New Kitchen and Picking Paint

Thanks everyone for the love and congratulations on the new house! The Boy and I are basically ready to move now. Right now. This weekend. Well, maybe next weekend – actually the long weekend would work best.

Sadly we have to wait.  But in the mean time I we I (let’s be honest) am mentally preparing our new space.  But I’m at a loss.

I know it’s hard to pick colours etc when you a. don’t live there and b. haven’t made any furniture purchases yet. But come on, I’m a planner. And it’s exciting and fun to make plans.

I’ve consulted Pinterest and my BFF Sarah Richardson but I’m still left staring a reddish/brown cupboards and blah neutral backsplash and wondering what colour do we put on the walls?

Please keep in mind that the kitchen opens up to the eat-in area, which opens up to the living room.

The Boy and I keep going back and forth about when we should move in.  The big debate is – it’s a heck of a lot easier to paint an empty house than a full one.  But the more I think about it and the fewer inspired decisions that come my way – the more I think sooner rather than later might be the way to go.

Move in.  Live in it. And the inspiration will follow.

Any thoughts? Does this kitchen scream a colour to you? Am I just being blinded by my love of white cupboards? Are we crazy to think we’ll be able to pick paint colours before really moving in?

Sometimes The Right one Finds You

Do you remember this post rant, about our house hunting fiasco? Well, I thought maybe it was time to provide a little update.

While the Boy continued to hunt for rentals – I mentally moved out and started thinking about buying.  It wasn’t too long before something came up that said to us – we need to look at this one.

A house.

A century home.

Pros – beautiful high ceilings, lots of space, backed on to the park, awesome patio.

Cons – busy street and absolutely horrendous parking.  It was a parking pad infront of the house – brutal really doesn’t start to cover it.  It also had some knob and tub wiring and while we both love the idea of a century home, the worry of waking up one morning to $50,000 worth of work was not sitting well with me.

We continued to look.

A couple of weeks later we saw 4 more.  And with those came a list of questions.

Q: How necessary is 3 bedrooms?

A: Very – we decided that while a 2 bedroom would work for now, given that the Boy’s parents live out of town – once we have a little we’ll quickly find ourselves short on space

Q: What neighbourhood do we want to be in?

A: We love our current neighbourhood but we did need to take a bit of a reality pill as far as what our current neighbourhood costs. The affordable option in our neighbourhood STUNK like cigarettes – con.

Q: How much work do we want to do when we move in?

A: We want to decorate and make it ours.  We do not want to completely gut – not because we expect to find everything we want in an existing house, or that renovations make us crazy nervous – but frankly, we don’t have thousands of dollars hanging around to put into a renovation.  Anywhere we live has to be liveable immediately, but room for improvements are welcome.

Q: Could we live in a condo?

A: We still weren’t sure – and it would definitely depend on what the condo fees were.

Q: Were we willing to stretch our budget – knowing that the Boy’s income is only going up as he gets a permanent teaching gig?

A: No.  That’s how people get into trouble.  Plus, since we’ve only recently found ourselves with disposable income – we’d really like to enjoy that feeling.  Hello? Honeymoon is still on the agenda!!

None of the 4 were it.  But we were getting some answers.

Then our Realtor sent us a listing.  I loved it.  Mentally moved in doesn’t even begin to describe it.

We said we wanted to book a showing but unfortunately we were away for the weekend wedding’ing it up.  When we saw our Realtor on Monday she sadly let us know it was gone. We rallied and made an appointment to see a house the Boy had been lusting after for a good month – a tiny two bedroom semi-detached, on the same busy street as house #1.  But at the last minute the house I had moved into became available again – so we booked an appointment for both.

We saw a 3 bedroom townhouse, common element condo (common element we learned means we own the property and the very small condo fee covers maintenance to the common elements – i.e. the road) .  My choice. I don’t know how to be eloquent about it – I loved it. Love. I could see us living there and compared to everything else we’d seen, it was checking all kinds of boxes.  The Boy – not convinced. “Where’s the yard?” “It’s a townhouse.” “It’s outside of our neighbourhood” “Are we willing to settle?” We moved on to option 2.

I don’t want to say I had made up my mind before we saw it – but I had. I knew we weren’t moving there. In our market there’s a reason that a house has dropped in price and has sat on the market for over 6 weeks. I wasn’t really prepared for what we saw.

