time and knew how much we loved and appreciated that they were there. So that’s what we kept in mind all the way throughout the planning process. It was perfect for us.

Andrew and Charlsie’s wedding was equally as perfect for them. They wanted to keep it small and simple. They are environmentally conscious people, both country kids, love their families, their friends and each other. All of it was reflected in their day. And it was perfect for them.

Highlights for The Boy and I:

1. We took a minute to give each other a knowing smile while this beautiful couple said their vows – a welcome opportunity to renew our own vows in our heads.

2. We also loved the opportunity to catch up with some great friends – something you don’t really have the opportunity to do at your own wedding.

3. We brought the camera and while we both took about a million photos I edited it down to a few of our favorites.

Finally, a wedding tip. Keep track of the couple – or if you are the couple assign someone to keep track of you. Remembering back on our own wedding day, The Boy and I danced together a few times first, half a dance in the middle and our last dance. We were both trying to talk to as many people as possible (my policy was if you want to talk to me come and dance) and between the two of us we covered pretty much everyone. By the end of the night when we got back to our hotel room we turned to each other and said “so how was your day?!” It was fine, but I noticed that Andrew and Charlsie hadn’t so much as checked in with each other since their first dance. So I arranged for a check in for them.

It was appreciated by the couple and I think one of my favorite pictures we took.

Congratulations to a truly beautiful couple, we were so happy to be part of your day and look forward to many more celebrations together!

PS Charls, I know you’re a little sad about moving a little further west – but we’re thrilled! Hoping we can see much more of you guys this winter! XOXO


Wedding Wednesday – Crap.

So you may have noticed Wedding Wednesday has once again taken a bit of a hiatus.  I assure you I have the next 5 weeks written.  Alas, I had to take the photos off my computer in order to create enough space for a software update. Which has delayed the post finishing process. Last night I sat down to put the pictures into the posts… I can’t find the CDs with the picture files. Crap.

I’m sure they’re somewhere. The Boy probably knows where they are.  Or they’re in somewhere perfectly logical like the bottom of a box in the sun room.  I just need to take my mind on a little adventure since they weren’t in the perfectly logical place I thought they were… my knitting bag.

This is SUPER frustrating on three levels.

1. When I sit down to finish off my posts I expect things to go smoothly.

2. I have a wedding wall planned in my head and a general update of all of our pictures in our house planned and the CDs are an integral part of that.

And perhaps most important,

3. The most common argument between the Boy and I is that he is O.C.D. anal about where things go and I am not. I insist that just because I don’t have a “spot” for everything doesn’t mean I lose things. I in fact very rarely lose things. I do, occasionally misplace things or forget things – but I think this just gives my brain the opportunity for a work out. And all is well, no harm done. The Boy will not see it this way and I will need to spend hours and hours rehashing why I don’t have spots for everything. Exhausting.

ANYWAY, if everyone could (as my Nanny would recommend) say a little prayer to St. Anthony – they’ll surely turn up.

Fingers crossed 😐


I Meaghan take you Boy

How do I capture this moment? What I was thinking? (try not to cry) What I was feeling? (nauseous)

I guess I’ll just start from the beginning.  The music started.

Forrest Gump Suite.  Do you know it? We love movies the Boy and I and this one is quite possibly one of the best.  Plus, it’s such a great piece of music.

The girls went up and the last one to leave me was Sista, who wished me luck, and when she was at the front she gave the Boy a big hug (she said it just didn’t feel right to walk right passed him like she didn’t even know him) and then it was just me and my dad.

I stepped into the doorway and the tears started coming. But I looked straight ahead and focussed all my attention on the Boy and on not having makeup run down my face in the pictures.

Friends told me later they had never seen someone look like they were concentrating so hard and so focused.  One goal. Get to the Boy.  Get married.

We went through the beginning of the mass and as soon as the Boy and I were able to sit down – and listen the words we chose.

First up, Song of Songs  we chose it because I love the line My Beloved is mine, and I am my Beloved’s. Love it. Why not open a wedding with a love poem?

Second up, Letter of St. Paul to the Romans 12:1-2, 9-18; LOVES the line Rejoice with those who rejoice, Weep with those who weep. It’s a list of high ideals to aspire to – but hey, there’s nothing wrong with lofty goals.

