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No YouTube Friday today… and a little late… but all with good reason…

I’m going international!

Allow me to introduce Jade from Now That I’m No Longer 25.  Jade is, as the title suggests, no longer 25 and we’ve bonded over our mutual love of being 20-somethings. Jade regularly posts lists of 10 things, and when I asked if she’d guest post for me she had the brilliant idea of swapping lists – below is Jade’s list of 10 reasons it’s GREAT to be Scottish, and you can find my list on her blog – 10 reasons it’s GREAT to be Canadian!  So go check her and her adventures out – me thinks you’ll love her!

10 Great Reasons to be Scottish

 1. When you travel abroad it’s common for people to tell you that they love your accent, I do get this fairly regularly: “I love you accent, you’re from Ireland – right?”. Well maybe some parts of the world believe I’m Irish but they’re generally just as happy when I tell them I’m actually Scottish. It seems there’re a lot of Scottish people spread throughout the world and there’s a lot of people with Scottish ancestry – especially in North America!

 2. You’re hardy; that is, you can cope with the cold weather; this means that you really appreciate those occasional warm days. If you’ve spent some time in Scotland – or probably even just a day, I’m sure you’ll agree the weather is interesting, one minute you’re considering getting the sun cream out, the next there’s hail stones. I really enjoy living somewhere there are seasons and although I like to get some sunshine I prefer a mix of warm and cold.

3. The mountains; the scenery in the UK attracts a lot of tourist, there’s plenty of mountains to view – there’s also the opportunity to climb them if you’re that way inclined. Living in Scotland, I get to be around beautiful scenery all the time.

4. Scotland has a wild and colourful history with the Castles remaining a reminder of past battles. There’s something exciting and humbling about being from a country with such an interesting history.

5. A typical postcard picture from Scotland is a view of the many Lochs the best known of which is Loch Ness with Nessie the Monster. There’s also Lock Eilt which starred in two of the Harry Potter films – there’s even a steam train which travels over the bridge there. Scotland not only provides beautiful loch views but it’s a country with no shortage of clean water, something none of us can live without. (There has to be some advantage for putting up with all that rain!)

6. No matter where you go in Scotland you’re never far from the sea, the furthest place is in Perthshire and it’s less than 100km from the sea. There’s also nothing nasty in the sea – no sharks, no giant poisonous jellyfish – although not everyone is brave enough to paddle in the cold North Sea.


7. You can walk around in your country and know that, in general, it’s a safe place to be. I’ve visited other countries where I had to travel everywhere by car, sometimes to places where it wasn’t safe to walk out of the front gates of your house. Experiencing this made me really appreciate being brought up in a country without these worries.

8. Scotland produces the world famous whisky or Scotch as some countries insist on referring to it! Generally people assume if you’re Scottish you’re able to have a few drinks and enjoy a wee dram or two.

9. You get to be around men in kilts, you can watch them taking part in contests at the Highland Games, take tourist pictures of them playing the bagpipes in Edinburgh or even try a dance or two with a kilted gentleman at a ceilidh.

10. Ceilidh dancing: You can go to ceilidhs and generally if you’re Scottish you know most of the dances thanks to enduring the years at primary and secondary school having to learn the dances, dancing with boys! It’s great fun to be spun round and round.


THANKS JADE – I’m definitely highlighting Scotland as one of my places to visit!

5 Fun Facts

  1. I’m a car owner! It only took 7 trips to Service Ontario to get an elusive Commissioner’s signature (she was running for election which apparently means she doesn’t have to do her job).  But I FINALLY got it transferred and after a month of visits – we’re OFFICIALLY a two car household.
  2. I’m halfway through my Christmas knitting… I think.  I seem to keep adding to my pile. How does that happen?
  3. I FINALLY finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  I didn’t love it.  Without giving anything away… I liked the story about Harriet – but I don’t understand what the deal is with all of the extra stuff.  I may have to Wikipedia the plots of the next two books.  I don’t think I’ll read them. BFF Kate – what was the name of the book you wanted me to read next?
  4. My parents are leaving for Florida tomorrow.  We’re looking after the dog… he’s currently sick… with diarrhea… really looking forward to it.  Gross.
  5. The Boy and I are heading back to Del Boca Vista in sunny Florida in 1 week – wish we were leaving tomorrow.  Alas Earwax.

Happy Thursday!

You’re quirky… I like that

That’s what I was told yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited.  I did some work at work yesterday (novel concept, I know) on Logic Models and Theory of Change models.  Oh man, call me dorky – but I loved it.

So what did I do? I seized the opportunity and spoke to the facilitator.  Turns out it was worth it because she could see that I was enjoying the work, and that I “got” it.  We talked for a few minutes about opportunities to work for her – lo and behold there may be something there.  Not full-time.  But something.  I’ll take it.

Her review of my abilities (we’ve spent three days together now) I’m a critical thinker, like multiple projects, love learning, and “you’re quirky, I like that.”  Apparently I remind her of herself, and as she is nearing retirement – she’s looking for help and not able to do absolutely everything herself.

Me thinks this could be a wonderful opportunity and with me working full-time plus some, and the Boy working full-time plus some will make for a busy household.  But a busy house is a happy house – so I’ll take that too!

