Less Worry. More Faith.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments, Facebook messages and emails checking in to see how the Boy and I were doing in the wake of my Plan Me blog post a couple weeks ago.

A few things we learned:

  1. We have some really wonderful friends.
  2. We’re by no means alone – lots of people we know know EXACTLY how we’ve been feeling
  3. Most of those people agree with us, Facebook is a great place to check in if you want to think that everyone you have ever known (as a general rule) is super happy, healthy and fertile. If only first baby bump pictures told the whole story – I think we’d all be more than a little surprised.

So here’s my update. We saw the fertility specialist and drumroll please… everything is fine.

We are both healthy and all little person making parts are in full working order. In fact, we are a little too healthy. If we choose to pursue fertility support, we would have a very high likelihood of multiple littles. “Twins or triplets would be a very real possibility”

Picture the Boy making BIG eyes.

Ummm…. did you just say triplets?!?  So with that wonderful news, the plan is – no plan. Patience. Less worry, more faith.

I’ve been asked if anyone has said that stress could be a factor. The western medical answer is no – unless of course you’ve stressed yourself right out of menstruating. But hindsight is 20/20 and I think it’s fair to say evolution has made us smart enough to not let us make more things to take care of while you are under threat of being chased by a tiger. So yes, I think stress has been a factor.

In the meantime, I’ve found a new naturopath (btw – I seriously love her already, finally a suitable replacement for the Bizios), and Dr. Meg (see – how could I not love her?) very much agrees that stress could be a factor. She’s glad to hear that everything tested in the normal range, but since normal is not necessarily optimal she’s got some thoughts on getting us there.

So that’s it! We’ll continue to try, and I can’t say we won’t be disappointed if our little doesn’t come right away – but knowing there’s no reason to worry that it’s not an option for us, is really reassuring. In the meantime, plan me includes wine, sushi, soft cheese, Dairy Queen and cupcakes – until Dr. Meg has something to say about it… which I’m pretty sure is next week.