Gospel, Matthew 5:1-12a I love the Beatitudes. Love them. Life is a mix, good and bad and so is marriage, love and faith can get you through.  Come on that’s just a good message to remember.

Side note here, while I had the more churchy upbringing the Boy knew what he wanted, or more specifically what he didn’t. Corinthians. Love IS patient and Love IS kind. But as the Boy says, “I hear the Bible has a lot of to say, I’m pretty sure we can find something that doesn’t make me think of Wedding Crashers”  Well said Boy. Well said.

Post readings, the vows. The big show. We didn’t write our own, in the Catholic church, since marriage is a sacrament they discourage you from writing your own vows but give you several to choose from. We went traditional.

It didn’t take long. But in those few moments we did it.


Mr and Mrs.

And I felt… hungry.

We went through the remainder of the mass and while walking up to sign the register, I tripped.  Seriously.  Just a small one. And only fitting really.  Coordinated? Not so much.

There we are signing away, I turned to our priest and said – “This is the wrong song”  He smiled and laughed and said “We had to make an executive decision – I was hoping you wouldn’t notice!” I told him – “You’ve obviously never planned a wedding if you thought I wouldn’t notice!” The Luckiest isn’t Catholic enough (or at all) apparently.

So it got cut. Shoot.

So the song was wrong.  I didn’t care.  The right song would have been lovely. But the wrong song was nice too – and spoiler alert, that was the only thing that went wrong (besides the trip I guess). And that’s good enough for me.  I was happy that I chose to write down the words to the right song in our program.

That’s it. We were married.  We RAN back up the aisle – the Boy has LONG legs when he wants to and then we shared high fives, hugs and fist pumps all around.

Done and done.  Married.

Let’s party. 

But first… I’m starving someone find me some food!

Here comes – me!

I mentioned there was a lot of sitting around and waiting.  Well, that’s true. But when it started it was on like Donkey Kong.

Here were my last 10 thoughts as a single girl:

  1. It is really hot in this car.
  2. My stomach hurts.
  3. I hope I don’t throw up.
  4. I wonder if the Boy is okay.
  5. This dress doesn’t fit.
  6. Hey look there’s Sista – I’m so glad she’s here.
  7. Where did my mom go?
  8. What are we WAITING for!
  9. I thought we were late.
  10. I hope I don’t trip.

Okay, so some of those might not be my last 10 thoughts, but I did feel rushed rushed rushed and then stopped.  Turns out the waiting was for my mom and possibly Kristyn who both needed one last bathroom break – but at the time I was thinking WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!!!!!  But mostly, I was super excited to see the Boy.

And the Boy? What was he up to at this time? Well, talking to his boys, and likely making fun of me for being late as always.

Things I wished we had done in those last moments?  Maybe a picture of the girls – although I think our photographer was getting set up in the church, which was better in the end.  Mostly I wished I had gone to the bathroom and looked at myself, asked someone to fix my dress and maybe breathed a little more.

But then the music started and none of it mattered.

More later today to make up for lost time – by the end of the day, we’ll have said “I do.”

The Countdown Counts Down…

The Countdown to 3:00 tick-tocked away, and it was time for both The Boy and I to get ready and get photographed.  Thanks again to West Photo – as promised a photo heavy post to make up for the missed week!

We both had some help getting ready.

The Boy had help with his tie

I had help with my shoes

The Boy posed by the window

And so did I.

The Boy was feeling a little nervous (and hungover)

I was too (nervous not hungover) – but my family heckled me to make sure I kept laughing.

The Boy hung out with his Boys

My Girls were still getting made up – so I hung out with the girls I always need most.

The Boy’s parents were ready to go

My parents were ready to go…. which meant

20 more photos with the car and we were ready to go!


Do you remember WAY back in the day when I said, don’t worry Alyssa I haven’t forgotten you but I had to tell the Boy first?

Today is the day that mystery that I’m sure has been racking your mind ever since is solved.