Fingers crossed!

How have you tapped into your networks?

It’s like I’m famous

Well my loyal readers – I’m going to need to redirect your attention today to my new friend Jacki over at The Raven’s Spell.  That’s where you’ll find my words of wisdom today since Jacki so kindly asked me to guest post for her.  Woot Woot! I’m so excited and flattered. 

Jacki is part of my SITS tribe – she writes a little bit of everything and Monday’s is her book review day. Curious to see what I wrote about?  I’ll give you a clue, it’s not a review of one book

That’s all you get!  If you’d like to find out more you’ll have to go see Jacki.

Are you interested in having me guest post – or maybe you’d like to write something here… let me know I’d love to hear from you!

YouTube Fridays

Oh I think I just might be on the cutting edge this week.  Alright.  Not cutting edge. But aware of a new viral video within the first week I think that’s pretty good.  One more reason I love Steve Jobs and all things Apple.  Four more reasons I need an iPhone (if only one could be found in this country – ARGH)!

Happy Friday!


It’s not something I really have. The Boy has definitely told me a time or two that he cannot believe I used to do ballet – (getting to be longer and longer ago) graceful is not a word he associates with me.  I am always shocked and appalled of course, even though the day-to-day reality would probably point closer to his truth than mine.

But eloquent, especially with words – I don’t know if I’m that. I like to write (obviously, I blog after all) and I’m told (although it always makes me blush) that I’m pretty good at it.  But I was catching up on one of my SITS tribe blogs, Reenie’s Scribbles this morning and while describing her hesitation about returning to school Reenie wrote that it shouldn’t surprise her because “it is part of my nature to make myself a cocoon every once in a while, just to harvest my butterflies.”  I thought what an eloquent way of saying that.

I also thought how true that is for me, the Capitol “I” Introvert.  I need time alone in order to be my best.  Even though I would never put it in such poetic language, I still appreciate the sentiment. 

Just thought I’d share it with you – you know to class up this here blog of mine.  Make it a little more graceful, and a little more eloquent.  You know, for a like a day. 

Also – check out Reenie’s site and you never know…

 you may find her here someday soon.

TLC Stoops to New Low

Dear TLC,

Remember when your programming actually reflected the name of your channel – you know incorporating some kind of learning into it.  Remember the days of Trading Spaces, when the show focussed on low-budget renos with a twist.  Then it got trashier and trashier and eventually it just became about shocking the home owners and trying to get a reaction.  That was the start of the downward spiral.

Now you have shows like Say Yes to the Dress – I’ll admit.  I watch it.  Definitely more than I should – I like looking at all the pretty dresses, and the ugly ones too.  But let’s not kid ourselves, there is no learning there.  I am no better educated on what I can expect a dress to cost in real life. It’s just for fun.  And that’s fine.

Then I saw a preview for Sister Wives, and I thought it looked simply horrible.  But there was nothing on TV last Wednesday so I watched it.  It sucked me into a time warp and while it made me insanely angry when what’s his face told wife number one that if she were to marry another man he would think that was wrong and against the will of God – and “I guess that’s a bit of a double standard”  I still watched – I plead guilty.

But now, now you’ve pushed me too far. You’ve given Sarah Palin her own series. And I just puked in my mouth.  Are you kidding me TLC?  Are you kidding me?  I love that the preview is her saying she’d much rather spend her time in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska than in a stuffy office in Washington – please.  You are not fooling me Palin – I’m 100% certain that this is a calculated decision to win the hearts of TLC loving Americans to vote in their new favourite “reality star” to lead the country.  It makes my skin crawl.

TLC I have lost my love for you.  I will not be tricked into watching this show.  I would give you up completely but What Not to Wear is starting again – and I do love my Stacey and Clinton and New York shopping.  But if you’ve screwed with that format – I’m outta here.



I’m hungry

I need help.  Food on the go. Must be: Healthy.  Filling.  The Boy must like it.  It could be heated up before he leaves, but it has to be quick and hot food is generally a little slower.  If it could be consumed in the car while driving (I know not safe – but necessary) all the better.  He doesn’t like sandwiches unless they are gourmet (ie. have lots of stuff in them) and have been made just before consumption.

The Boy is a travelling mad man these days.  He’s working his regular 7-3:30 and then he ships himself off an hour east to Oshawa and assistant coaches a college men’s volleyball team.  He’s tired.  He’s hungry.  And I’d prefer that he not eat McDonalds three times a week, because it’s gross and expensive.

I need help.  I need something or somethings that can either feed him for a week, or be frozen in smaller portions to be taken out as needed with some variety.

Your mission – tell me, what should I feed the boy?

Late to my own party

For those who know me you’re likely well aware that I am always late.  It drives the Boy B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I like to think of it as my tragic flaw.  Doesn’t every hero have one?  The one thing that stops them from completely taking over the world?  I think so.  Lateness is definitely mine.

I’m not generally late for work.  Although living 5 minutes away probably helps with that.  But social events, homework assignments, and remembering birthdays? Late. Late. Late.