Slanted. Slanted in every single direction.  And instead of stairs – basically ladders. LADDERS! Two tiny bedrooms, slanty bookcases, and once again a ridiculous parking situation.

But do you know what it did? It showed the Boy some of the pros of house #1. No yard = no yard work. No yard work = more time for golf. Con becomes pro. It’s a townhouse, a new townhouse at that, which means touch wood, there’s really not a whole lot that we should have to do as far as major renovations. Plus we should meet our neighbours and maybe, possibly, make some local friends – we don’t want to push it but the possibility is there. It is outside our neighbourhood – just, but it’s also spitting distance from my work which means if/when the red car dies, it’s possible for us to be a one car family.  Seriously, driving is not going to save me any time. But I think the kicker for the Boy was that both of our parents loved this house.  They both thought it was a great starter option for us, and BOTH told us to put in an offer based on the pictures alone (though my parents did walk through it with us and loved it).

We put in an offer, and at 12:40 am on Thursday, when I really should have been sleeping...


Can you believe it?! I’m still wrapping my head around it.  We’ve got 5 1/2 weeks to go before we close but since we’re both wishing we could move in next week – we know we’ve made the right choice.

Goodbye tiny 1 bedroom apartment – Hello married life in our new house!

Everyone needs a role model

Have you been watching the Olympics? It’s pretty impressive what all of these athletes can do with their bodies and their brains and while I’m not a sports person AT ALL, I’m all for kids and adults alike looking up to athletes. They work hard and if this YouTube video is any indication – they play hard too.

But I’m not here on a Sunday to talk about the Olympics or the validity of athletes as role models, or pop stars, authors, or anyone else for that matter.

Nope. This Sunday post is for Ginger Mom and Ginger Dad! Today is their 40th wedding anniversary. 40 years is a long freakin’ time and worthy of  a Sunday post at the very least.

My parents have a love story that, as they like to say, only works 40 years ago. “if you did what we did – we would worry. The world’s just not the same.” I don’t know about that – part of me thinks if Mom’s parents weren’t distracted by 9 other children they’d have been a little worried too!

Mom headed to Northern Ontario, (further North than we are now – I know it seems impossible) to mend a broken heart. She stayed with family and they introduced her to a bean pole ginger in thick black-rimmed glasses with huge, HUGE muttonchops. Who would have thought that would be just her type!

They spent the week or maybe 2 together that summer and then Mom headed back to civilization.

They chatted on the phone, and Dad met the family at Christmas. Imagine pulling up to a house with 9 kids arranged by height staring at you in the front window. He passed the test and they started talking about marriage.

Disappointed that they couldn’t get it together by Valentine’s Day, they took things slow and got married in August instead.

A year may not seem like a super short time to go from “my name is” to “I do” – but what about 6 weeks? Does that seem short? Because 6 weeks is all the time they spent together in the same city.

6 weeks.

6 weeks and then Mom left civilization and moved to Northern Ontario.

It seems to have worked out for them though since its forty years later and they’re still going strong.

Mom and Dad have been awesome role models for my siblings and me. They love each other and their family. The only fight I remember them having when we were kids was about cheese. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t about cheese but I remember thinking at the time – they never fight and they’re fighting about cheese? Weird.

They taught us to love our partners first. Speak to each other with kindness. Laugh a lot. And how to work in a true partnership.

Whenever The Boy is away for the weekend or we find we’re on opposite schedules, my Mom says “don’t worry that you’re spending a lot of time apart. It’s good for your marriage. You should both have your own lives.” Dad seems to agree – but then Dad always agrees (maybe that’s a secret to success too!)

The Boy and I might only be in our first year of marriage, and 40 seems like a long what away. But that’s the great thing about role models – they let you know what’s possible.

Congratulations on your 40th anniversary Mom and Dad!



There’s a Beatles Song for Every Occassion

That’s what my Dad always told me.

And he was right.  For our dance together I chose In My Life by The Beatles

Maybe you’re the type of person who has heard this song and thought – SAP-PY. (Kate I’m looking at you).

There are places I remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain

All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I’ve loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new

Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more
In my life I love you more

But when I hear this song I think of my Dad.  It makes me think “There’s a Beatles song for everything,” and it makes me think, isn’t that what every kid should have, a parent who loves them more than anyone else in the world.

I think so.

Thanks for the dance Dad and all your love before and since!