The Boy and I spent Thursday night in our apartment – our last night living in sin. I had my parents car packed to the gils full of all things bar and all things décor. The Boy’s car was similarly packed up.  We got up early Friday morning, did a bit of a mad scramble to clean our apartment a bit, and headed out to the venue.

[*BTBs please note.  There will not be enough hours in the day the day before your wedding.  I’m sorry but it’s a fact of life. I ran my fool head off all day until about 6:30 when I collapsed into my bed at the hotel and tried to nap for 30 minutes – it didn’t happen of course my head was spinning with all the things I still felt I needed to do (most of which didn’t happen and it didn’t matter), then got up and kept going until about midnight.  Nonetheless, you too will likely run your fool head off too despite all warnings and plans to do the exact opposite. I read a lot of blogs where spa days were suggested the day before – nice in theory but in practice I went for manicure and it was not really that relaxing as I kept thinking about other things I could have been doing with that time…. But that’s just me.]

We unloaded, the Boy left to go golfing apologizing for leaving me with the complete set up but making the symbolic gesture that he would stay and help if I wanted him to.  I sent him on his way (obviously, gesture or no we all know he was going golfing) made a few more errands, dropping off hotel bags etc, and returned to the venue for full on set up.

My mom and I lived and breathed wedding for pretty much the full 10 months prior.  We had every detail down and in mind from baskets in the bathrooms to who was sitting where. So when it came to setting up it was all on her and I.  Of course the fact that all B-maids were either teaching, working, or still out of town the day before helped too but if you’ve ever planned a major event you will understand that in the time it takes me to explain to you what I need done – I could have done it myself… twice.

Luckily everything was packed and sorted prior to arrival so that it was easy to go through boxes and set up went really rather quickly.

And then, it happened. Enter Alyssa.

While we were in the midst of set up, a young beauty entered with what was presumably and later confirmed to be her father. We looked at them quizzically and asked if we could help them (there was no one from the actual venue there on the day before to help us or direct us, but the door was opened for us and everything was set up), Alyssa said she had spoken with  the owner  who had said Alyssa could come by and look at the venue as a possibility for her own up-coming wedding while we set up. She asked if it was okay that they look around.  Of Course! No Problem! The more the merrier, was of course my response as her and her dad looked around and commented on all the orange and gray details.

Alyssa asked how I had found working with the venue and I gave her my honest opinion which I have shared with everyone who has asked, and hold to this day now that everything is over and finished.  Waterstone Estate and Farm where our photos were taken and our reception was held is beautiful. Stunning really. It was the perfect venue for the country in the Boy and the “I don’t want to be in a dirt floor barn” in me. The staff at the venue were helpful, everything was taken care of as they said it would be (with one small exception of air-conditioning which I’ll get to).

However, and this is a big however,  the person you will meet with and deal with almost exclusively as far as the venue goes is a horse person not a wedding/event planning person. While everything was done as she said it would be her laid back attitude does not instill the most confidence in a tense and stressed out bride.  I like to claim that with the exception of a few meltdowns I was not a stressy bride and therefore this laid back attitude did not bother me – too much.  I held on to the firm belief that I was dealing with professionals and while I had only done this once, they do it every weekend – so the laid backness is due to the fact that this is turly no big deal to them. This was true for all of our vendors, not just Waterstone, but the difference was with other vendors they assured me with confidence that they had everything taken care of, there were forms to fill out and dates arranged ahead of time as to when we would meet again.  With Waterstone, while she was always very good at emailing me back right away I didn’t get that same feeling of confidence from her. So to some extent I was holding my breath until Friday morning when we came in and saw that everything was set upBut it was set up. And everything was fine. And she did come through on pretty much everything.  And I was happy.

If however, you are a high stress person and this laid backness would drive you crazy and cause you a major mental breakdown then… there are other equally beautiful places to hold your reception, go there.

Alyssa appreciated my candour and said that was similar to her experience so far. Then something happened that made my day.
Alyssa – “I’ve looked online for reviews and stuff but there isn’t much out there.”
Me – “Yeah, I know I think if you Google Waterstone Estate Review, my blog might be one of the first things that comes up”
Alyssa – “Oh My GOD! Are you The Twenties Roar?”
Me – “YES! Have you read my blog? Am I famous?”
Alyssa – “Oh My GOD! You are! You and the Boy! You’re getting married here tomorrow! I can’t believe I’m meeting you – I’ve read your whole blog from beginning to end!”