I have the best of intentions.  It’s something about myself that I try to change.  Daily. I try to leave myself lots of time to get ready, but I always seem to underestimate the time it takes to either get to where I’m going, or I haven’t ironed my outfit, or I think “I’ve got loads of time I’ll just clean up the kitchen a bit before I go.”  Next thing you know, I’ve left late. And when you leave late.  You arrive late.  And despite best efforts… you’re late… again.

While it may drive the Boy crazy, I like to think of it as endearing.  When I arrive late to meet one of those people that know me best, I always apologize – I really do try and be on time.  Generally though they laugh it off and say “Of course you’re late, you’re always late” and we continue on our way.

But this time.  This time I really thought I was going to be on the ball.  This time I’ve been thinking about what I would do weeks in advance. This time I just forgot to check the date – and I missed it.  The blog party I was planning for myself.  I can’t beat myself up too much about it though… it’s only fitting.

Happy 1st Birthday to The Twenties Roar!  I started this blog on October 9, 2009, over at Blogger (maybe I’ll get the date right form my Wordpress birthday)  To be honest I thought it was later than that, and that’s why I’m late.  I thought  it was around November 2nd.  Turns out no.  And I’m late to my own party.

In belated celebration of this momentous occasion I’d like to add a new page to my blog.  Favourites.  But I need some help.

I have a few of my favourites – like the Hypothetical Fight or My Very First Post but I want to know what are yours?  What brought a smile to your day?

Was it my thoughts on Pay Day? Or maybe when the boy tried to kill me when we went Swimming with Dolphins?  My recent trip to the Emergency Room seemed to generate quite the discussion.

So grab a Chai Tea Latte, cozy up to your computer, take a walk through (my) memory lane and let me know which ones you liked in the comments.  My favourites page should give new readers a snap shot of The Twenties Roar if they’ve just found me. 

Help me let them know what they’ve been missing.

Quitting my job to pursue life as a blog reader

This world of blogging is a funny one. Since I’ve joined SITS I’ve been opened up to a whole new world, of people all over the world, of all ages and stages.  What’s funny is… I feel like I know them.

Take Molly.  If you’ll recall she was the one that reinvigorated my blog.  I had taken a hiatus over the winter, but unknowingly she got me going again, and I haven’t looked back.  A couple of months ago Molly made an announcement. These Little Moments was finally welcoming This Little Baby into the world. I was sitting at home when I read it and said to the Boy, “Molly had her baby!” To which he obviously replied, “Who is Molly?”  When I reminded him he said, “You don’t even know her, why are you so excited?”  I was a bit affronted.  Of course I know her.  I’ve been following This Little Baby’s progress for months now!

Next up, Pajama Days.  I first found this blog the day she was featured on Freshly Pressed.  Normally that would be a GREAT day! But her post was on the death of a very dear family member, her dog.  I cried.  A lot.  I thought, I should go back here, but Pajama Days got lost in the mix until she was featured again on Freshly Pressed (*slightly jealous).  I thought, “Oh! I remember liking her, I wonder what she’s up to now?”  What I found after some snooping – she was expecting, and is now the proud mother to a tiny new bundle of fluff Luna.  Hurray!  Once again, so excited for her… I do not know these people.  But I do.

And it’s not just limited to blogs.  I feel a personal relationship with my podcasters too.  Josh and Chuck? I love these guys!  I’m still catching up but in one I listened to the other day, Josh announced he had quit smoking.  I was overjoyed!  Hurray! Good for you Josh! That’s such great news!  Then I heard a podcast on How Redheads Work, ahem, I am a redhead!  It’s like they’re speaking right to me.  Then they said their dream would be meet a left-handed redhead, because that would just be the best of all rarities.  Well I may not be left handed, but my dear old Dad sure is, and a redhead (well, more a grayhead but at one time it was red).  C’mon over to my house guys – he’ll entertain you with fun facts for hours.

Enter SITS who sends me an email every morning with a new and exciting blog to read.  Some of them are not for me, focussed on crafts for toddlers, or life in the mommy world.  But then SITS did something wonderful.  They introduced a forum feature on their page, and created a further opportunity to get to know a smaller group of bloggers, based on similarities between blogs.  If you check out the comments you may have noticed an abundance of them in the last week or so.  I’m a Flipper, and Flippers write Popouri blogs (a little bit of everything).  Let’s just say, I. am. in. HEAVEN! 

The only problem, now I’ve got a whole new slew of blogs to read everyday on my Google Reader – I just don’t have the time for this AND working… I see only one solution.  Quit working.  Seems reasonable to me. Better than additional readers for me, and extra comment love a couple of the Flippers (in response to one of the daily tasks for our group) asked me to guest post on their blogs.  OMG! It’s like I’m famous.  In return there will be some new talent here, and I couldn’t be more excited. 

So  here’s some of the new faces I’m getting to know – I HIGHLY suggest you get to know them too.  They’re women, and they write a little bit about everything.  Honestly, what could be better?!

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Reenie’s Scribbles

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The Young and Relentless

I don’t think I missed anyone – but Flippers if you’re not here let me know so I can stop missing your awesomeness!

What other blogs should I be reading?  Do you have other favourites?