And then I died. Best. Wedding Gift. EVER!

I was so excited – we took a picture. Which I promptly saved to my external hard drive which is currently not working. BAH!

And in exchange for making me feel like a rock star the day before I got married – Alyssa joined an elite group of people that know The Boy’s first name. I mean how could I deny her that – and also, it was everywhere!

Sorry it took so long Alyssa but you seriously made my day.  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday season, your last a single woman!  And let me know if you went with Waterstone or if my review took too long.

A Gift from the Groom

Last week we found out that when a knitter gets married… there is yarn involved.  A lot of yarn.

I told the Boy when the yarn started taking over our house we first started planning that I thought it would be glorious if I knit something for everyone and he bought something for everyone.  My rationale? While I picked the girls and The Boy picked the boys, I really thought of everyone in our wedding party as supporting both of us. So wouldn’t it make sense that both of us got every member of our wedding party a little somethin’ somethin’?

I thought so.

I told the Boy that he agreed.

We debated about the Boys. The Boy wanted to get the boys watches. He thought it was something they could actually use, and that definitely appealed to him.  We started looking around and do you know what we found?  Watches are expensive.

So we went State side.  And by we I of course mean me, Sista and Mom. That’s right, the Boy was not involved in shopping for the boy gifts – but he assures me his heart was in it. Off we went, to the Fossil Outlet in Niagara, New York. And do you know what they have there? Mad deals.

While I may have made the purchase months ago do you think I remembered to take pictures of all of these beautiful watches.

Nope. I can only tell you that they were similar, but different. Just like the boys.

Luckily I also got The Boy a watch, so I was able to recreate my our mad presentation.


For the ladies, let’s be honest… the Boy had nothing to do with that either the Boy’s heart was in it.  I looked for MONTHS for funky orange purses. I looked and looked.  I found a few options on Etsy (my new favourite shopping friend) but they were pricey when I was looking at buying 5 – hey a bride needs a purse (this is a lie brides – you do not need a purse… but if you’d like one just tell everyone you need it, they’ll believe you).  It was getting down to the wire when I had a stroke of genius. Grey purses. Grey purses lined with orange.

And I found just what I was looking for at My Creative Threads

Jen was wonderful to work with! The only hiccup was I forgot to tell her that I planned on gifting the purses the week before W-day. It didn’t happen. So while I had brilliant presentation planned for the girls as well, with their mittens inside their purses.  No dice. But that’s okay, it all came in with lots of time to spare.

Here’s four out of the five…

And here’s a close up of mine

If you’ve been paying attention to this little post you might have picked up on the fact that while our gifts to our wedding party were one gift from each of us in theory, in practice… I did it.

Not that I’m looking for credit of course.

That’s not what marriage is about.

Or so I’m told.


The Day Before The Day Before

It’s Wedding Wednesday, and I’m going to cheat just a little bit because we get our proofs back tonight and I’m so excited about adding beautiful photos to Wedding Wednesdays that I’d hate to post something today and have the perfect picture to go along with it tomorrow.

So instead, I’ll tell you a little story about the day before the day before.  There aren’t any pictures to accompany it – though I should have taken a self-portrait because my outfit was rockin’ it!

I’ve been at the same job for about 2.5 years and a few times this year I found myself pulling out my hair and thinking “If only I wasn’t planning a wedding I could be spending time job searching – but alas earwax that will just have to be put off until after W-day.”  A couple of months ago my wonderful brother found himself unemployed and spending his days searching websites for possible opportunities and he came across one that he forwarded to me.  It closed July 25.  I think he sent it to  me around July 20.

To be completely honest… I debated.  I thought –  “The timing isn’t great because if they interview right away, then I’m interviewing, hopefully getting it, quitting, starting a new job and oh yeah – getting married all in the same month and I just might lose my mind.” Nevertheless I told The Boy about it.  His response? “If you don’t apply to this job we’re not getting married.” 

He’s so dramatic.

So, I applied and then I waited. And the more I waited the more I wanted it.  The more I wanted it the more I visualized myself there. And let’s be honest the hypothetical math (*that’s the math you do with the salary range when you really have no idea how much tax etc will be taken off) was pretty awesome.

I couldn’t take it anymore.  In mid-August I called and asked if they had timelines or if they had already called successful candidates and I was not one of them.

They called back and told me, due to summer vacation schedules they were moving a bit slowly – but I was going to be asked for an interview.  (Yeah!)

“Would September 8th work for you?”


September 8th, was the day before the day before and the last thing I thought I would like to be doing that day is interviewing for a new job. But given The Boy’s threat to call the whole thing off – I agreed.

So I spent the day before the day before in a beautiful purple skirt, polka dot top, blue blazer and heels interviewing for a new job.

Have you heard about wedding-brain?  Well it’s not a myth and try to get through an interview with wedding-brain which is basically a brain that has turned to mush due to too many lists…. it’s not great. 

I don’t recommend it.

My report post-interview was mediocre.  I never think they go particularly well but this one was really formal and extremely difficult to read how well I had done.  Plus, you never know who else they’re interviewing so how am I supposed to know how it went?! Bah!

Turns out – it went pretty well. I am now wrapping up my last two weeks at my current job and I start my new one exactly 1 month after being married.

The benefit of having an interview the day before the day before (if there is one) is once it was over – it was over. I moved on to the 30 lists running through my brain.

And I spent the next two days being completely present, loving The Boy and his orange tie.

How did you spend the day before the day before?

What I learned the day of my wedding

To kick off Wedding Wednesdays I thought I’d kick things off with a list.

After 10 months of planning it all came down to 1 day, and while for all intents and purposes that day was PERFECT (I was married by the end of it after all and that’s really all that matters) here are 10 things that could have gone a little more perfectly had I thought of them beforehand.

  1. Turns out I have a nervous stomach.  I planned to drink a whole veggie juice for breakfast and have sandwiches for lunch, but alas – it’s hard to drink out of a glass bottle while your head is being pulled in a million directions and by the time lunch came… forget about it.  I should have brought a straw for my juice and had a snack in the car from the church to the reception that wouldn’t get in my teeth or spill anywhere… maybe cheese and crackers would have worked.
  2. A few of these tips will have to do with the dress.  To be honest I could probably do 10 things I learned about my dress on my wedding day.  But for starters I should have had the dressmakers take a picture of the back of my dress as it was on my at my final try on.  That way I could give that picture to the people putting me in the dress. As I look at the pictures of me from the wedding day I can see why I was having issues with the dress… it wasn’t on right.  It should have been lower in the back to pull up the front.  It’s fine, I still looked great and no one would have been able to notice but me, but when it came to crunch time I found I couldn’t explain how it was supposed to be in the back with adrenaline and nervous energy running through my veins while trying to get it on.
  3. Have an order for who needs to be ready when.  We just kind of went with the flow.  While it made for a very relaxed morning/early afternoon when the photographer got there I didn’t have make-up on nor did my sister.  We should have been earlier in line.  Again, not a big deal all the pictures were taken and we were relatively on time but it could have gone smoother if I had thought of that while I still had my brain.
  4. Again with the dress, have the seamstress put an extra set of loops in the corset even if they don’t do up during the fittings.  I lost significant weight in the last 48 hours before my wedding. Stress – the greatest and worst diet there is.  An extra set of just in case loops would have been helpful to keep the dress and all it ‘s glory in perfect place.
  5. Hire a day-of coordinator. My mom was awesome. She was more than awesome actually she was super fantastic.  I do not think we needed a wedding coordinator, we had a perfect day without one, but I think my mom might have relaxed a little more if we had someone else in charge the day of.  Someone that’s not so emotionally attached and wants to talk to people but can’t because they’re trying to coordinate too many things.  A day of coordinator would have made sure we had an order for who got make-up when.  Would have checked the dress. And would have handled all the clean up.  My mom did a fantastic job – I just wish she didn’t have to do it.
  6. Print out lists for boys and attach them to their foreheads.  Boys are silly.  They got where they needed to be and again everything went fine but their sense of time is a little off – especially when they are all quite hung over.
  7. Write notes for your speech.  I did write some things down, but I didn’t print them.  We did very well given our lack of practice or notes but we did forget a pretty major thank you – Thank you to everyone who traveled to be here – and there were a lot of people who traveled. I thanked everyone individually, but I forgot the formal thank you.  Oops.  Probably should have written that down.
  8. There will always be downers.  There will be people who have grumpy faces or say inappropriate things to you or your new spouse or your wedding party.  F ’em. It’s your day.  You look beautiful. You are married. That’s all that matters.
  9. Start with the side of the room that might not last all night long.  The Boy and I tried to say hi to everyone.  We tried to do it all, eat dinner and circulate the tables.  We did a pretty good job if I do say so myself, but we started on the wrong side of the room.  We started with Table 1, which was right beside the DJ, and all of our friends tables which were also on that side because they’re young and won’t care that they’re sitting beside speakers.  We didn’t even think of it.  We should have started with the other side of the room.  The friends of our parents, aunts, uncles, second cousins – the ones that may not stay on the dance floor until we kick them out at 1am.  We missed a lot of people because we started on the wrong side of the room. Shoot.
  10. Introduce your vendors to your wedding party – or maybe just tell them to leave you alone.  All of our vendors were really great with one tiny exception… they kept talking to us! I wish I had thought to say “Nice to meet you. Please direct all of your questions to any of the beautiful ladies in the gray dresses or any of the handsome gentlemen in the orange ties.  Not the tallest one, but any of the rest of them. Thank you.” Instead we fielded their questions, and while I truly appreciate them checking with us if they were unsure of anything – they could have checked in with any member of our wedding party – that’s what they’re there for.

That’s it! Seriously, if these are the worst things from the day (the vendors were too helpful? – this is not an actual problem!), it truly was a perfect day. These were simply a few things that could have been even more perfect had I thought of them ahead of time.

And since I know that I have a few future bride followers… I just thought I’d share.

Beautiful Picture from Brian Van der Pryt of Cross Hatched Productions


Are you kidding me?  OMG. I can’t believe this. I’m throwing up right now.

For reals.

Where we’ve been:

  • Showered – twice.
  • Made ONE GIANT to do list. And named it To DO before I DO!
  • We heard back from (almost) everyone.  And made the decision that if I haven’t heard from you yet – you’re not coming.  141 people total.
  • Ordered a guest book
  • Completed w-party and other VIP gifts
  • Ordered and picked up my ring
  • Had my first dress fitting
  • Bachelored and Bacheloretted
  • Went flea marketing and convinced BFF Kate to barter for me – for a BEAUTIFUL card “box”
  • Made a decision that post W-day this blog will feature Wedding Wednesdays to actually post about all these details that I don’t want to give away before the big day – that’s right more wedded bliss post wedding!
  • We had a hitch with the hotel – but Twitter saved the day! More on it later.
  • Spoke with the florist and I think things are confirmed
  • Booked a rehearsal date
  • Booked a rehearsal dinner site
  • Made all of the stationary

Where we’re going:

  • Planning the menu for the Rehearsal Dinner
  • Print all stationary
  • Coordinate and confirm all the vendors
  • Dress fittings 2 and 3
  • Meet with our Priest
  • Choose centrepieces (yeah that’s right – we’re one month away and haven’t had this conversation yet… it’s a point of contention right now)
  • Get a massage – maybe two!
  • Makeup trial
  • Hair trial
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Mani/Pedi – maybe two!
  • etc. etc. etc.
  • Get married and enjoy the day!

As I was writing out what we’ve done I was feeling like we’re still about 6 weeks out, not 4 – it’s coming but we still have some time.  But as I’m listing all the things to do… the panic it’s coming.  Not that there’s too much to do just that it’s coming – really quick.  4+ weeks is NOT a lot of time. Luckily I’ve got lots of help. And a master To Do list.  So I’m telling the panic to bugger off – we’ll get it done.

It will be fabulous and by 4:00pm on Saturday September 10th – I’ll be able to cross #5 off my 101 in 1001 list – Say I Do.

We’ll be married.  That’s all that matters.